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Monday, December 7, 2009

Hydro-Quebec President and CEO Speaks

The President and C-E-O of Hydro Quebec made his first appearance in Saint John to talk about the proposed sale of NB Power's major assets. Thierry Vandal says there is no intention to sweep NB Power or its current suppliers away:

Vandal says Hydro Quebec assumes the risk for the Point Lepreau refurbishment and any upgrades at Mactaquaq while homes and businesses get stable electricity rates.

Opposistion Leader Responds to Speech

               (Opposistion Leader David Alward)
                               (File Photo)

Opposition Leader David Alward says he heard only generalities about what would happen after the sale of NB Power to Hydro Quebec.

Alward wants to have a sit down with Quebec Premier Jean Charest to talk about the proposed agreement.

Open House in Rothesay Tomorrow Night

[M-L-A Margaret Ann Blaney---File Photo]
If you've been looking for a forum to voice your opinion about the NB Power-Hydro Quebec proposal, look no further than Rothesay tomorrow night. Conservative MLA Margaret Ann Blaney is hosting a town hall meeting and tells CHSJ News, it's vital she hear from her constituents:

Blaney says she has received hundreds of calls and e-mails from people not in favor of the proposal. Tomorrow nights meeting gets started at seven o'clock in the cafeteria of Rothesay High School.

Compu-College Changes it's Name

Feeling it has outgrown it's name........CompuCollege is changing the name over the door of it's seven campuses in Atlantic Canada to Eastern College. Officials says they want to let people know they offer more than programs in computers with over 40 diploma programs including public relations and massage therapy.

Since it opened it's doors 20 years ago, Eastern College has handed out over 20,000 diploma's. Along with Saint John, there are campuses in Fredericton, Moncton, Charlottetown, Dartmouth and St. John's.

City Works Deals with First Winter Storm

The City Works Department has it's first winter storm under it's belt and for the most part, everything went smoothly. Kevin Rice is Deputy Commissioner of Municipal Operations and tells CHSJ News, minor equipment issues were one of the things they had to deal with.

The winter operations center was activated with a full compliment of staff and resources on hand. Rice adds it was nice to get the first storm out of the way to test the gear and give it a good run before the wilder winter weather arrives.

Update on Man Killed Late Last Week

More details are being released after the death of a 23-year old man from Passakeg last week. Jeremy Shaw was killed when his vehicle left the highway heading to Hampton and rolled. The reconstructionist team says it looks like the vehicle missed the off ramp to the North side, hit the shoulder and then over-steered to try and get his vehicle back on the road.

Officers believe in doing so, his vehicle shot across the road and rolled twice on the South side. Shaw was also not wearing a seatbelt.

Power Outages Around the Province

Moncton, Shediac and Sackville were the hardest hit area's of a good size power outage yesterday. The quick change from rain to snow made for heavy tree limbs and power lines which can wreak havoc for the public utility. NB Power spokes-person Marianne Limpert tells CHSJ News, the power went out just after six but was back on line by lunch time.

Limpert adds it's nice for the utility to get it's first winter storm related outage under it's belt to make sure they are ready for what-ever else winter may have.

Winter Storm in Saint John

Saint John received about 15 centimeters of snow over the weekend and it made for a busy Sunday for city police and the fire department. One person was taken to hospital with serious injuries after being hit by a vehicle along Mcallister Drive last night around 7 near the Empire theatre. Fire Crews also responded to a house fire at 24 Muriel Avenue in Champlain Heights. One person fled uninjured. There was heavy damage to the livingroom. Fire officials say the blaze began in the fireplace.
Yesterday afternoon, a taxi van collided with a plow at Chesley and Main Street. The van was pinned against a light standard and the door had to be pried open with the jaws of life to take the driver to hospital. Another person was taken to hospital after a crash on Route One.
There were small natural gas leaks outside Prince Edward Square Mall and at a new building off University Avenue. Enbridge Gas was also called to Northumberland Avenue after a plow slid into one of the natural gas regulators.
Drivers and pedestrians being warned to watch out for black ice this morning as you make your way into work.