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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lepage and Alward Speak At Cross Border Forum

If a packed Lily Lake Pavilion is any indication..the first International Exchange forum is a success.

The event today bringing together Maine Governor Paul Lepage and Premier David Alward to discuss their cross border relationship and how it can be expanded.

Alward tells CHSJ News this type of event brings business and community leaders together.

He says the reality is that they have much more in common that they have differences and the days of jurisdictions thinking of themselves as an island are long gone.

Alward and Lepage both agree on the need for both countries to work on remaining competitive because other countries like China are hungrier for that business dollar than we are.

Easy Steps Could Wipe Out Cervical Cancer

There's no surefire way of preventing most types of cancer...but doctors say they're on the verge of wiping out cervical cancer with a few relatively simple strategies.

Dr Regan Savoie tells CHSJ news cervical cancer could likely be eradicated by vaccinating women against HPV as soon as possible. That vaccine is already available for free in schools for girls in grades 7 and 8, but you can get it up to age 45.

Other prevention strategies include using protection and not smoking. 1,500 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer in Canada every year.

For more information click here

Provincial NDP Calling For Tax Credit To Create Jobs

Provincial NDP leader Dominic Cardy says instead of the province trying to pick winners and losers with handouts to attract companies here to create jobs, why not establish a simple jobs tax credit that would be available to any and all companies that generate employment. 

Cardy tells CHSJ News companies that might want to set up shop in the province but don't have the right connections are at a disadvantage.

He goes on to say there was an American company that was interested in Saint John with more than a hundred jobs but found the regulations to be inexplicable and set up shop in Finland instead where it got a jobs tax credit. 

He argues the layoffs at Radian 6 after the announcement of a big payroll rebate from the province to create jobs is an example of why handouts are bad practice and from what he has heard from different companies......Even counterproductive.

Special Olympics Athletes Celebrate Support From Police

Local law enforcement are standing behind the talented NB athletes who make up our Special Olympics teams.

Over 450 cops throughout the province are wearing red laces in their boots today to support programming for athletes with disabilities. The police force has committed to raising $50,000 through their ongoing support of events like the law Enforcement Torch Run.

Field hockey and soccer player Kyle Parks tells CHSJ News cooperation is the name of the game at the Special Olympics. He's been involved with the organization for 16 years and says it's rewarding to see the younger kids enjoying playing sports, and for him to help out the coaches and fellow athletes.

There are 500 Special Olympics athletes competing throughout the province. For more information, click here

Treatment Of Man With Heart Attack Defended

The C-E-O of Ambulance NB is answering criticism that it took too long to get a 60 year old man who suffered a heart attack on Grand Manan airlifted to the Regional Hospital a few days ago. 

Alan Stephen tells CHSJ News there was a good reason why he had to wait for the Air Care plane to come in from dropping off a patient in Halifax.

Stephen says it was medically determined the patient needed a level of care beyond what was available on the Atlantic Charters plane that was nearby.

He adds the decision to use the Air Care plane was based on the information about the man's condition that was passed along by doctors.    

Man's Death Contributes To Major Collision On Highway One

A bizarre situation this morning during the height of the morning commute along Highway One at the Crown Street overpass. 

Traffic going westbound along the highway came to a grinding halt at 7:30 following a multi-vehicle collision at the overpass.

 Drivers were diverted up the Rockwood Park exit. 

City Police say a man died at the overpass but are not saying how and it was his death onto the highway which contributed to the collisions occurring. He was not killed in any of the accidents.

Major Collision Backs Up Traffic Along Highway

There has been a major collision which took place around 7:30 this morning involving five or six vehicles going westbound along Highway 1 at the Crown Street overpass. 

We are told traffic is at a standstill and drivers are being diverted up the Rockwood Park exit.

You might also use Rothesay Avenue if you can to avoid gridlock.

The Wild Flucuation In Gas Pricing Continues

There has been a huge drop in the price of self serve regular after the weekly setting. 

The maximum price has declined by more than 8 cents a litre and self serve is being sold around town this morning for $1.21.4 a litre. 

Diesel also went down but not by as much and is selling for $1.37.1 in the city. 

Heating oil is also less expensive with the maximum price at $1.19.1 but propane went up and is listed at 96.4 cents a litre.