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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Partnership Paying Off For North End School

Lorne Middle School is working with ONE Change and the Youth Inclusion Network are they are seeing the benefits.
The school is offering a wide range of programs for students and the community.

Principal Greg Norton tells CHSJ News one of the more popular new programs is the Robo-Science enrichment program.
He says students are coming in and making robots and he says the technology and the hardware is sophisticated.

The school was able to hire an Academic Case Manager who teaches small groups of students in alternative settings because they can't attend school due to severe anxiety or academic challenges that are better served outside the classroom.

Cruise Industry Vet Gets Big Honour In Miami

"Extremely special" is how Betty MacMillan feels about winning the 2011 Cruise Award.

MacMillan, who has been with the Saint John Port Authority for 26 years, receiving the honour at the American Association of Port Authorities seminar in Miami.
She tells CHSJ News her boss Andrew Dixon put a presentation together that she describes as her life in the cruise industry.

MacMillan tells us the most significant change in the industry over her career is the size of the ships.
She adds one day last year we had 10,000 passengers in port and in the beginning that constituted an entire cruise ship season.

Saltys Nominees Revealed

The best in social media being recognized by the Saltys...a new group of awards in Saint John.
The categories includes Twitter person of the year, Coolest Blog and Best Facebook Page.
Web marketer and event co-chair Craig Allen tells CHSJ News Saint John is the social media capital of the province.

He says it's good to acknowledge what these organizations and businesses are doing to achieve their goals.
Our sister station 97.3 the Wave snagging a nomination for Best Facebook Page, also in the category are Hemmings House Pictures and the Saint John Mill Rats.
The winners of the Saltys will be revealed on the 17th at the Ale House starting at 5pm.
To find the link to vote, click here

Fate of Memorial Cup Now Up to Judges

The selection committee for the Memorial Cup getting a good look at the city as Saint John tries to win hosting duties for the 2012 Memorial Cup.

Committee President Gerald Janneteau tells CHSJ News he is impressed with what Saint John has to offer and the decison won't be easy.

He says the selection committee looks considers many factors when making a decision, such as logistics, facilities, and community spirit.

Saint John is one of four cities bidding for the cup. 

The committee is off to Shawinigan next with a final decision to be announced on April 7th.

Regional Hospital To Raise Money For Stem Cell Therapy

The goal is set: the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation setting their sights on raising 680-thousand dollars for Stem Cell Therapy equipment.

The procedure protects blood stem cells from chemo therapy and makes cancer treatment much more effective.

Fundraising Chair Steve Titus tells CHSJ News this kind of treatment cutting edge and could lead to multiple spin-offs.

Saint John would be the only city in the province to offer this kind of treatment.

The John T. McMillan Jr. Memorial Foundation kicking the campaign off with a 100-thousand dollar donation.

Chris Atkinson of Fredericton receiving stem cell therapy last year in Saint John as part of a pilot project.

He tells CHSJ News getting treatment in Saint John rather than Halifax was a huge relief for him as it kept him close to his family.

He says it also cuts down on travel expenses and making treatment as stress-free as possible can aid in recovery.

Less Money Will Be Circulating Around City With Wyndham Layoffs

The City will feel the economic impact of those 300 layoffs announced at the Wyndham contact centre in Prince Edward Square even if they land jobs at other call centres.

The people who got layoff notices with the closure of the times shares division, being on commission, were on the high end earning big dollars, considerably more than your run of the mill job in a call centre. Even though there are jobs available at other contact centres around town, it's unlikely they will be able earn anywhere near the same amount.
Mike Bacon of Contact NB tells CHSJ News the industry has become much more sophisticated since first establishing itself in the province back in the mid 90's with a growing number of opportunities to work from home........It's no longer a matter of a bunch of 800 numbers coming into the provionce and being answered by New Brunswickers in a call centre.