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Sunday, January 3, 2010

NB Power Still Trying to Get Customers Re-Connected

It has been a tough 24 hours for NB Power crews as they have been battling the elements trying to get it's customers re-connected to the grid. Since yesterday's winter storm hit, the public utility had up to 15,000 homes and businesses off the grid due to the highwinds, heavy wet snow and tree branches coming down on top of utility lines.

As of six oclock, 3442 customers are still with-out power, the hardest hit area in Miramichi with 2528 customers in the dark and with-out heat. The Utility says it hopes to have everyone back on the grid by midnight.

Over-Night Parking Ban for South Central Peninsula

If you or someone you know lives in the South Central Peninsula, a reminder that there is an overnight parking ban for the area tonight. As of eleven o'clock, all vehicles parked on a street in the area have to be moved to a designated lot. If you don't move your vehicle, it will be towed at your expense.

There are five designated lots where you can park your vehicle starting at six tonight. The corner of Princess and Charlotte Streets, KIng Street East, Peters Street, Carmarthen Street at the Vineyard Church and Mecklenburg Street at Wentworth. Vehicles have to be out of the lots by seven tomorrow morning.

Plenty More Snow for Kennebecasis Valley and Other Areas

A snowfall warning has been issued for several areas of the Province including the Kennebecasis Valley, Sussex and St.Stephen. Anywhere between 10-25 cm's is expected in those and these areas:

_new_ acadian peninsula

_new_ bathurst and chaleur region

_new_ campbellton and eastern half of restigouche county

_new_ fredericton and southern york county

_new_ fundy national park

_new_ grand lake and queens county

_new_ kent county

_new_ kouchibouguac national park

_new_ miramichi and area

_new_ moncton and southeast new brunswick

_new_ mount carleton - renous highway

_new_ oromocto and sunbury county

_new_ st. stephen and northern charlotte county

_new_ stanley - doaktown - blackville area

_new_ sussex/kennebecasis valley and kings county.

A Request From Enterprise Saint John

Enterprise Saint John wants the opportunity to address city council on the progress it's made during last year. Representatives will present with what the group has accomplished over 2009 and what the goals are for 2010. The request is to ensure council, and enterprise Saint John are on the same page and to further the city as a magnet for innovation, creativity, and business investment.

The request to present will be discussed at tomorrow nights council meeting starting at 6:30.

Marco Polo Replica Close to Completion

With most of the construction of the hull complete, a 23-year old dream is on the verge of becoming reality. The replica of the Marco Polo will be ready to be carried across the harbour later this year to it's yet to be determined final resting place. Chair of the project Barry Ogden tells CHSJ News, it was constructed so anyone wanting to climb on board can do so.

Ogden says a perfect spot for the vessel in his mind is anywhere between Long Wharf and Water Street. The replica is ninty feet long and sixty five feet high, one third the size of the original vessel.

Deputy Mayor of Quispamsis Happy with Progress

No complaints from the Deputy Mayor of Quispamsis on where the town is and the goals it continues to move towards. Emil Olsen tells CHSJ News, the Q-Plex alone is a shining example of the go forward attitude among Town officials.

Deputy Mayor Olsen adds Quispamsis has alot to offer and that bodes well for both commercial and residential development.

Saint John Portland MLA Predicting a Busy Year

(Saint John Portland MLA Trevor Holder)
             (File Photo)

The MLA for the riding of Saint John Portland is gearing up for what he knows will be a busy year. Trevor Holder tells CHSJ News, with a Provincial Election in the fall and the future of NB Power still un-decided, there will be no rest for the weary.

Holder says he will also keep a close watch on what the Graham Government has planned for the future look of the Cresent Valley project.

Robbery on Rothesay Avenue

Even with the weather as miserable as it was last night, a thief found time to hit a business on Rothesay Avenue. City Police tell us someone broke into Kustom Auto Sound just after one this morning.

The good news is the thief stole nothing and took off from the store as quick as he broke in.

No Major Accidents to Report From Storm

As for accidents.......Police Forces in the metro area are reporting a good night. City Police tell us they were called to a few fender benders late yesterday afternoon but for the most part, no serious accidents or injuries to report. Same story for the Rothesay Regional Police. A reminder that the snow is heavy, so take you rtime and save your heart and back some pain.

The Saint John Airport is reporting all runways open and flights are arriving and leaving on time. As for the highways, there is a new service you can call.......511 to check the area your might be travelling to around the Province.

Snow Clean-Up Continues

The first snow storm of the new year was a beauty. It snowed all day in Greater Saint John and left roads, driveways and sidewalks full of wet, heavy snow. The clean-up has been on-going since yesterday and the Deputy Commissioner of Municipal Operations for Saint John Kevin Rice tells CHSJ News, this storm kept crews busy because as soon as they would clean a street, it would need another pass in less than an hour.

Rice adds they had a few issues with vehicles parked on the street but for the most part, had good access to most area's. Rice also reminds private operators and home-owners that there is a bylaw about plowing snow on to sidewalks. You could face a fine of up to $500 dollars. As for the gear and the crew, Rice says both are holding up just fine.

Plenty of Snow to Clean-Up

(Snow Fall on King Street During Recent Storm)
            (Photo by Dave Briggs)

So Just how much snow did we get? Environment Canada tells anywhere between 20-25cm's fell in Greater Saint John. Bathurst appears to be the early winner of the snow-fall contest with 27cm's of fresh powder. Meteorologist Andy Firth tells CHSJ News, it is a slow moving system, just south of Maine and give more snow this afternoon and into this evening.

NB Power continues to be plagued with problems. As of ten o'clock, the public utility is reporting 10,739 of it's customers around the Province are with-out power. 599 in the Sussex area, 1629 in Moncton, 2846 in Miramichi and just over 700 in the Fredericton area.