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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Project Bringing Greenery To Saint John SPCA

Expect to see a lot more greenery at this local animal shelter.

It's all because of a partnership that's been formed between the Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue and Cedarcrest Gardens, who have trees, shrubs and other plants at their Sandy Point Road location for people to buy and donate to the shelter.

The SPCA's Melody McElman tells CHSJ News they're located in an industrial area, so the plants will help cut down on the noise. She says the extra greenery will be stimulating for the animals, especially the cats.

When CHSJ News spoke with McElman, half of the available plants had already been sold.

Crown, Defense In Snook Case Explain Sentencing Submissions

The Crown prosecutor and defense lawyers in Donnie Snook's sentencing hearing speaking out on the rationale behind their respective sentencing submissions. 

Prosecutor Karen Lee Lamrock tells CHSJ News the sentence needs to act as a deterrent. She's recommending 21 years, and that Snook not be eligible for parole until at least half of his sentence is served.

Defence Dennis Boyle tells us it was difficult but he recommended 12 years because Snook cooperated, is a good candidate for rehabilitation and was victimized himself as a boy.

Snook will be sentenced by Judge Alfred Brien on October 10th.

NB Says Federal Gov't Can't Abolish Senate Alone

As Ottawa advances senate reform, the Attorney General of New Brunswick sending a document to the Supreme Court of Canada arguing the federal government can't abolish the senate without getting the green light from all of the provinces. 

The 53-page factum says not getting unanimous approval would undermine Canada's constitutional foundation, and it's inconceivable that a fundamental component of Parliament could be eliminated without having every province on board. 

So far, Alberta is the only province to take the Harper Government's side, that the requirement would be the consent of seven provinces representing at least 50% of the population.

Car Crashes Into Front-End Loader

A driver is suffering from some minor injuries after crashing into a front-end loader on the East side. 

The equipment was parked on Westmorland Road, near Loch Lomond Road where construction is taking place. 

Police tell us the driver was not brought to hospital, and that alcohol was not a factor in the crash.

Police Dismantle Outdoor Marijuana Grow-Op

An outdoor marijuana grow-op getting shut down by police. 

Officers from the Nackawic and Woodstock RCMP and the Woodstock Police force seizing marijuana plants from two locations in woods between Nackawic and Hartland. The plants could have produced up to 42,500 joints.

If you think you've stumbled upon a marijuana grow-op, police urge you not to go near it but to instead contact them with the location details. That information can then be reported to your local police or anonymously to Crime Stoppers at or 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). For tips on how to spot an outdoor grow-op, click here.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Snook Speaks In Court

 A lengthy speech from disgraced church leader and common councillor Donnie Snook as he looks at anywhere from 12 to 21 years in prison....Snook addressed the courtroom for a good 20 minutes, attempting explain the crimes that have rocked the community.

Snook  saying he wishes he could turn back time, and he is overwhelmed by deep sadness as he stares into the darkness he created for so many people. As he cried and asked for forgiveness one man stood up in the courtroom screaming "You don't deserve it! 17 (blank) kids!" and was quickly pulled out by guards. He apologized to his victims, their families, the mayor and common council, the Inner City Youth Ministry, and many more groups in the prepared speech.

Snook was emotional as he described his own sexual abuse and struggles with his sexuality, saying now it is all about the victims finding healing and promising not to contact any of them. The no contact order will also be part of his sentencing, which is scheduled to take place on October 10th.

Summer City Services Wrapping Up

It's a sure sign that summer 2013 is over ,  if the back to school shopping and the chilly nights were not a big clue.
The City of the Saint John telling CHSJ News that lifeguard services at Dominion Park, Lily and fisher Lakes and the Lakewood Reservoir end for the season on Monday.

The Rainbow Park and Flemming Court splash pads will also close after the Labour Day weekend and reopen next June.

Cat Recovering Well After Terrifying Ordeal

The cat that was shot with an arrow in the area of Richmond and Exmouth Streets earlier this month is coming along quite well after extensive surgery and is almost ready for adoption. 

