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Monday, June 24, 2013

Holder Welcomes Ferry Replacement Announcement

Provincial Tourism Minister Trevor Holder is welcoming word of a replacement vessel for the 42-year old Princess of Acadia on the Saint John to Digby run.
Holder tells CHSJ News it will play an important role in securing the future of the Bay of Fundy tourism experience.
Business leaders on both sides of the bay are also welcoming the announcement especially those in the seafood industry who say the service is a crucial link to markets for their products.

Cloud Of Uncertainty Lifted From Bay of Fundy Ferry Service

Good news for those relying on the Saint John to Digby ferry service - the federal government has announced the process will begin to find a replacement for the aging Princess of Acadia.
Saint John M-P Rodney Weston is one of a number of federal and provincial reps who made the trek to Digby for the announcement.

New Brunswickers Head West To Help Flood Victims

Maritimers are known for their community spirit, and plenty of us are using that to help out with the flood relief effects in Alberta. 

Dan Bedell of the Canadian Red Cross tells CHSJ News many trained people from all over New Brunswick, in particular, are ready to go. This province is familiar with floods, albeit on a much smaler scale, in places like Perth Andover and Charlotte County.

Bedell says while the situation might be getting better in parts of Calgary, there are as many as a dozen outlying communities which are still feeling the worst of this nearly-unprecedented natural disaster on Canadian soil. 

The Red Cross is supporting evacuations and states of local emergency, helping to set up, equip and provide round-the-clock staffing for 11 emergency shelters.

Cops Look For Those Responsible For $2 Million In Damage

RCMP are investigating a suspicious fire that destroyed a rock crushing plant in Astle, which is near Stanley.

On Saturday evening  RCMP were called off of Highway 8 to investigate a fire that destroyed the plant, which used to supply a paving company. The monetary loss is estimated to be in the area of two million dollars.

Anyone with information about this fire is asked to contact the RCMP or Crimestoppers.

Poutine Challenge Is A Hot Mess

It was a ooey, gooey mess at Market Square today.

 One would could deny the first-ever Poutine Challenge was a smash hit with flavors running the gamut from seafood and cream cheese to turkey and cranberry. 

Stephany Peterson of the Hardman group tells CHSJ News the free samples and festive atmosphere were a  big draw for Saint Johners, and it's wonderful the event also coincided with Ste-Jean Baptiste Day, considering that's the namesake of our fair city.

Grannan's, York Bistro and Britt's snagged the top 3 spots in the poutine challenge--but all the creations served during the challenge will be showing up on local restaurant menus until the end of the season. It's all part of the Canada Day Countdown which features events at Market Square from now until the weekend.

BREAKING NEWS: Found Body Is A Woman

Just before 9 this morning, emergency personnel got the call about a body spotted in the water near Long Wharf.

The body has been removed from the water and taken to the Regional to be identified and to determine a cause of death.

The body is a woman but the age is unknown.

The major crime unit is leading the investigation.

Look Up At 250 New Fish In The Market

Look up when you are in the City market.  
More than 250 fish made by over 500 students are part of a community art project.

Chloe Brown is a student at Barnhill Memorial who made one of the dangling fish.

She says her teacher asked her and a friend if they wanted to paint a fish for the market and they said yes.

Robin Anderson also took part and tells CHSJ News it's always good to have your work displayed in public.

The fish will be on display until late this year and then auctioned off for the Harbour Lights campaign.

BREAKING NEWS - Emergency Crews Recovering Body

Police - fire - and - medical crews are in the process of recovering a body from the harbour at Long Wharf.
It was first spotted just before nine this morning.

Police & Fire Respond To Long Wharf


Emergency personnel responding to Long Wharf after reports of a body in the water.

Tanya Shand Fundraiser Brings In $12,000

A fundraiser for the daughter of a murdered Rothesay woman bringing in $12,000 on Sunday.

The event at the qplex put together by Terri Kingston and Deanna King both of whom never met Tanya Shand.

The women both empathized with her daughter and family over their tragic loss and the need to shine a light on the problem of domestic violence.

The proceeds will go to fund for Tanya's daughter Cheyenne.

The Law Court Building Opens Today

After a lot of hard work including moving twice, the Saint John Law Courts is open for business at Peel Plaza.   

The opening delayed by nearly 6 months after a pipe burst in late December causing water damage.

Sheriff George Oram tells CHSJ News this new facility puts four court facilities, one in Hampton and three in Saint John, under one roof.

He tells us gone are the days where regardless of the offense where someone will have appearances at City hall, Charlotte and Sydney streets.

Oram says as soon as someone is arrested and they enter the underground tunnel in the justice complex at no time with they have an contact with a member of the public.

Saia Brothers Trial In Deadly Home Invasion Begins

Two brothers are in court this morning in connection with a deadly home invasion last November on the lower West side. 

The trial for Bradley Neil Saia and Brandon Saia begins today at the Sydney Street Courthouse. The two are facing charges in a break-in on Prince Street West on November 3 where two young men were stabbed. 

21 year-old Bradley was charged with forcible entry, robbery and having his face concealed while committing an indictable offense. His twin brother Brandon was charged with forcible entry, stealing personal property and having his face concealed with intent to commit an indictable offense. 

18 year-old Andrew Jonathan Dennison died from his injuries.

Report Ready On Whether To Make Feeding The Deer A Crime

Should Common Council pass a bylaw to make it an offense to feed deer in the city?

City Staff are saying no for a variety of reasons. They claim resources for bylaw enforcement are stretched thin as it is and feeding deer would get a low priority. As well, it's felt most people would likely be unwilling to go through all the legal steps necessary to have a charge laid.

Council is being advised to join the effort which is going on in the K-V where the problem is considered worse.

Common Council To Discuss Sex Offenders

Social media is abuzz with word of the release into the community of another sex offender and now the Deputy Mayor would like the city be given the heads up in the future. 

Shelley Rinehart says the community is sensitive and vulnerable especially after hearing psychiatric evaluations and judge's comments about the liklihood of reoffending that she finds troublesome. 

Rinehart would like the city be given information about the severity of the crime, any relevant psychiatric opinion, the potential for rehabilitation as well as the liklihood to reoffend and the assessed danger to the community. 

She also points out the resources for public safety in the city are stretched thin. City Police have tried to remain within budget but not filling some jobs that are vacant.