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Monday, November 30, 2009

Fire near Woodstock

A fire near Woodstock this morning has left a family homeless.
The Red Cross says the two adults and two kids were not injured and have been taken in by family for the time being.
Red Cross volunteers provided them with replacement food and clothing.

The cause of the fire in the community of Beardsley is under investigation.

Campers found safe

Two missing campers have been located safe and sound near Hammondvale.
Sussex RCMP tell us they were found walking along the Shepody Road this afternoon.
The 25-year old man from River Glade and 25-year old woman from Colpitts Settlement went missing over the weekend while on a camping trip after the truck they were driving broke down and their cell phone died.
Four different agencies along with volunteers and family members spent nearly two days looking for them.

New Pre-School Program at Forest Glen Community Centre

Parents have another option with a new YM-YWCA Preschool program opening in January at Forest Glen Community Centre.
Adrienne Boudreau of the YM-YWCA tells CHSJ News the program for 3-5 years olds is licensed by Social Development and supervised by an early childhood educator.
Boudreau says the kids will have fun, develop friendships and skills to help make an easy transition into school.
For more information on this program, please contact Forest Glen Community Centre at 658-2816.

Locals Love Recycling Milk Cartons

In two weeks, the Fundy Region Solid Waste Commission has collected 820 kilograms of milk cartons.

They are accepted under a new streamlined recycling program making the blue box experience easier and quicker.
Brenda McCullum tells CHSJ News they do need to remind people to put cereal boxes in with paper.
She add they are still seeing a lot of cereal boxes in with the corrugated cardboard.
Seven transport truckloads of recyclable materials has left the landfill after the first two weeks of material collected was processsed.

Campers Missing in Sussex Area

The good news for a pair of missing campers is it isn't as cold as it should be for this time of the year. Sussex RCMP tell us a 25-year old man from River Glade and a 25-year old woman from Colpitts Settlement who went missing over the weekend while on a camping trip that started on Friday. They made a call from a cell phone call to friends telling them the truck they were driving had broken down.

The couple have camping supplies and food but the cell phone is dead. RCMP have grounded their helicopter because the weather isn't the best but search teams continue to look for the two. Officers tell us the 25-year old man is a seasoned camper and the warm weather is playing in their favor as well.

Thieves on the Run

The search continues by Grand Bay Westfield RCMP for a thief or thieves. A summer home was broken into on the Brittain Road and officers believe it happened sometime between the 19th of this month and yesterday. Someone got into the home through the front door or a window as there was damage to both. Among the stolen stuff was a set of solar lights.

RCMP tell us this is the fifth reported break and enter in the Lower Greenwich and Browns Flat area in as many weeks. Other stuff stolen was a television and radio-cd player.

Trailer thefts over the weekend

You may want to go take a look at your trailer if it is parked at a campground on the Taylor Road at the head of Millstream. Sussex RCMP tell us that sometime yesterday, five trailers were broken into at a campground in the area.
A 42" Samsung television was stolen from one trailer and the other four were ransacked but it's still not known if anything was stolen from these trailers. Two suspects have been identified but no arrests at this point.

Still Looking For Answers in Miners Death

Still no answers surrounding a death at the Potash Corporation Mine in Sussex. 56-year old Vince Mitton of Penobsquis was killed while working at the facility on November.22nd. He was working underground installing a section of pipe when the incident happened.

General Manager Mark Fracchia tells CHSJ News, their internal team continues to work with Worksafe NB to find some answers. No word on how much longer the investigation will take.

Harbour Bridge Authorities Search for Cash

One option down for the Harbour Bridge Authority in it's search for construction cash. A bank loan was approved subject to a federal or provincial loan guarantee, but they can't get either, so the search continues. General Manager Ken Anthony tells CHSJ News, the state of the economy could be playing a factor in a bank's final decision.

Total cost of the project is over $30 million dollars. The Bridge Authority has been approached by another bank and are also looking into possible private financing avenues. If neither of those come through, Anthony says he isn't sure where they will go.

Premier Graham Remains Optimistic

Don't think for a minute that Premier Shawn Graham is losing any sleep over the heat coming from the proposed deal between NB Power and Hydro-Quebec. Graham tells CHSJ News, political pundits have put the nails in his coffin more than once in the past 11 years.

Graham adds he is ready to prove wrong all those who think this move is political suicide.

City Police Kept Busy Sunday Night

City Police have three men in custody after the tires on 8 vehicles were slashed outside the L-B-R last night. Police say there was an altercation inside the arena and are investigating whether there is a connection. Police also have another man in custody after he threatened to jump twenty feet from a building at the corner of Princess and Canterbury Streets. Police wanted to question him about a reported assault.

The suspect was eventually grappled by police and could also be facing a charge of mischief.

Heart and Stroke Bus Pull

Co-ordinators for the 1st annual Heart and Stroke Bus Pull say yesterdays event could only be described as a success. Terry Wagnor of the Heart and Stroke Foundation tells CHSJ news the event is aimed at putting AED machines into high schools in the Saint John area.

With the use of CPR, survival rate for cardiac arrest is 5 percent, but with the use of an AED machine, the rate increases to 50 percent. Saint John High School will be one of the recipients of the events AED machines.

Mayor Court Helps Out

The popular Fusion Saint John initiative "Project Rednose" has gained the support and volunteerism of Mayor Ivan Court. The Project, aimed at keeping drunk drivers off the road during the holiday season, kept 30 to 40 people safe this past weekend. Mayor Court tells CHSJ news he hopes to see even more Saint Johners use the service as the season continues.

The Free Volunteer Run Service will continue until News Years. The number to call to use the service is 693-6810.

Active Transportation in the Valley

People in Quispamsis interested in active transporation--listen up. The town is hosting a workshop designed to get people informed on active transportation, as well as alternate modes of transportation such as cycling. The workshop will outline what other communities are doing to help improve pedestrian and cycling facilities, and will be asking what the community would like to see in the Valley.