He has been named Wyatt which means "Little Warrior". Melody McElman of SPCA-Animal Rescue tells CHSJ News Wyatt was a street cat and it was discovered during neutering that he's suffering from feline leukemia.

McElman says that means he has to go to a home where there are no other cats but should be able to live for a few years yet. 

She says he's such a lovable cat, there should be no problem in finding a good home for him.

City Takes Down Illegally Place Signs

As directed by Common Council, the city is taking down all signs that are illegally placed on city owned land. The uptown with its man sandwich board signs is exempt which has prompted some criticism of favourtism. 

Ward 3 Councillor Donna Reardon says the exemption is not out of order considering businesses in the uptown are tight for space and are also faced with other restrictions.

Reardon says uptown businesses have no frontage where they can erect signs as well as having the heritage regulations to deal with which stipulate no sign be bigger than 5 square feet and letters on awnings can be no longer than 8 inches.

Snook Described As Having A Deviant Sexual Interest In Young Children

Former Common Councillor Donnie Snook's deviant sexual interest in children is not likely to go away. That's what the court was told at his sentencing hearing. 

The prosecution is recommending the disgraced youth ministry leader be sentenced to 21 years in prison and serve at least half before coming up for parole. 

The defense is calling for 12 years.

His risk of reoffending is described as being on the high end of moderate. 

Snook is expected to address the court this afternoon which was also told he picked the kids in need and some of them were willing to trade sex for cash. The court also heard he had unprotected sex with many of the victims whom he did not have an emotional relationship with or empathy for. 

In his psychological profile, the court was told Snook had been sexually abused as a child and has poor coping skills to deal with his lonliness and personal losses.

Sentencing Hearing Is Told The Liklihood Of Snook Reoffending

The prosecution at the sentencing hearing of former Common Councillor Donnie Snook is recommending he get 21 years in prison and serve at least half while the defense is calling for a sentence of 12 years.

He is described as being on the high end of a moderate risk to reoffend although he is willing to participate in rehabilitation treatment. 

The court was told he did not empathise with his victims and did not have an emotional relationship with them....It was just about the sex. 

One of the victims was Snook's own foster child whom he used to get access to other children and he had unprotected sex with many of the young people. 

The court also heard that because he was offering money, some of the young people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds approached him to trade sex for cash.

Prosecution tells Court How Much Time Snook Should Serve In Prison

The sentencing hearing of former Common Councillor Donnie Snook has been told he was sexually abused as a child himself and has poor coping skills to deal with his lonliness and personal losses. 

Dr. Mary Ann Campbell told the court Snook felt better while sexually abusing the young people but regretted it afterwards. 11 children were hands on victims of sexual abuse while 4 others were victimised online. 

Prosecutor Karen Lee Lamrock says shen she calculated what Snook should serve by offense, it worked out to 75 years in prison but she's recommending 21 years. Snook showed no emotion after hearing what her recommendation is.

On the other hand, the defense is calling for a sentence of 12 years arguing that Snook has co-operated with the investigation.

Defense lawyer Dennis Boyle says Snook wonders whether his sexual desires were sent by the devil to undermine his ministry with young people and considers his capture to be the best day of his life.

Car Prowlers Nabbed In K-V

2 teens have been arrested by Rothesay Regional Police for car prowling in the area of Gondola Boulevard, Lexington Street and Hardwood Crescent. 

Police were called after a man happened to look out and saw the dome light shining in his vehicle. 

Rothesay Regional Police are asking people who live in that part of the K-V to check their vehicles this morning to see if anything has been stolen.

Quebec Premier Open To Pipeline Project

Quebec Premier Pauline Marois appears to be supportive of the West to East pipeline project that would move Alberta crude east to Saint John. 

In the past, Marois has shown an openness to the idea of permitting oilsands bitumen to travel across her province, saying it could benefit Quebec because it would supply oil refineries in Montreal.

