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Friday, January 27, 2012

Liberals Wants Update On Invest NB

Opposition Finance Critic Donald Arseneault wants to know what Invest NB has done for the province since it was unveiled a year ago.

Arseneault tells CHSJ News the state of the province address would have been a great time to update New Brunswickers on what exactly Invest NB has accomplished.

He says Invest NB is taking credit for recently creating 500 jobs but those companies were already in New Brunswick and Invest NB is suppose to draw in outside investors.

Arseneault says there has not been any.

Car Crashes Into Display At Dealership Today

                                   Single Vehicle Crash on Rothesay Avenue Today

Border Guards Bust Trucker With Pills

Canada Border Services in Woodstock discovering an American truck driver with 69 pills they believe to be methamphetamine.

Armando Ramirez was coming over with a load of furniture earlier this month.

After a second search by Border Services Officers,the pills were found with the driver.  The pills were unmarked and the driver did not have a prescription.

Ramirez was arrested and handed over to the RCMP who charged him in Woodstock Provincial Court.  He's due back in to court in July.

Snow Changing To Freezing Rain and Rain

Our morphing storm continues to keep drivers and walkers on their toes.

We got about 3 centimetres of snow and Environment Canada's Tracey Talbot tells CHSJ at the airport right now it's a mix of ice pellets and freezing rain.

She says the precipitation is in the process of changing over to freezing rain and in the next couple of hours it will change to rain as the temperature continues to rise.

Talbot says the storm has progressed as the way they expected with less snow that predicted.

Transportation Minister Warns Drivers To Slow Down

The Transportation Minister advising motorists across the province to take extreme caution if they must travel today.

Claude Williams says while DOT crews will be out, it's important to remember that our crews also face the same driving challenges – very slippery roads and freezing rain.

He's asking motorists to reduce their speed in storm conditions.

Around Greater Saint John, a few collisions have been reported including a fender bender on King Street on the lunch hour.

We are told the road conditions are slippery in Pennfield and St. George.

To see our list of cancellations, click here

New Boat Named After Former Port Authority CEO

The Atlantic Pilotage Authority honouring the former CEO of the Saint John Port Authority.

A new pilot boat will be named after Captain Al Soppitt and he tells CHSJ News he had no idea it was coming but is completely honoured by the gesture.  

He says he never had a vessel named after him before

Soppitt was the CEO of the Saint John Port Authority for 15 years.

The Atlantic Pilotage Authority also celebrating its revamped office at Reed's Point on Water Street.

Snow Will Change To Ice Pellets Or Freezing Rain Late Today

Snow, ice pellets and rain are all part of the weather mix through tonight. Tracy Talbot of Environment Canada tells CHSJ News the snow will be with us for some time yet.

She says it will snow for a while before changing to freezing rain and ice pellets and she expects the rain should begin around the supper hour.

Environment Canada is calling for 5 to 10 centimeters of snow and ice pellets and the closer you are to the coast doesn't necessarily mean you'll get less.

Grand Manan Fishermen Say Their Livlihoods Are Under Threat

Fishermen on Grand Manan are worried their way of life may be disappearing.

The Grand Manan Fishermen's Association is voicing concern over lobster licenses being sold to fishermen in Nova Scotia. A company in Yarmouth has bought one.

 Liberal M-L-A Rick Doucet tells CHSJ News there had been in a freeze in place on Interprovincial license transfers but that's no longer in place.

 Both Doucet and the fishermen are calling for another freeze to be put in place on the interprovincial transfer of lobster licenses.

Doucette warns once the licenses are gone, they don't come back and the economy of Grand Manan is heavily dependent on the lobster fishery.

Another Budget Meeting Behind Closed Doors

Another Saturday........Another budget meeting behind closed doors at City Hall.

The city is under pressure to finalise its 2012 budget so now a vote in open session is expected Monday.

Mayor Ivan Court tells CHSJ News there has been disagreement on which budget should be unveiled and how to spend 143 million dollars.

 Two different versions have been put on the table, one of them having 9 million dollars in cuts but Court says there could even be a third emerging because of a lack of consensus on the first two.

Court expects tomorrow's meeting to be a long one.