Things get underway at 7 o'clock at the Quispamsis town hall.

General Public Ready for H1N1 Shots

If you've been waiting patiently for your chance to get an H1N1 shot, you day has arrived. Exhibiton Park is hosting one that gets started at ten this morning and runs til eight o'clock this evening. There is also one in Grand Manan at the Community Center also between nine and eight. So far, seven people have died from H1N1 around the Province but public health officials are quick to point out all had underlying conditions that complicated the virus and the recovery.

Late last week, Dr. Eilish Cleary, Chief Medical Officer of Health says the intensity of the activity has gone down but warns people not to let their guard down. Health officials strongly urge everyone to get the shot as soon as they can. Clinics that are running between now and Dec.10th are all posted on the government web site at and you can find all of them on our website at news.

List of H1N1 Clinics for the General Public

November 30
9am - 8pm Grand Manan Grand Manan Community Centre (Gym)

1021 Route 776 Priority groups
November 30

10am - 8pm Saint John Exhibition Park

159 McAllister Dr. General public
December 1

9am - 3pm Grand Manan Grand Manan Community Centre (Gym)

1021 Route 776 General public
December 1

9am - 9pm Saint John Marco Polo Cruise Ship Terminal

111 Water St.

General public
December 1

9am - 9pm St Stephen Royal Canadian Legion

43 Queen St. West General public
December 2

9am - 7pm Hampton Hampton Senior Resource Centre

31 Demille Ct. General public
December 2

3pm - 9pm Saint John Side Court Right (Gymnasium)

George Forbes Elliot Athletic Centre


100 Tucker Park Rd. General public
December 2

9am - 3pm Saint John Side Court Right (Gymnasium)

George Forbes Elliot Athletic Centre


100 Tucker Park Rd. UNB-SJ students and staff
December 2

9am - 5pm St Stephen Royal Canadian Legion

43 Queen St. West General public
December 3

9am - 9pm Kennebecasis Valley Rothesay Baptist Church

30 Vincent Rd. General public
December 3

9am - 9pm St. Andrews NBCC - St. Andrews Campus

99 Augustus St. General public
December 4

9am - 9pm Saint John Carleton Community Centre

82 Market Place General public
December 4

9am - 5pm St George St George Community Centre

11 J.O. Spinney Dr.

General public
December 4

9am - 7pm Sussex Sussex Elementary School

25 Duke St. General public
December 5

9am - 3pm Norton Norton Elementary School

274 Route 124 General public
December 5

9am - 9pm Saint John NBCC - Saint John Campus

950 Grandview Ave. General public
December 6

9am - 9pm Saint John NBCC - Saint John Campus

950 Grandview Ave. General public
December 7

12pm - 8pm Campobello Campobello Island

Consolidated School

1722 Route 774, Wilson's Beach General public
December 8

9am - 7pm Hampton Hampton Senior Resource Centre

31 Demille Ct. General public
December 8

9am - 9pm Saint John Carleton Community Centre

82 Market Place General public
December 8

9am - 9pm St George St George Community Centre

11 J.O. Spinney Dr.

General public
December 9

9am - 9pm Saint John Exhibition Park

159 McAllister Dr.

General public
December 9

9am - 9pm St Stephen Royal Canadian Legion

43 Queen St. West General public
December 9

9am - 7pm Sussex Saunders Irving Chapel

Bethany Bible College

26 Western St. General public
December 10

10am - 8pm Deer Island Lord’s Cove

Church of Christ

227 Route 772

(*This clinic will be held in the

Church Hall) General public
December 10

9am - 9pm Kennebecasis Valley Kings Valley Wesleyan Church

332 Hampton Rd. General public
December 10

12pm - 7pm Saint John St. Marks United Church

50 Dexter Dr. General public

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Heart and Stroke Bus Pull

[ Photo taken by Melissa O'Rourke]

Co-ordinators for the 1st annual Heart and Stroke Bus Pull say yesterdays event could only be described as a success. Terry Wagnor of the Heart and Stroke Foundation tells CHSJ news the event is aimed at putting AED machines into high schools in the Saint John area.
With the use of CPR, survival rate for cardiac arrest is 5 percent, but with the use of an AED machine, the rate increases to 50 percent. Saint John High School will be one of the recipients of the events AED machines.

Pay Equity

The New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity is asking each political party to take a stance on implementing pay equity legislation for the private sector. Minister Responsible for the Status of Women Mary Schryer reviewed the liberals actions towards pay equity in a speech, but did not specify the party's position concerning legislation. Opposition M-L-A Margaret Ann Blaney says her party would present its position on the issue in it's electoral platform, and NDP member Julie Michaud says her party is completely in favour of enacting pay equity legislation. The new leader of the provincial Green Party Jack MacDougall says he is in favour of pay equity in all sectors, but needs to consult his party before making an official commitment.

Senior Care

The Premier isn't mincing words about what his government is doing to improve care for seniors in this province. Shawn Graham took shots at the opposition government during the legislature Friday, and says the capital budget next week will have significant investments in nursing homes. Graham says the budget next week will benefit every single region in the province, and the Liberals will be doing what's right for seniors by not playing politics.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Power Back on in the Valley

It looks like the lights are back on for almost everyone in the Kennebacasis Valley.

This after being in the dark since just after 4 this morning, until noon.
NB Power spokesperson Heather Maclean tells CHSJ News, crews continue to work to try and find out what caused the tranmission outage.
Earlier this morning over 15 thousand people were in the dark, and the utility is now reporting under a hundred.

Provincial Budget to Include Spending for Nursing Homes

[Premier Graham in the Legislature----Photo courtesy of]
The Premier says when the capital budget is released next week it will include significant spending toward nursing homes.

