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Monday, August 3, 2009

New Licence Plates Available Tomorrow

[Business Minister Victor Boudreau with a new plate-----Photo courtesy of GNB]

Some vehicles around the province will take on a new look this month. The Province has unveiled a newly designed licence plate which will become available tomorrow. Conservation plates with three new designs will be available for $32 and regular plates with the new design will be $25.
Also new, owners of seasonal or antique vehicles will now have a single licence plate for their vehicles. The new plates will be available starting tomorrow, but getting one is optional.

Provincial Parks Free Today

Looking for something to do today? Admission to all provincially operated parks are free to celebrate New Brunswick Day.Tourism Minister Stuart Jamieson says this is an opportunity for residents to take in the scenery and recreational activities the parks have to offer.The Department of Tourism and Parks operate 9 provincial parks including New River Beach, and Mount Carleton.

The Pipeline is Repaired

The Natural Gas Pipeline in the Red Head area has been repaired. Three minor leaks have been on the radar since July.11th and the company says several threaded fittings were the problem. The work was finished up late Saturday and gas was flowing through the system around eight o’clock that evening.
Brunswick Pipeline spokes-person Susan Harris tells CHSJ News, it’s not un-common to have minor mechanical issues like this during the start-up of a new facility. Home-owners in the area of the leaks have been complaining of a rotten egg type smell for the past couple of weeks and that is where the odor was coming from.

The Masks Could Be Doing More Harm Than Good

You may have seen pictures of people wearing surgical masks in areas where there have been severe cases of the so called "swine flu" -- but -- our deputy chief medical health officer - Dr Paul Van Buynder - says people using masks when they don't need to can actually infect the masks and transmit the virus when normally they may not have.
Van Buynder says public health strongly believes people ill with the flu should not go to work and should stay home in isolation to help prevent the spread of the virus.