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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Another $500,000 For The Y

The new Saint John Family Y facility getting a big boost  from the Crabtree Foundation.

They are contributing $500,000 toward the new Y facility.

The Crabtree Foundation is a private foundation based in Ottawa that has been funded through contributions from family members and is  supported and administered by the family.

Point Lepreau Operating At 100-Percent Power

NB Power releasing some of last month's operating highlights for the Point Lepreau Generating Station.

Point Lepreau is operating at a 100% power, putting more than 600 megawatts on the provincial grid. The station producing almost half of the electricity from NB Power generating stations for the month of December. As of today they've been online for 64 days in a row.

NB Power says the station is now getting ready for a planned maintenance outage scheduled to start this Spring.

Police Union Launching Ad Campaign

You are going to be hearing some ads from the police union as the city prepares to begin a cost analysis of the municipal police service compared to RCMP service.

Union president Jamie Hachey tells CHSJ News community surveys show there appears to be solid support for the job the municipal department is doing.

Hachey says the union wants to make sure the analysis includes the potential impact on the civic pension plan if the municipal force is dumped in favour of the RCMP.

And he says the ad campaign will be educational and positive in nature.

World Women's Curling Championship Schedule Finalized

The World Women's Curling Championship schedule has now been set in stone. 

Canada, the U.S., China, Russia and other nine countries will compete for nine days at Harbour Station starting in mid-March. The countries have until February 7 to declare their representatives. Host Chair Jeff Lacey says there's still a lot of work to be done before the event, including preparing the rink which take up to four days.

The event is happening from March 15 to the 23 at Harbour Station.You can see the complete draw schedule for the Ford World Women's Curling Championship by clicking here.

Case Of Child Abandonment Adjourned Until February

The case of a mother abandoning her two children in an apartment building with little food, being adjourned until February.

Courtney Lee Moore being charged after this incident back in early October.

A three-year-old and a one-year-old were found screaming in a Hickey Road apartment building. The kids were removed and taken into care by the Department of Social Development.

Moore is not to be unsupervised around children under the age of 16.

Weston Announces Money For His Old School

Saint John MP Rodney Weston making the funding announcement in a school he attended along with his father and now his son.

He says as you walk through it's a little trip down memory lane with things in different places now.
He tells CHSJ News the school has a lot of sentimental attachment for him and for a lot of people in the community.

Before Christmas the school put out a call for anyone that wanted a seat from the old theatre as a piece of memorabilia and some were picked up for former Bayside Middle or Simonds Regional High students.

Funding To Fix Bayside Middle's Auditorium

Bayside Middle school and East Saint John the big winner with a big funding announcement including $55,000 from the Federal government to replace seats in the school's theatre.

Principal Pat Laskey says they use the auditorium a lot and the biggest complaint was that the seats were not comfortable.

He says he can see more musicals in the school's future and other educational following the renovation of the theatre.

Phase 2 of the project will include new washrooms and making the theatre more accessible.

Phase 1 which also includes new flooring and paint the theatre should be complete by March 31st.

Popular Property Web Site Runs Afoul Of Government Network Security

If you have used the web site "" to check on property assessments and taxes - you may be surprised to hear the 2014 assessments may not be available.

Developer Shawn Peterson tells CHSJ News changes to the Service New Brunswick network security rules have shut him out from getting needed information.

Peterson says individuals accessing the Service New Brunswick data base can find the information - but - it's not as user friendly as his non-profit site - he says discussions are underway with government officials in a bid to find a solution.

Service New Brunswick says it's aware that a particular user is having issues with changes to its network security - but - a spokesperson says S-N-B technical staff is working with that user to find a solution.

The spokesperson confirms some changes have been made to network security to prevent a high number of hits from one web address ultimately crashing the Service New Brunswick web page.

He also tells CHSJ News the same information is available through the S-N-B search tool under property assessments - it searches one property at a time based on property number - address - or - location in a municipality or local service district.

Teen Dies In Accident On US Route 1

A teenager is dead after a crash on Route 1 in Topsfield, Maine. 18 year old Dylan Porter of Brookton, Maine collided with a Western Star truck operated by 39 year old Kevin Lagase  of New Denmark, New Brunswick.

 Investigators determined that Dylan Porter was pronounced dead at the scene. The truck driver was not injured.

US Route 1 was closed for several hours during the crash investigation.

The crash remains under investigation, although alcohol, speed and road conditions do not appear to be factors.

Cops Arrest Men In Two Separate Mischief Incidents In Uptown Bars

If drinking alcohol gives you an uncontrollable urge to damage things, you'd best do your drinking in your own home.....two men in their twenties being arrested without the space of a half an hour, according to city police, for mischief at two different uptown bars.

The first call came in around 1am to a bar in Market Square, where a patron in the establishment had smashed the front of a VLT. The second call came in shortly afterward about damage done to a wall in a bar in the pedway.

Both men were taken to the police station then released with court dates.

District Education Council Exploring Spectator Code Of Conduct Signs

The District Education Council looking to battle some of the unsportsmanlike behaviour happening in the stands. 

They're exploring putting up spectator code of conduct signs in high school gyms and community arenas in the Anglophone South School District. 

Superintendent Zoe Watson says one of the goals of the district is developing a positive learning environment for students and staff. CHSJ News asked Watson if she thinks signage will stop fans from engaging in bad behaviour like yelling and swearing at sports games. She says she doesn't know if it will stop it completely, but she thinks raising awareness is an important first step.

The New Brunswick Interscholastic Athletic Association is currently talking about the issue, and Watson tells us the School District has expressed to the N-B-I-A-A that they're interested in partnering with them.

About half the high schools in the district have these types of signs already installed. Saint John High and Rothesay High do not.