Shawn Graham says during the Legislature, that his government is dedicated to providing quality health care to seniors, something the opposition never did.
Graham says every region will benefit from this investment.
The government is preparing to table it's budget next week that will include 1.6 billion dollars in stimulus spending.

Update on Power Outage

NB Power is saying the lights went out in the Kennebecasis Valley because of a transmission failure.

Spokesperson Heather McLean tells CHSJ News, a transmission outage can be caused by a number of factors, and so far it's still not known what caused this one.
She says crews are working to get everyone back on the grid--and are making significant headway.
Earlier this morning over 15 thousand customers were in the dark, but now NB Power is reporting just over 2 thousand are without power.

Saint John Energy is reporting a large number of customers in East Saint John experienced an outage this morning due to the transmission problem from NB Power.

Black Out

The Kennebacasis Valley is completely in the dark.

NB Power is reporting nearly 15 thousand customers are without power in Rothesay, Quispamsis, Hampton, and East Saint John.
The cause of the outage is still unknown, but crews are out working on it to try and remedy the situation, with no estimated timeline to when customers will be back on the grid.
Rothesay Regional Police tell us, it seems the majority of the lights went out around 4 in the morning.

Young Progressive Conservatives Meeting

[Provincial Tory Leader David Alward---File Photo]
Quispamsis is playing host to the Young Progressive Conservatives annual general meeting this weekend. Party Leader David Alward tells CHSJ News, in recent month, many of the young people he has spoken with are becoming dis-connected with the political process:

Over the weekend, members will elect a new executive and and will be called upon to vote on proposed constitutional amendments.

Heart and Stroke Foundation Bus Pull

The Heart and Stroke Foundation will take over Charlotte Street tomorrow for it's first annual bus pull. Teams will attempt to drag the forty foot limos 100-feet with team raising cash to buy Automated External Defibrillators to install in area high schools. Spokes-person Terry Wagner tells CHSJ News, the goal is to make AED's as common place as a fire extinguisher:

There are 1200 people in the Province every year die from sudden cardiac arrest and the survival rate greatly increase with the use of an AED. The event gets started tomorrow at eleven o'clock.

Operation Red Nose Begins

After enjoying an successful campaign last winter, Operation Red Nose hits the road again this weekend. Co-ordinator Katie Emrich tells CHSJ News, the set-up is real simple, if your going out to enjoy some holiday cheer, give them a call and they will take care of the driving.
Emrich says last year they had 100 volunteers with 40 applications in so far this season including Mayor Ivan Court volunteering his services. The number to call is 693-6810.

Mock Exercise in Rockwood Park

If your near Rockwood Park today, don't be suprised by what you might see. River Valley Ground Search and Rescue is holding a Mock Search today in the park and surrounding area.

Team members will comb through the woods and set up a command post on Dark Lake Road. It's to help better prepare for when someone is missing and they are called in to help.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Swine Flu Clinics for the General Public Start on Monday

The Horizon Health Network has announced a long list of H1N1 Clinics for the General Pulblic beginning on on Monday.

Here is a list of currently scheduled clinics:

Grand Manan Community Complex Gym, 1021 Route 776, Grand Manan, General Public, November 30, 9am - 8pm

Exhibition Park, 159 McAllister Drive, Saint John, General Public, November 30, 10am - 8pm
Marco Polo Cruise Ship Terminal, 111 Water Street, Saint John, General Public, December 1, 9am - 9pm
Royal Canadian Legion, 43 Queen St. West, St. Stephen, General Public, December 1, 9am - 9pm
Grand Manan Community Complex Gym, 1021 Route 776, Grand Manan, General Public, December 1, 9am - 3pm
Royal Canadian Legion, 43 Queen St. West, St. Stephen, General Public, December 2, 9am - 5pm
Hampton Senior Resource Center, 31 Demille Ct., Hampton, General Public, December 2, 9am - 7pm
Side Court Right (gymnasium) George Forbes Elliot Athletic Centre UNBSJ, 100 Tucker Park Road, Saint John, UNBSJ Students and Staff, 9am - 3pm
Side Court Right (gymnasium) George Forbes Elliot Athletic Centre UNBSJ, 100 Tucker Park Road, Saint John, General Public, 3pm - 9pm
NBCC St. Andrews, 99 Augustus Street, St. Andrews, General Public, December 3, 9am - 9pm
Rothesay Baptist Church, 30 Vincent Road, Quispamsis, Kennebecasis Valley, General Public, December 3, 9am - 9pm
St. George Community Center, 11 J.O. Spinney Dr., St. George, General Public, December 4, 9am - 5pm
Carleton Community Centre, 82 Market Place, Saint John (West), General Public, December 4, 9am - 9pm
Sussex Elementary School, 25 Duke Street, Sussex, General Public, December 4, 9am - 7pm
NBCC Saint John, 950 Grandview Ave, Saint John, General Public, December 5, 9am - 9pm
Norton Elementary, 274 Route 124 Norton, Saint John, General Public, December 5, 9am - 3pm
NBCC Saint John, 950 Grandview Ave, Saint John, General Public, December 6, 9am - 9pm
Campobello Island Consolidated School, 1722 Route 774, Wilson’s Beach, Campobello Island, General Public, December 7, 12pm - 8pm
Hampton Senior Resource Center, 31 Demille Ct., Hampton, General Public, December 8, 9am - 7pm
St. George Community Center, 11 J.O. Spinney Dr., St. George, General Public, December 8, 9am - 7pm
Carleton Community Centre, 82 Market Place, Saint John (West), General Public, December 8, 9am - 9pm
Royal Canadian Legion, 43 Queen St. West, St. Stephen, General Public, December 9, 9am - 9pm
Exhibition Park,159 McAllister Drive, Saint John, General Public, December 9, 9am - 9pm
Saunders Irving Chapel, Bethany Bible College, 26 Western Street, Sussex, General Public, December 9, 9am - 7pm
Lord’s Cove Church of Christ, 227 Route 772, Lord's Cove, Deer Island, General Public, December 10, 10am - 8pm
St Marks United Church, 50 Dexter Drive, Saint John, General Public, December 10, 12pm - 7pm
Kings Valley Wesleyan Church, 332 Hampton Road, Quispamsis, Kennebecasis Valley, General Public, December 10, 9am - 9pm

For an updated list of clinics go to  or call 1-800-580-0038.

