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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bridge Fixed

Finished ahead of schedule, the Millstream River Covered Bridge is re-opened to traffic. Crews replaced the cedar shingle roof on the structure which is 99 years old.
There are 59 covered bridges left in the Province.

Daylight Assault in Dairytown

A man from Bloomfield was beaten up while walking through Sussex yesterday afternoon. Officers tell us the 19-year old was walking along Winter Street with someone else when a truck stopped and three men got out of the vehicle.

The teenager was kicked and then hit with a piece of wood and ironically he knows two of the three men. The man driving the truck is described as five foot five, short black hair and wasn't wearing a shirt. The teenager didn't have to go to the hospital.

East Side Business Dealing With Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping has become a problem for a business on Rothesay Avenue. The Re-store is set up to collect goods to be re-sold and raise cash for Habitat for Humanity but lately staff have been finding items that don't fit the criteria. It is also piling up near the property which means they could be fined for unsightly premises. Spokes-person Brenna Farren tells CHSJ News, it seems to be a seasonal thing:

Farren adds in the past month they have hauled away a truck worth of garbage.

The Feds Respond To The Province's Offer On the Harbour Bridge

Ottawa is responding to the Province's proposal on the Harbour Bridge.
Saint John MP Rodney Weston tells CHSJ News that ACOA Minister Keith Ashfield wil be having a personal discussion with the Premier on this topic.
Weston says both parties agree on the debt issue, the removal of tolls and cost-sharing on the refurbishment.

In previous discussions, today's date of June 30th was given as a possible deadline for the Feds to respond to the provincial offer.
Weston adds he feels a final resolution between both levels of government can be reached.

Randy Jones Celebrity Tournament

The second annual Randy Jones Celebrity Golf Tournament was highlighted with a pair of hole in ones yesterday at Riverside. 

The aces were recorded on the scenic 18th and 5th holes with one player winning a brand new vehicle from Loch Lomond Mitsubishi and the other taking home an $8,000 Sandals vacation. 

The real winners are the pediatric care and pediatric diabetes units at the Regional as just over $106,000 dollars was raised for both.

Two Fires Under Investigation

A pair of fires in Saint John did some damage to a home and a garage.

Crews arrived at 161 Ludlow Street West this morning just after one to find a garbage container next to the home was in flames.

The fire did catch the vinyl siding and scorched the home but crews had the blaze under control in about an hour. City Police tell us it looks like the fire was intentionally set.
Earlier in the night just after ten, crews arrived at the corners of Elgin and Victoria Streets in the North End to find a vehicle on fire.
The heat from the flames melted the siding on a nearby garage and investigators are looking into how the fire started.

Headstones Vandalism Still Under Investigation

Plenty of tips and leads in relation to the headstone vandalism in East Saint John two months ago but no arrests yet.

More than 330 headstones were kicked over in St. Joseph's Cemetery causing over $86-thousand dollars damage sometime on the weekend of April 24th.

Inspector Glen McCloskey says they are now appealing to the public for their help.

Inspector McCloskey adds they have been flooded with tips and are still following leads but would like more.

Acadian Games Ready To Go

Over 1200 athletes along with organizers, volunteers and spectators are very excited for the start of the Acadian Games in Saint John.

The event will see athletes from all over Atlantic Canada competing in sports like track and field, softball and tennis.

Organizer Michel Cote tells CHSJ News, there are a variety of venues but, the action is focused in Millidgeville.

The 31st Annual Acadian Games continue in the Port City until Sunday.