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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Money Found For West Side Project

(Saint John Lancaster MLA Abel Leblanc)
                 (File Photo)

Funding for the Baby's Triangle Project in Cedar Hill Cemetery has been found by the Liberal MLA for Saint John Lancaster.

The Graham Government is committing five thousand dollars to the project and Able Leblanc tells CHSJ News, not if but WHEN he is re-elected, he will make sure the total cost of the project is taken care of by canvassing businesses with-in his riding.
The names of children buried at the cemetery on the Manawagonish Road, whose gravestones have fallen into disrepair, will be placed on the momument.
Total cost of the project is $25,000 dollars.

Still No Word On Future Of Theatre

The Paramount Theatre is still standing, but no word yet on what will happen to the old movie house. Peter Asimaskos is the General Manager of Uptown Saint John and told CHSJ News in the last week of July that there would be an announcement concerning the building's future in a week's time.

Now the end of August, Asimaskos tells CHSJ News things are taking longer than they thought and he says that's not unusual when dealing with property. Asimaskos maintains his group will have an announcement soon as they continue to move forward in the process.

Request Appears To Fall Within Act Guidelines

Councilor Carl Killen's request to be relieved of his council duties during the provincial election campaign appears to fall within guidelines in the Municipalities Act.
The section of the Act dealing with council vacancies reads a vacancy occurs "when a member is absent from four or more consecutive regular meetings of the council - except in the case of illness or by leave of the council."
The Act requires council to pass a motion indicating it has approved the absence from four or more consecutive meetings.

Councillor Killen Makes A Request

(Ward Three Councillor Carl Killen)
              (File Photo)

A seat around the council horseshoe could sit vacant for the next month if a request from Carl Killen is approved Monday night.

Killen is asking to step aside from the business of council as he flys the flag for the Conservative Party in the riding of Saint John Harbour.
Killen tells CHSJ News, this is in order to devote himself to the campaign.

Killen says he is not totally walking away from his council duties and will still be available to all his constituents on any issue.

Killen is also donating his council salary for the writ period to charity.

If approved by council, Killen will miss three council meetings.

Be Wary Of Fake Offers Of Employment

There's another scam going around the province.

RCMP tell us they've been receiving reports for two weeks now about people responding to job offers for "Mystery Shopper" positions advertised in their local newspapers.

People who apply online get a cheque in the mail for their first assignment but it bounces when they try and cash it and then they have to pay a fee to their bank.

Cpl. Chantal Roger of the Commercial Crime Section says there's no such thing as easy money and reminds people to check the legitimacy of any company before doing business with.

Friends Of Rockwood Park Continue to Defend Greenspace

(Friends Of Rockwood Park Protest at Entrance)
             (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

Also on hand for the announcement were the Friends of Rockwood Park continuing its protest against any development with-in the green space.
Spokes-person David Thompson tells CHSJ News, when Mayor Court speaks about selling pieces of land they are cleary in the park.
The petition, with over two thousand signatures on it, will be presented to Mayor and Council during the regular session Monday night.

Mayor Court Says Park Is Not For Sale

(Saint John Mayor Ivan Court)
         (File Photo)

Mayor Ivan Court tells CHSJ News, there is no plan to sell park space now or in the future just the piece of land that runs from the golf course down to the Cherry Brook Zoo and no further.

Mayor Court points out some of the protestors live in an area along the Sandy Point Road they consider to be park land so wants to know if they are making plans to move out.

Rockwood Park Gets A New Look

(New Entrance To Rockwood Park)
      (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

After months of work, the entrance to Rockwood Park has taken a on a new dynamic look.

More green space, parking lot and landscaped area. Peter Hanlon is with Leisure Services and tells CHSJ News, he is thrilled with the final product and the feed-back he is getting is this looks exactly like the final drawings from the architect.

Hanlon adds the ball got rolling on this second phase of the park's restoration when discussion about the gas pipeline going through the park first got started.

Phase three of the project will see work done to the duck pond area and entrance to the camp ground.

Wind And Rain Forecast For Our Region

If you live in Glen Falls, get ready for some rain.
Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for parts of the Province warning of heavy rain and winds starting tonight.

A low pressure system near Cape Cod will move across Nova Scotia tomorrow and into the Gulf of St. Lawrence tomorrow night.

The storm track may bring 50 millimetres of rain to some areas of the southern half of the province tonight and tomorrow and coastal areas can expect strong winds.

Break, Enter and Theft In Hampton

Hampton RCMP arresting an 18-year-old from the man town after a break, enter and theft at a home in the town.
The man will be in Sussex court to answer to charges today.
Officers responding to a silent alarm coming from the home arrested the man inside the residence.

Preparing For His Last Day In Politics

The official start of the provincial election campaign tomorrow marks the end of the line for two Saint John area M-L-A's.

Saint John Fundy Independent M-L-A Stuart Jamieson is retiring after almost 20-years as a member of the Legislature -- and -- Saint John East Liberal M-L-A Roly MacIntyre is also not re-offering. MacIntyre tells CHSJ News he's enjoyed helping people and leaves with no real regrets:

He says there are days he wishes he did things a little differently but, most of the time he was very pleased.  MacIntyre has one more political task -- he's co-chairing the Liberal campaign for the September 27th vote.

West Side Candidate To Open Office

With two strong candidates in the running, many political observers agree, Saint John Lancaster will be a close race for next months vote. Incumbant Liberal Abel Leblanc is taking on long time business owner and Conservative candidate Dorothy Sheppard. She tells CHSJ News, she is also expecting a close race:

She says she and Abel have a lot of respect for each other and she hopes they stay with the facts.
Sheppard is opening the door to her campaign headquarters this afternoon at 4:30pm at 77 Catherwood Street.