Some Runners Have To Pay to Keep their Olympic Torch

A local woman is upset that some of the runners who carried the Torch in the Saint John area this week had to pay to keep it.

Rachel Cook tells CHSJ News her 14-year-old son Antoine had to pay almost $500 for his torch.
Cook adds she thinks it was fair and unfair and it shouldn't have been so expensive.
Cooks thinks it's a bit unfair when the runners for companies were given their torches as keepsakes while some school kids had to come up with the cash to keep it.

Imperial Theater Reaches Goal

     (Shot of the Marquee at the Imperial Theater)
                  (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

With less than a month to go before Christmas, a huge gift has arrived early for the Imperial Theater's Keep It Live Campaign. Following a performance last night, Arthur and Jack Irving handed over a cheque for half a million dollars to put the fundraiser over the top of their goal of $2.5 million dollars. Peter Smith is General manager of the Theater and tells CHSJ News, he is flabbergasted by the generosity.

Cindy Millet is a member of the Capital Campaign Cabinet and works for Irving Oil and tells CHSJ News, she is overwhelmed by the gift. As a way of thanking the Irving's for their generous gift, the Imperial Theater is renaming the auditorium Fort Reliance for the next 15 years.

RCMP Warn Of Another Phone Scam

Another warning about a phone scam in the area. It was back on Wednesday, a Bellisle Creek woman received a call from a man saying it was her grandson, he was in trouble and needed to be wired some cash for a lawyer. The woman went to her bank but they were suspicious and asked for a fax number from the lawyers office before sending the money. She went back home, the man called back and was furious and told her to go to another bank but they would not deal with her either.

She went back to her bank and they called the RCMP. An officer went home with the senior and when the phone rang, he answered. As soon as he identified himself as RCMP, the man said he had the wrong number and hung up. The call was tarced to a cell-phone in Quebec. Between January and August of this year, 317 similar calls have been made to homes around the country.

Update on Construction at the Q-Plex

After suffering through a wet start, work crews at the Q-Plex in Quispamsis are making up time with this spring like weather of late. Concrete foundations have been poured and infrastructure for the bleachers in place along with the bleachers on site ready to be installed. Work on the outdoor pool is underway and the bulk of the site work is finished.

The pipes for the geothermal system have been laid and the over-all construction schedule is on time. The facility is still scheduled to be open by the fall of next year. Earlier this week, Saint John Toyota announced it's sponsorship for the zamboni at the Q-Plex and also donated two new vehicles for use by the facility staff.

Mayor Court Lights His Tree Tonight

Santa will head down King Street tonight waving at the children on his way to the Mayor's Tree Lighting ceremony at Loyalist Plaza. Ivan Court tells CHSJ News, there will be singing, treats and the lights will be flipped on at 6pm.

City staff will also collect non-perishable donations and toys for local charities. If the weather is a problem, the event will be moved inside to Market Square.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fundy High School Chemical Spill Contained

Student at Fundy High got an unexpected day off because of a chemical spill today. Several chemicals got mixed together when a shelf they were on collapsed around 8am.

The Saint John Fire Department's Haz-Mat Unit set up a command post and worked with St. George fire officials and 5 other agencies including the RCMP and New Brunswick Public Safety.
Saint John's Deputy Fire Chief Mark Gillan tells CHSJ News there were no injuries to students, staff or any of the responders.
Gillan says the school was turned back over to District 10 by 4pm.

Pile Driving at Long Wharf Is Finished

(file photo)

Irving Oil has completed the pile driving work at the Long Wharf site that started in September.
The International Longshoremen's Association held a news conference this week to speak against the work being done on the company's future headquarters saying it breaks the rules of the Canada Marine Act.
Spokesperson Leslie Macleod tells CHSJ News they have received all the required permits from the City and Port Authority to conduct all the work done to date.
She adds they are excited about the project but, they realize that not everyone is going to share this vision.
Macleod says they are waiting on federal approval and the finalization of the land agreement before proceeding with any more work on the site.

H1N1 Update From the Province

(Chief Medical Officer of Health)
            (File Photo)

By tomorrow, everyone in the priority groups for the H1N1 shot, will have had a chance to roll up their sleeve. So, that is why some of the clinics for the general public will open this weekend but most on Monday. To date, 158 people have had to be hospitalized because of the swine flu and seven around the Province have died. Dr. Eilish Cleary is the Chief Medical Officer of Health the intensity of the activity has gone down.

Dr. Cleary reminds everyone to keep a close watch on the website for clinic times and locations. Regional Health Authorities are still working on locations and how they will distribute the shots.

Chemical Spill at High School

The Haz-mat Unit of the Saint John Fire Department is on scene at Fundy High School. A chemical spill in the building earlier this morning forced the evacuation of the building. Deputy Chief Mark Gillan tells CHSJ News, it appears several chemcials got mixed together when a shelf they were on in a chem-lab collapsed.

A janitor was the first to smell a strange odour and quickly called the fire department about the incident. No one was hurt and St. George Fire were the first on the scene to secure the building.

Business Minister on NB Power

""People always react negatively to change."" That from Business Minister Victor Boudreau in Saint John earlier this week for a funding announcement. Boudreau is talking about the negative reaction to the NB Power Hydro-Quebec proposal and says even with the public utility posting a $70 million dollar profit last year, you have to look at the over-all operation and debt at five billion dollars.
Boudreau says he finds it ironic the opposistion is crying for more information to be released about the proposal and then when they do, they get more grief for spreading what Conservatives call useless propoganda.

