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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas From CHSJ News

Merry Christmas from the CHSJ News Department. We hope your having a wonderful day with family and friends. A reminder from police forces in Greater Saint John to drive with care and caution and please don't drink and drive.

If you do spot news happening, feel free to call the news-line at 648-3000 and leave a message. We are checking them over the holiday.

A Steady Night for Emergency Officials

Plenty of calls for emergency officials in Greater Saint John on Christmas Eve but nothing major. Rothesay Regional Police say they were called to a few accidents last night when freezing rain was falling. Nobody was seriously hurt.

City Fire Crews were called to a fuel spill in Millidgeville late yesterday afternoon. After laying down some peat moss, the fuel was soaked up and didn't cause any major damage.