She says the Alberta oilsands bitumen would be cheaper than oil purchased from abroad.

The Parti Quebecois government will begin a formal examination of the proposal next month.

NB Power Earnings Released

Another good financial year for NB Power.........For the third consecutive year, NB Power is reporting positive financial results with net earnings of $69 million in 2012-13. 

By comparison, in 2011-12, net earnings amounted to 173 million dollars and in 2010-11, the crown corporation finished the year with net earnings of 67 million dollars. 

NB Power's debt at the end of the year rose by about $180 million to $4.7 billion.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

More Bizarre and Disturbing Revelations At Snook Sentencing Hearing

Bizarre and disturbing facts continue to come to light regarding former Common Councillor Donnie Snook's crimes against children.

The facts in the 46 counts against Snook include blackmail, coercion, and attempts to secretly spy on and film kids as young 5 and 6 in the nude.

Snook admitted posing online as a girl, getting nude pictures from boys, then blackmailing them to send more--to the degree that one victim even threatened commit suicide. Snook not only did not stop, but later contacted the victim's 7 year old brother to further harass him. The court also heard Snook--a non-drink--stocked his home with alcohol and allowed the children to drink and use drugs.

Numerous complaints were made against Snook by children and parents but no charges were laid.

The court will be hearing recommendations for sentencing on Friday. Victim impact statements will also will read, one of them by the victim himself and the results of a psychological profile will be heard.

More Radian 6 Layoffs

A new round of layoffs at Radian 6 are not good news in a province where jobs are hard to come by.

Salesforce, the company's parent company, announcing it's cutting 200 jobs to its global workforce, more than 60 in New Brunswick.

Premier David Alward was asked about it while in the City and says the information was not confirmed for him.

NDP leader Dominic Cardy says the layoffs were yet another indication that the economic development ideas of the Alward government and the Liberal opposition need to be scrapped.

Meanwhile, the premier says significant accountability mechanisms are in place between the province and any company that has received payroll rebates and he has full confidence that the companies will live up to their responsibilities under the agreement. 

Just over a year ago, Radian 6 received a $3.8-million payroll rebate offer to help create 300 full-time jobs in Fredericton and Saint John over five years.

Snook Hearing Continues With More Grim Detail

As today's hearing continues we are hearing Donnie Snook devised elaborate games & tricks to have kids undress and film them without their knowledge.

One of the victim's behaviour became so out-of-control he was placed in foster care.

One child's mother alerted police to odd behaviour on Snook's part including taking kids out until wee hours and bringing them home drunk.
The court heard Snook bribed his victims with money, trips and alcohol and allowed them to take drugs in his presence. 

Word spread among the kids that if you let Snook do certain things to you, you might get paid.

We are live tweeting from today's hearing and you can follow the tweet's on our website.

To find the link, click here

Taxpayers Federation Releasing Info On Sick Time By Government Workers

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation, using the Right to Information Act, to make the claim that provincial government employees take 50 per cent more sick days than the rest of us......10.7 sick days a year compared to 7.1 in the private sector last year. 

The Federation's Atlantic Director is Kevin Lacey who tells CHSJ News the sick days taken by just the core workers employed by the province costs about 14 million dollars. 

The Federation also revealing unionised employees ran up 60 per cent more sick time per employee than the non-unionised workers. 

As for federal government employees, Lacey says they're taking even more time off sick than their provincial counterparts.

Parkland Saint John Sod Turning In Millidgeville

A $50 million dollar investment in a retirement community in Saint John and the expansion of one for Fredericton resulting in 200 jobs for this province.

Premier Alward joining Jason and Joe Shannon of Shannex Inc for a sod-turning at their new site in Millidgeville behind the Charles Gorman arena.

Jason Shannon tells CHSJ News his father pioneered the concept of campus-style retirement living.

He says it's a response to community need adding they think offering the continuum of care is the way to go as lots of people can live independently longer in the campus concept.