Uptown Saint John Lights Up King Street

(City Crews String Lights For Tree on King Street)
               (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

Uptown Saint John has partnered with Saint John Energy and Leisure Services to spread some Christmas cheer. White lights have been placed in the trees along King Street and also on some trees that have been added to the flower beds. Uptown General Manaer Peter Asimakos tells CHSJ News, this work is on top of the bells and trees that go on the poles every year.

There is competion for businesses in the Uptown for the best decorated store front with a top prize of $250 cash.

Gas Prices Are Back Up

Gas prices continue their up and down ride of late. The Energy and Utilities Board has released it's weekly price schedule which shows a litre of self-serve going for a maximum of 99.2. Most stations have a posted price of 99.4. Diesel is up percentage points at $101.8.

Furnace Oil also up a few percentage points, coming in at 82.4 with not much movement in propane either at 93.6.

Vehicle on Fire in East Saint John

One person is locked up and waiting to a see a judge after a vehicle was set on fire last night. City Police tell us they were called to Egbert Street off Thorne Avenue just after eight o'clock last night to find flames surrouning a vehicle.

A short time later, a young man was picked up in the area. No word on a court date but there are several charges including arson and mischief.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sea Street Storm System Plan

   (CBCL Limited Engineer Kent Tays)
         (Photo by Dave Briggs)

The issue of flooding is on many minds of residents living in Sea View Estates. CBCL Limited Engineer Ken Tays says his company has been hired to take a look at finding remedies to the amount of flooding that has been happening in the area. Tays tells CHSJ News, people want a solution to be found soon.

Tays adds the project is a two phase plan---with the first looking to address catchments areas and drainage issues, and the second phase is still pending. The tender for the project is finished on December 2nd, with construction looking to begin during the winter.

H1N1 Clinics At Three Area Schools Today

Public Health is holding H1N1 clinics tonight in Saint John and St. George for all priority groups.
This includes people with chronic medical conditions, children aged 6 months to 18 years old,
pregnant women, parents of infants under 6 months old and people of aboriginal ancestry.
It also includes people those look after infants, kids due for the second vaccine and individuals with weakened immune systems, those 6 to 35 months old and kids aged 3-9 years old with a chronic medical condition.

The clinics are underway at the following area schools:

- Hampton High School, 34 Elizabeth Ave., Hampton until 7pm.

- Rothesay High School, 61 Hampton Rd., Rothesay from 4pm - 7:30pm

- Fundy High School, 44 Mount Pleasant Rd., St. George until 7pm.

For the complete list of priority groups for these clinics go to or call 1-800-580-0038.

Power Deal Is Good for the Environment

(file photo)

The Provincial Environment Minister thinks the sale of NB Power to Hydro Quebec would help reduce the province's annual greenhouse gas emissions by 11 per cent.
Rick Miles says this proposed agreement will enable the province to substantially lower emissions and enjoy a healthier, greener future.
Miles tabled a document on the matter today in the legislature.
Miles says Hydro Quebec is an environmentally conscious organization and its strong committment to environmental sustainability will only add to NB Power's reputation of environmental awareness.

Olympic Torch Makes It's Final Stop in Greater Saint John

[Mayor Grace Losier and the Olympic Torch----Photo by Dave Briggs]
The Olympic Torch is on it's way to Fredericton after it's last stop in Greater Saint John.
The torch was carried through Grand Bay Westfield this morning, and Mayor Grace Losier says it's a dream come true for the community.
Losier says at the last minute the Olympic team informed the town there was an open space for a torch bearer. Teachers at the River Valley Middle School unanimously chose 8th grader Nigel Gallant for the honour.

Olympic Flame in Grand Bay Westfield

City Hall Hosts Open House

How fitting that with rain in the forecast until Friday, the City is hosting a public information meeting today on how it will try and fix flooding problems in an area of the West Side. Two phases of a plan to handle the problem in the Sea Street area have been laid out. The first will involve a new storm outfall on Sea Street from Sea View Lane into the Bay.

The second phase will include replacing part of a storm sewer and installing new storm water collection systems. Today's open house is at the Hilton Belyea Arena between 2pm and 4pm this afternoon and then again tonight between 6pm and 8 o'clock.

Board Of Trade Hardware Gets Handed Out Tonight

It's that time of the year when the Saint John Board of Trade takes time to honor the very best. The Outstanding Business Achievement Awards will be handed out tonight. Plenty of businesses are in the running to take home some hardware including the DPL Group and Dealermine Inc, both up for the Entrepreneurial Achievement award.

The finalists for the Business Excellence honour include Fundy Region Solid Waste Commission and Dillon Consulting Limited. Opera Bistro and DayTripping are both up for the Emerging Enterprise Award. The winners will accept their awards at the Trade and Convention Center.

Stuff Stolen in Norton

There is a thief on the loose in Norton. RCMP tell us that between four yesterday afternoon and eight o'clock last night, a trailer and an old bus used for storage were broken into on a property off Route 121.

Alot of stuff was stolen including two generators, three power saws and an outboard motor.

Graham Speaks About Latest Question on NB Power Proposal

(Graham Speaking Recently in Kennebecasis Valley)
                (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

Would you sell something that posted a profit of $70 million dollars? That is the latest question for the Premier surrounding the proposal between NB Power and Hydro Quebec. The public utility posted that huge number for it's bottom line but Shawn Graham tells CHSJ News, you have to take into account the over $200 million dollars borrowed and booked as revenue to pay for replacement power costs due to the upgrade at Point Lepreau.

