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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

BREAKING NEWS.......Another Boil Water Order In Effect

Another boil water order has been issued and this is for part of the east side because of a construction mishap near the Champlain Heights Pump Station. The city telling us a contractor ruptured the line that feeds water into parts of Forest Hills. 

The city tried to use a temporary water line but that was not able to provide sufficient water to the higher elevations in Forest Hills. 

The areas affected are from 116 to 236 Mountainview, from 76 to 84 Mountain Road, Vista Ridge, Candace Street, Lynn Avenue, Beverly Drive, Kelton Street, Colter Court and Kennington Street as well as Carquest at 550 McAllister Drive. 

The people in those areas also will not have any water available at times on Thursday

Higgs Says Province Needs To Get Its Name Out There

For our economy to grow, our province needs to get itself on the radar of potential investors, and finance minister Blaine Higgs tells CHSJ news that's exactly what they're doing by marketing New Brunswick so that people see our province as a potential investment.

Higgs tells us he remains optimistic about our economic prospects, calling the big projects like the pipeline game changers for the province and telling us they'll attract other investors.

Need A Job? You Could Get One Tomorrow On National Hiring Day

Teens are finding it harder and harder to find their first jobs these days...and regardless of age, more and more people are in the same boat as they struggle with unemployment.

 If you think flipping burgers is better than nothing, McDonald's is holding a National Hiring Day tomorrow, April 11th. They're looking to fill 6,000 positions nationwide, and Saint John franchise owner Michael Schulze tells CHSJ News they plan on hiring as many qualified people that walk in the doors.

To apply simply visit any McDonald's location and fill out an application. Where time permits, someone will be available to do an on the spot interview.

Meeting To Look At Future Of Rothesay Commons

The people in Rothesay get a chance tonight to have their say on what should be done to make the Common better. The town has 2 and a half million dollars to work with but judging by what's on social media, there are fears of too much change altering the nature of the Common.

The meeting tonight runs from 6:30 to 8:30 at Rothesay Park Middle School. Additional drainage, replacement of the skate house, installation of an artificial ice plant, improved accessibility to the playground and a permanent stage are among the suggested changes.

 A consultant will bring ideas and several possible options to another public meeting before any final decisions are made.

More Trees To Be Planted In Valley Neighborhoods

Two towns in the valley will soon be getting a lot greener.

TD has awarded a grant worth $15,0000dollars to Rothesay to plant trees and give citizens a chance to appreciate and preserve the environment. Quispamsis will also receive almost $14,000 to support  the development of a street tree planting program in the community. 

Quispamsis Parks and Facilities Manager Barry Brown tells CHSJ News it'll be a pretty major project, in which homeowners will be able to apply to get red maples, elms, and other trees planted near their property.

Brown says they'll be accepting applications on where to place the trees in the near future.

Our Listeners Have Their Say On Food Trucks

Some of us can still remember when fast-food vendors like Fat Freddy's operated in the uptown. They've now been prohibited for a number of years but Common Council is debating whether to change that by-law. Our listeners had a chance to have their say.

Lisa says:  Bring them back!

Daniel agrees saying "A city councilor said people thought food trucks were 'noisy' and produced too much garbage. So why does everyone here want them? Gee, our town's leaders really have their finger on the pulse of what we want..."

But Courtney says it's a good idea for a big city like New York maybe, since they have the population to fill them, the restaurants, and the bars and hotels. 

Stewart points out food trucks are significantly different than other takeouts. They don't pay tax, they don't provide bathrooms, they take up parking areas, they don't typically provide clean up of their locations.

Barb says her only concern is hygiene.

But Anne thinks it's typical of the councilors in Saint John to shoot down an idea that could improve the city.

Should food trucks be allowed back on city streets? You can join that conversation on Facebook or Twitter.

Tish Cohen's Town House Big Rothesay Read Book Choice

With his rock-star father's fortune dwindling, how can agoraphobe Jack Madigan make money to survive? That's the plot of Canadian author Tish Cohen's Town House, this year's pick for the Big Rothesay Read.

Picking a book that would appeal to an entire high school population wasn't an easy task, but event chair Mary-Ann Gallagher tells CHSJ News they're confident Cohen's novel fits the bill.

This is the fifth year the Big Rothesay Read has been running, an event where the entire population of Rothesay high school reads the same book at the same time and culminates in a visit from the author. Cohen will in the town on May 7th.

North End Fire

Fire Crews responding to the north end to yet another kitchen fire, the third in just the past three days. 

Platoon Chief Joe Armstrong says it broke out in an apartment building at 68 McLaren Boulevard. 

Smoke was seen from a second floor apartment in the building. The three people who live there were already outside when firefighters arrived.
The other three apartments in the building were evacuated. 

The fire was contained to the kitchen with a fair bit of damage and the cause is not thought to be suspicious.