Construction is underway now on Parkland Saint John which include 68-unit retirement living complex with a health and wellness pavilion along with a 60-bed licensed special care home and two licensed 18-bed specialized care bed homes.

Shannon tells us the facility is set to open in the summer/fall of 2015.

Graphic Evidence As Snook Sentencing Hearing Contiues

It has been a disturbing day in court as Crown Prosecutor Karen Lee Lamrock presented the facts of 46 child sex abuse charges again former common councillor Donnie Snook. 

More than 14, 400 unique child sexual abuse images were found in Snook's possession along with more than 600 child porn vidoes--and only some victims have been identified. Former Friend Darrell Bastarache tells CHSJ News he expected to see more visible emotion from Snook as the court heard the evidence, stating that those in the gallery seem to be in more pain than Snook.

The court heard Snook bribed his victims with money, alcohol and trips--and claimed while he would stop sexual activity if his victims complained, some of them seemed to "enjoy" the abuse. Further, Snook admitted to having "groomed" at least one child over a period of 7 years from ages 9-14 to eventually take part in the abuse of other children. Many of the incidents are believed to have occurred when Snook's roommate was also at home, and the former church leader can be heard in the videos "shushing" the victims.

The sexual abuse images were found on a range of electronic media including a laptop, thumb drive and SD card. Some of the abuse videos were filmed with an iPad provided to Snook by the City of Saint John. The sentencing hearing resumes at 1:30.

Details Being Revealed Of Former Common Councillor's Sex Crimes

We are now learning more about the evidence gathered against former Common Councillor Donnie Snook at his sentencing hearing on 46 charges of child abuse and exploitation. 

The prosecution claims there are thousands of victims. 

More than 14 thousand 400 unique child sexual abuse images were found in Snook's possession along with more than 600 videos of child pornography. 

Videotaped webcam sessions and movies were also recovered. 

There was some sadistic and fetish content but few and far between. Most of the images were of children posing alone.

Snook showed no emotion as all this was being shown.

Gas Prices Increase

Filling up will be costing you more after the weekly setting. 

In the city, self serve regular has increased by a couple of cents a litre to $1.34.5 while diesel has risen to $1.37. 

The maximum price for propane is $1.02.7, up by three cents a litre. 

The maximum for heating oil is also more expensive at $1.19.8 a litre.

Illegal Smokes Are More Widespread Than You Think

The Atlantic Convenience Stores Association claims the sale of Illegal tobacco remains a big problem in the province. That conclusion is based on a new study the Association commissioned.

Association President Mike Hammoud says a Montreal-based research firm collected more than 3,000 cigarette butts in June from 23 locations across the province including Sussex, Fredericton and Saint John.

The firm found, on average, 15.7 per cent of the butts were from contraband cigarettes. 

In Grand Falls, more than 40 per cent of the butts were contraband and the rate was almost 20 per cent at 10 school sites.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Snook Sentencing Hearing Scheduled For Tomorrow

A sentencing hearing is scheduled for tomorrow for Donnie Snook on 46 child sex abuse related charges.

The court is expected to hear all the facts of the case and also deal with victim impact statements, pre-sentence reports, and psychological assessments. Judge Alfred Brien is presiding and he has indicated he intends to take his time with the complex and far-reaching case--which means no sentence is likely to be delivered for some time yet.

Snook has pleaded guilty to all 46 charges in Saint John. He's also facing a number of additional charges in Newfoundland but has not yet entered a plea.

Losier Hopes For Greater Cooperation On Commission

It hasn't all been sunshine and roses between the officials on the Fundy Regional Services Commission--and Grand-Bay Westfield Mayor Grace Losier tells CHSJ News she's hoping the commission will be able to reach more a consensus as they identify their common goals.

The main goal of the Commission appears to be providing services to the local service districts and eliminate duplication of services---but the members have continually butted heads over issues like greater regionalized policing.

The next meeting is in early September.

Sea Dogs Roster Down To 25

25 players are left in the Sea Dogs training camp as the 2013-14 season draws closer.