President and CEO of NB Power David Hay has declined an interview with our newsroom to discuss the proposal saying this is a decision for politicians. Graham agrees saying Hay is busy enough with the refurbishment at Point Lepreau and remains focused on his job.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pictures of the Olympic Relay Through Greater Saint John

For anyone who couldn't make it to the stops during the Olympic Relay through Greater Saint John...Enjoy:

(Crowd Waits Patiently at Rothesay Arena for Flame)

     (Torch Makes Final Run Into Rothesay Arena)

(Olympic Flame is Tucked Away For Safe Keeping)

(Fans Of Debbie Cooper Wait for Her Run to Begin)

(Cooper Waits for Her Turn to Feel the Olympic Spirit)

(Cooper Speaks to the Huge Crowd on Hand for Ceremony)

Debbie Cooper Makes Her Historic Run

(Debbie Cooper Lights Her Torch on Water Street)
                 (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

The Olympic Torch Run through Greater Saint John yesterday certainly lived up to the hype. With the exception of a few raindrops, cheers and smiles greeted each runner as they left their destination through Sussex, Hampton, Quispamsis, Rothesay and saint John. Debbie Cooper, Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club was given the honor to carry the torch for the final leg into the festival on the waterfront. In her own unique style, Cooper turned away from the spotlight and thrust it onto her true passion......children.

As for the run itself, Cooper says it is so hard to put into words but certainly was worth the wait.

Other Runners Talk About Their Experience

(Debbie Cooper Lights The Flame on Water Street)
                 (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

Scott Darling shared in the torch relay experience as well and tells CHSJ News, RBC nominated him for the privledge.

Darling adds he is and will remain grateful for the honor to take part in the run with his leg starting at the Golden Ball.

Olympic Torch In Rothesay

(Mayor Bill Bishop Speaking at Torch Relay in Rothesay)
                        (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

Over two hundred people greeted the Olympic Torch when it stopped in Rothesay. Children and adults were cheering as the flame made it's final 300 meter run leading into the parking lot of the arena. Jim Bishop was on hand, decked out in his track suit from the 1988 Calgary Olympics when he was one of the torch bearers. Bishop tells CHSJ News, this years run brings back fond memories of his run.

Bishop and his son Mark carried the torch through Hammond River. The flame will resume it's trek this morning with a stop in Grand Bay Westfiled at the River-Valley Arena at 9:37am.

Bathurst MP Speaks Out Against Irving Oil on Long Wharf

(Artists Proposal of Future Look of Long Wharf)
                  (File Photo)               

A Bathurst MP thinks a deal between Irving Oil and the Port of Saint John concerning Long Wharf needs to be investigated by Transport Canada to see if it goes against the Canada Marine Act. Yvon Godin says that is the case because the company has already begun work without permission from Ottawa and believes Irving Oil is breaking the law.

Godin supports the International Longshoremen's Association in their appeal to Transport Minister John Baird that Irving Oil is going against the Canada Marine Act. Minister Baird says he is looking into the matter.

Olympic Torch Run

Olympic Torch Speech

Debbie Cooper speaks after carrying the Olympic Torch.

Trailer Filled with Furniture Stolen

City police are asking for the public's help in finding a stolen trailer loaded with furniture.
It was stolen Monday night about 11:30pm where the trailer was hooked on to a tractor at C.A. Munroe on the West side.
The furniture was destined for Newfoundland and it's valued at $35,000.
The trailer is described as a white 53-foot Manac Trailer with the New Brunswick plate of TLS 136.
Anyone with information is asked to contact Saint John police at 648-3333
or Crimestoppers.

Street Closures for Torch Run Today

Spectators are wanted in Saint John for the arrival of the Olympic Torch tonight.

You are reminded to dress for the weather and bring along a chair and blankets to enjoy the festivities.

Water Street from Duke to Lower Cover Loop will be closed to vehicle traffic starting at 4:30pm.

There is no parking permitted on Water street between 4:30 and 9pm.
Festivities start at the Marco Polo Cruise Terminal at 5pm, the lighting of the cauldron happens just after 7pm and fireworks wrap up the event at 8pm.

Deer Island Ferry Schedule Will Not Change

Great news for the residents of Deer Island.
The ferry service will not change its run next year.
Fisheries Minister Rick Doucet tells us the ferry will continue to run every half hour.
Doucet says these ferries are a lifeline for the people of Deer Island and he was happy to announce there will be no changes to the ferry schedule in January.

Job Announcement in Saint John

             (President of Dealermine Robert Quirion)
                      (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

A Saint John company continues solid growth with a little help from the Province. Business Minister Victor Boudreau was in the city to award Dealermine with an unforgiveable loan worth $156,000 dollars. This will go toward creating 52 new jobs for the company that works with over 300 car dealerships in dealing with their customer base. President Robert Quirion says it is his staff that make this company what it is.

Dealermine has been in operation since 2001.

Deer Kill Estimates Are In

Spring like temperatures and a lot of rain is being blamed for a low number of deer being killed during this hunting season which closed over the weekend. Matt Jones with the Department of Natural Resources tells CHSJ News, the early estimate for the entire province is 5860.

Jones adds this years total is down 24% from last year which is close to what they expected. The final number should be comfirmed over the next two weeks.

David Alward Talks About Independent Panel

Provincial Tory leader David Alward says it's good the Premier appointed an independent panel to look into the proposed sale of NB Power---but he's going about it the wrong way. Alward tells CHSJ News, there should have been a bi-paritison committee of the legislature set up to look into the issue and he would have liked to seen the public involved.

Alward adds this panel is nothing more than Premier Graham window dressing the situation and believes the entire process has been alienating and everyone outside of the liberal government.

City Hall Looking to Set Up Taxation Committee

Seven citizens and four councillors are going to be make up a taxation review committee. Common Council plans to establish the committee to review spending and tax rates and report back with any recommendations. Councillor Carl Killen says this is an opportunity for the city to become more open and transparent in regards to taxes.

