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Monday, November 16, 2009

The lights are back on in the North End

The Power is back on in the North End.   The lights were out for a short time along Adelaine Street between Main Street and Neuman Street.  Employees and shoppers were impacted at the Eddie Bauer Call Centre and Zellers until emergency power kicked in. The source of the problem was a pole near Cunard and Bridge streets in the lower North End.  Saint John Energy is taking care of the problem.

Body positively identified as Bonnell

A body discovered in woods near Tracadie-Sheila has been positively identified as 16-year-old Hilary Bonnell.

The postitive identification was made through dental records.
Autopsy results to determine a cause of death are expected to take several weeks.
RCMP announced Friday that they have a supect in custody.
The teen went missing in early September near her home on the First Nation commonly known as Burnt Church.

Doherty Will Administer Shots Today

Supply and Services Minister Dr. Ed Doherty will be putting on the lab coat this afternoon to administer H1N1 vaccination shots.
Dr. Doherty will be giving the swine flu shots at the St. Rose School clinic and says he volunteered for the spot to help give the front line workers a bit of rest.
The clinic runs from 1:30 to 4:30.

No Vaccines Wasted in New Brunswick

[Health Minister Mary Schryer---Photo by Dave Briggs]
No H1N1 vaccination shots have been destroyed in this province according to the Health Minister.

Mary Schryer says the swine flu vaccine has a short shelf life, but to her knowledge there hasn't been any shots go to waste in New Brunswick.
This comes after nearly 80 doses of the vaccine was discarded in Halifax, and nearly 475 doses in Toronto.
Schryer says so far there has been over 150 thousand people vaccinated so far in the province, and expects 40 thousand more by the end of the week.

Province Invests in Eye Health

The provincial government is giving St. Joseph's Hospital a $300 thousand dollar shot in the arm to improve eye health care.

The money will go towards purchasing new retinal surgery equipment, and a new prescription drug available for the leading cause of blindness in Canada.
Canadian National Institute for the Blind spokesperson Duncan Williams says this equipment will allow New Brunswickers to get retinal surgery that they previously would of had to travel to Halifax to receive.
Williams says it also boosts Independence for those with sight issues.
Williams says vision loss costs this province $426 million dollars a year, which will be significantly reduced because of this investment.

Stabbing in the Kennebecasis Valley

The weekend in the Kennebecasis Valley finished up on a violent note. Rothesay Regional Police tell us one person was stabbed last night. They were called to Scott Avenue just after 8:30pm and quickly took one person into custody.

The person stabbed is going to be alright and another person has a date with the judge to answer to charges later today.

Holder Talks About Top Issue for Fall Sitting

(Saint John Portland MLA Trevor Holder)
                (File Photo)

Saint John Portland M-L-A Trevor Holder says the proposed deal between NB Power and Hydro Quebec is going to be the hot topic at the opening of the Legislature tomorrow. Holder tells CHSJ News, his government is responsible for holding the Graham Government accountable for the deal.

Holder adds the sale should be up to the people either in a referendum or a general election.

Saint John East MLA Given an Honor

A familiar face will be the mover of the Throne Speech at the opening of the fourth session of the 56th legislative assembly tomorrow. Saint John East M-L-A Roly McIntyre is receiving the honour and Premier Shawn Graham says there is no one more suited for the task.

Graham tells CHSJ News, this shouldn't be considered McIntyres "swan song" because he's certainly going to have a lot to say during the session of the house.

Ward One Winter Meeting

If you have concerns about snow removal this winter, or wondering about any changes to on street parking, the city will try and clear everything up with a meeting tonight. In the first of 5 ward meetings, residents of Ward 1 will receive a presentation from Municipal operations.

The meeting will outline the citys Winter Management Plan and discuss any changes made to by-laws regarding on street parking and the strategies for keeping snow and ice off streets. Things get underway at 6:30 at St. Marks Church.

Maintenance Work at LNG Terminal

Some scheduled maintenance at the Canaport Liquified Natural Gas Terminal gets started today. It's expected to last the entire week and will result in partial suspension of operations at the terminal.

When operations resume, flaring will occur and will be visible for a few hours.

Wishing All the Best to Our Troops

                 (Holiday Card for the Troops)

                  (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

Time is running out for you to add your personal Christmas greeting on those big cards which will be sent to our troops in Afghanistan. Local artist Norm Jackson is behind the effort -- and -- he tells CHSJ News people have been adding some very personal and touching greetings.

He says Saint John M-P Rodney Weston is contacting the Defence Minister to make arrangements for delivery of the cards. The cards are located at the Newstand in Market Square and the Marr Road Shell in Rothesay.