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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Desserud Says Trudeau Is A Good Example Of A Celebrity Politician

Justin Trudeau's first week as Liberal leader has been a bit of a tough go.
The Harper government wasted no time in putting out attack ads hours after his win and a Parti Quebecois cabinet minister accused him of acting like royalty.

UPEI Political scientist Don Desserud tells CHSJ News Trudeau is the perfect example of the celebrity politician.

He says it doesn't mean he can't or won't do a good job but the point is that's not why he is there right now adding he's there to bring in new voters and if it works he doesn't have anything against it.

Desserud calls the Tory attack ads a mistep saying it shows the negative party politics these days.

Hikers Find Human Remains in Riverview

Two hikers found human remains in a wooded area near Moncton on Saturday afternoon.

RCMP say they came across the remains on the east side of Gunningsville Boulevard, about a kilometre from Coverdale Road. 

A forensic identification team is working to find out the identity of the person whose remains were found, and also the cause of death.

Vehicle Collides With Moose on Highway 1

A moose has been killed and a driver sent to hospital to be checked out after a collision between the animal and a vehicle on the highway.

Lieutenant Reg Verner of the KV Fire Department tells CHSJ News that it happened late at night on Highway 1, with traffic heading eastbound.

He tells us people had been calling into the Department of Natural Resources with moose sightings earlier that day, and that they'd been working to track the animal down. 

Saint John's MADD Chapter Traveling to Ottawa

A Saint John mother whose son was injured by a drunk driver is taking the fight to Ottawa.

Karen Dunham is part of the current chapter of MADD in Saint John and she tells CHSJ News while improvements have been made, impaired driving continues to kill and injure thousands of Canadians every year, and they're making the whirlwind trip on April 25 to talk with as many politicians as they can.

MADD Canada representatives will speak with MPs about a number of recommendations to reduce impaired driving, including tougher sanctions for repeat impaired drivers, tougher sanctions for those with BACs in excess of .16% BAC, and random roadside breath testing.