Killen adds this will also allow the general public to get a better handle on how the tax rate is formed.

Grand Bay Westfield Waiting For Olympic Torch

Excitement continues to build in the town of Grand bay Westfield as they wait for the arrival of the Olympic Flame tomorrow. Mayor Grace Losier tells CHSJ News she is confident the weather will not be an issue.

The Torch run gets underway tomorrow morning at 9:37am sharp.

Premier Williams Thinks Deal Will Die

Premier Danny Williams expects the proposed deal between NB Power and Hydro Quebec will not happen. He also thinks Newfoundland and Labrador will get the chance to make a deal with this Province once that happens. Williams told VOCM Radio in St. John's that he has support from different provinces and states:

Premier Williams believes Shawn Graham is under a lot of pressure with the mounting oppostion against the deal.

Fire Destroys Summer Camp

Nobody hurt after fire ripped through a summer home. Fire crews were called to Vacation Lane late yesterday afternoon to find the camp had been engulfed by the flame.

Officers are calling the fire suspicious.

Torch Relay Arrives in Greater Saint John

(Olympic Committee Member Sara Mulhall with Torch)
                      (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

The anticipation is over for several in Greater Saint John as the Olympic Torch will roll through the area today and tomorrow. The flame will arrive in Sussex at 1:30pm, Quispamsis at 3:30pm and then a ceremony in Rothesay between four and five. The big event will be tonight at seven o'clock when the torch makes it's way down Water Street in the hand of Debbie Cooper, executive director of the Boys and Girls Club. She tells CHSJ News, it's hard to put into words how she is feeling.

Cooper says her torch will find a permanent home in a display case at the Boys and Girls Club on Paul Harris Street. There is a childrens fair at the Marco Polo Cruise Terminal starting at five leading up to the lighting of the cauldron just after seven. There will then be fireworks over the Harbor at eight o'clock.

Traffic Delays With Olympic Torch Relay

    (An Up Close Look at Inside of Olympic Torch)
                    (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

You can expect delays in your travels through-out Greater Saint John as the Olympic flames gets handed around. Sargeant Jeff LaFrance is head of the City Police Traffic Division and says they will begin their escort of the flame on the Old Rothesay Road.

Duke through Prince William Street will be closed to traffic between 4:30pm this afternoon and nine o'clock tonight. Also a reminder that there is no parking on Water Street throughout the evening. Ironically, Sargeant LaFrance was a torch bearer for the 88 Winter Olympics in Calgary.

PETA Makes An Appearance in Saint John

          (PETA Demonstration in Kings Square)
                (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

If your coming by or through Kings Square at noon, don't be suprised if you see a large inflatable seal. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are staging a protest during the lunch hour to voice their displeasure with the annual seal hunt. Kate Brindle is a spokesperon for PETA and tells CHSJ News, they are not going to get in the way of the Olympic Relay.

Brindle says they have been in Halifax and Moncton and the reception from most people is understanding and compassion.

Hard Numbers From Fire Review

A comprehensive review of fire services in Saint John shows there is little room for change without increasing insurance premiums for tax payers. Loss Control Specialist John Redden says sometimes it's cheaper to take the insurance increase. Fire Services in the city is now at a 3 grade from the Fire Underwriters Survey. Since 2003, fire services has been at a 2 and conducting this review caused the grade to be changed.

Redden adds Saint John cannot be compared to any other municipality when it comes to fire service insurance because of it's size and the number of potential risks----such as the LNG terminal and the refinery.

Chief Simonds on Fire Review

Fire Chief Rob Simonds says he cannot provide scenarios that would result in insurance premiums not to increase after cuts to the fire services operating budget. Chief Simonds says it would take careful analysis of numbers before he could provide an answer to Councillor Peter McGuire's request for a least painful example.

Chief Simonds says his presentation was to outline where his department stands right now and to try and find room in the budget will take more time.

Long Wharf Up for Discussion in Ottawa

(Artist's Depiction of What Site Will Look Like)
             (Courtesy of Irving Oil)

Long Wharf will be the subject of a news conference in Ottawa today with the NDP MP for Acadie Bathurst. Yvon Godin will be joined by secretary-treasurer of the International Longshoremans Association Pat Riley to discuss the land swap between Irving Oil and the Saint John Port Authority. The proposal has the Port Authority taking ownership of the former Lantic Sugar site and in return, Irving Oil will take Long Wharf to build it's new headquarters.

With no public consultation nor green light from Ottawa, the ILA and Godin will ask the minister of transport to end the construction already underway on the Long Wharf site. As of October.22nd, 25% of the pre-construction work was complete at Long Wharf.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Poverty Report Card Released

Even in a pretty good economy, the child poverty rate remains too high.
That from Randy Hatfield of the Human Development Council which released the 4th Annual Child and Family Report Card yesterday.
He is encouraged by the Province's Poverty Reduction Iniative so, now the Federal government should step up.
The report also measures the growing gap between the rich and the poor and cites the stats for the number of families with core housing needs.
Copies of the report can be downloaded from the Human Development Council's website at under the products and services tab.

H1N1 Clinics for Kids Today

Public Health is holding two H1N1 clinics today for children.
The priority group clinics are for kids receiving their first dose aged 6 months to 18 years. The second dose is available for kids aged 6 months to 35 months who received their first dose at least 3 weeks ago.
The second dose of the vaccine is also available for kids aged 3 to 9 who got their first shot 3 weeks ago.
The clinics are underway at Simonds High School on the Hickey Road until 7:30pm tonight and the other is at Belleisle Regional High School in Springfield until 7pm.

Reversing Falls Name Change Still in the Works

The name "Fundy Vortex" is no longer being considered for Reversing Falls---that from President of the Saint John Waterfront Development Corporation Bill MacMackin.

