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Sunday, January 6, 2013

SJ Gets Award For Energy Efficiency

The City has received a nod for its Municipal Energy Efficiency Program. It's the Community Recognition Award, which aims to recognize programs that promote best practices and good leadership on the city level.

Saint John's energy efficiency program looks to reduce energy use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions but retrofitting arenas, waste water treatment facilities, and street lights. It's also estimated to have saved the city 1.8 million bucks in 2011.

The program has been in place since 1997 and covers 90 city facilities.

Welding Shop Damaged In Fire

An early evening blaze has sustained smoke and water damage to the welding shop in the city barns at 175 Rothesay Avenue.

Fire crews received the call around 5pm about a fire at the City Barns: when they arrived on the scene they found an large acetylene  torch on fire as well as part of the wall.  District Chief Joe Armstrong tells CHSJ News an aggressive attack was needed to cool down the tank and extinguish the blaze safely.

City fleets, Enbridge gas and WorkSafe NB were all called in and crews remained on the scene for 2 hours; they are looking into the cause of the blaze but it isn't considered suspicious.

Rothesay To Focus On Roads

Rothesay's had some major road renovations this year, and that trend will continue in 2013.

The interchange by the fire station and airport arterial are almost completed, and Mayor Bill Bishop says the town has received 10 million dollars in renovations and improvements in 2012.

Bishop says you can expect major renovations on Hampton road with more sidewalks and new curbing that prevents speeding.

Mayor Norton Optimistic About 2013

Mayor Mel Norton is optimistic about 2013 now that the shared risk model has been adopted for the city's pension plan which will free up millions of dollars for other things. 

The Mayor tells CHSJ News it's time the city took its rightful place as the economic powerhouse of the province.

Norton says it's not as if nothing has been happening in the city. He points to the T-D call centre on Rothesay Avenue which is expanding, a new Kent Building Supplies store is being built on the west side, Harbour Cleanup will be finished in 2013, a new cruise ship terminal was built on Water Street and the One Mile Interchange is in the process of being completed.