MacMackin tells CHSJ News, changing the name of the site is apart of the Master Plan for redevelopment.
MacMackin says tourists still go to Reversing Falls expecting to see falls moving backwards.
MacMackin says he hopes there will be some capital investment next year to put into the Fallsview Park area, which is where most tourists from the cruise ships go.

Reversing Falls Lookout Officials Open

The Reversing Falls Lookout on the east side of the bridge is officially open.

Saint John Waterfront Development Corporation, the city and the province are collaborating on the revitalization of Reversing Falls, and the opening of this lookout will provide tourists and residents with a unique vantage point of the falls.
Supply and Services Minister Ed Doherty says the spot will continue to be a major draw for tourists in the city.
The master plan for the future of the site will act as the blueprint in the redevelopment of Reversing Falls and how usability, education and visitor interaction will be increased.

West Side Wellness Centre Opens

(photo courtesy of Aaron Kennedy)

Health Minister Mary Schryer on hand for the opening of the new Market Place Wellness Centre in the Carleton Community Centre.
The Department of Health invested 125-thousand dollars to help establish the centre
which consists of a clinic and meeting room.
A nurse practitioner from the St. Joseph's Centre will see patients at the facility for a half day each week. The facility is supported through the St. Joseph's Community Health Centre, the Horizon Health Network and the community group-Westside P.A.C.T.

Aids Awareness Week

(Julie Dingwell and Mayor Ivan Court at Flag Ceremony)
                    (Photo By Jim Hennessy)

If your walking or driving by City Hall, you will notice a new flag on the pole outside the building. It's to mark the beginning of Aids Awareness Week leading into World Aids Day. Julie Dingwell is with Aids Saint John and tells CHSJ News, here at home, there are new cases of H.I.V. on a regular basis.

Dingwell says it's important for people to take time to reflect on the terrible toll the disease has had on people young and old.

Joint Operation in Fredericton Nets Charges

A Fredericton man pleaded guilty to drug charges after a joint police investigation.

Gregory Quigg was in Fredericton Provincial Court on charges of conspiracy to traffic in cocaine and and marihuana. He previously plead not guilty to the charges.
The charges resulted from "Operation Jellybean"-a joint operation between the RCMP and Fredericton Police following an organized group trafficking several drugs in the province.
Other charges have been laid because of Operation Jellybean and there are more to come.   Quigg will be back in court in January.

Mining Accident Takes a Life

56-year old Vince Mitton of Penobsquis has been killed while working at the Potash Corporation Mine in Sussex yesterday. General Manager Mark Fracchia tells CHSJ News, the area where Mitton was working is closed while an investigation is carried out by Worksafe NB and an internal team on what exactly happened.

Mitton was working underground installing a section of pipe when he was killed.

Atlantic Coastal Action Program Funding

As their current five year funding deal winds down, Atlantic Coastal Action Programs across Atlantic Canada are hoping to speed up the paperwork to get a new deal in place. The ACAP networks need to renew a deal through Environment Canada's Atlantic Priority Ecosystem Initiative. ACAP Saint John spokes-person Tim Vickers tells CHSJ News, they have accomplished plenty over the past 17 years and would hate to see it end now.

ACAP Saint John has been around since 1992.

Getting Ready for Provincial Election

  (Provincial Conservative Leader David Alward)
                (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

Not only are they trying to keep the Graham Government's feet to the fire over the proposal to sell NB Power's assets, the provincial Conservatives are also tying to finalize it's line-up for next September's election. David Alward tells CHSJ News, he is pleased with the out-standing community leaders which have been chosen as candidates and they are already involved in the caucus process.

A familiar name that has re-surfaced is former Saint John Deputy Mayor and Conservative candidate in the riding of Saint John Harbour Michelle Hooton

New Magazine Coming to Your Home

You may already have found it in your mailbox or you now have something to look for. INVITE is the name of a new leisure and hospitality magazine that is being published by the City. The premiere issue features an editorial from Mayor Ivan Court who talks about what Saint John has to offer and invites all to come and see the city. It also has plenty of pictures of people enjoying the city night-life, restaurants and what is up and coming in and around the metro area.

No word on what the cost is and whether or not the circulation is province-wide.

Houses Shake in K-Park

There is a mystery in K-Park today. Rothesay Regional Police tell us they received calls from two homes about what sounded and felt like an explosion around seven o'clock last night.

Officer's combed the area but found nothing. No major damage reported to either of the homes that reported the loud bang.

Saint John's Fire Chief Review

After asking him to do a review, then not to, and then getting back on the hook--Common Council will finally hear the results of a review of the Fire Department by Chief Rob Simonds. It's aimed at finding ways the department would be able to save money, without the quality of service being affected. Chief Simonds will present his report to council, and up for discussion will be the utilization of volunteer fire fighters and how to decrease costs without lowering the departments Fire Underwriters Survey grade.

Tonight's meeting gets started at 6:30pm.

Mayor Court Comments on Ipsos Survey

The Ipsos Reid survey of Saint John residents shows the city needs to improve it's communication with the public. Mayor Ivan Court tells CHSJ News, council is aware of the need for better communication, and it's one of their top priorities.

Court adds there is no doubt there is room to improve and that's why the city has established a new communications department to help try and remedy the concerns.

Latest Findings in for Peel Plaza Area

The results are in from the Heritage Development Board as to the historic importance of the buildings in the proposed Peel Plaza area. Common Council will review the facts and figures on the historic buildings around Peel Plaza at tonight's meeting.

The research is to be used in helping determine future developments and the retention of significant heritage landmarks in the area.

East Point Requests More Expansion

East Point Shopping Center keeps getting bigger and is looking to expand more. A request for a new road in the shopping district will be proposed at Council tonight. If approved the road will be added onto the end of the pre-existing Retail Drive. Developers have requested the new road be named, "East Point Way".

The next big opening for the shopping district is Costco in May.