Forwards Mathieu Joseph, Brett Malone and Riley Craft and defenceman Bailey Webster have been reassigned.

There are now 13 forwards, nine defencemen and three goalies remaining in camp.

The Dog's next exhibition game is next Friday, September 6th when they head to Moncton to take on the Wildcats.


Thunderstorm Watch Up For Fredericton, Grand Lake and St. Stephen

It could be a bit nasty on the drive home today.

Environment Canada issuing a severe thunderstorm watch for Fredericton, Grand Lake, Oromocto, St. Stephen, Sussex and the KV.

They warn of the potential for large hail and damaging winds.

Nearly 2500 Colposcopy Patients Will Get A Letter

Nearly 2,500 patients will be notified following Horizon Health's discovery that unsterilized biopsy forceps were used at a hospital clinic for 14 years.

    The problem at a colposcopy clinic at the Miramichi Regional Hospital began in 1999 and was discovered this May.

  CEO John McGarry says the biopsy forceps were only cleaned and disinfected before being reused but sterilized at the end of the day.

   McGarry advises there is an extremely low risk of infection, but 2,497 patients who had these biopsies are being sent letters to advise them to have blood tests for hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV.

MLA Savoie Wants Community Input On Centre

The MLA for Saint John Fundy says his constituents are upset about the loss of the Loch Lomond Community Centre and the services and space it provides.

Glen Savoie tells CHSJ News he supports the City doing a feasability study and he thinks the situation also requires a needs assessment.

He says it's too soon for the province to offer support when it's not clear yet what they need.

Savoie says the engineer's report from the City came back with a with a cost exceeding $400,000 which he finds too extravagant for what he believes the community requires.

Riverboats, Sailing Just Part of SJ's Rich History

A New Hampshire historian is coming to New Brunswick to share some of his research on this part of the Maritimes.

Author Thomas L. Shanklin tells CHSJ News a lot of the stories came from his father, who passed away in 2002 at the age of 106. They have to do with the riverboats, sailing on the Bay of Fundy, one room schoolhouses and more anecdotes of a time gone by.

Shanklin is giving a series of readings from his nonfiction book "Downeast, Upcountry) in New Brunswick including one from the Saint John Free Public Library. Shanklin will be at the library tonight from 7-8pm.

Retail Worker Warns Against Flexible Sunday Shopping Hours

The Board of Trade will be appearing before Common Council next month with the results of a survey among its members on whether store owners should choose which hours to be open on Sundays.

Council is being warned about going down that road by someone who works in retail.

Jennifer Eagles is telling Common Council when it comes to working Sundays, you really have no choice. Eagles claims if you refuse, your hours will be cut back or you'll lose your job on some trumped up excuse.

Regional Traffic Tie-Ups

Motorists found it slow going on King Street for a short while over the lunch hour while a tow truck removed a van from one of the parking spots.

It's since cleared up and traffic is moving again.

It's been slow on Highway 1 westbound in Sussex since this morning after a collision between a double trailer chiptruck and an empty tanker.

Traffic is down to one lane. 

City Can't Go It Alone

The city will need financial help to pay for a new building that would replace the Loch Lomand Community Centre which is now closed and slated for demolition before the end of the year. 

Councillor at Large Shirley McAlary says the community centre was well utilised but not everyone who was using it lives and pays taxes in the city.

Ward 4 Councillor David Merrithew says it won't happen unless the local service districts, the province and even the federal government come to the table.

Mayor Mel Norton says he will try to get agreement on joint funding at the Regional Services Commission.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Province and Teacher's Federation Reach A New Deal

The province and the Teacher's federation have a new deal.

The new collective agreement applies to more than 9,000 teachers, supply teachers, vice-principals and principals.

The four-year deal provides for two years of zero-per-cent increases, followed by one-per-cent increases every six months.

Search Library Books From Your Phone

Just in time for the school year...

The province spending just over $15K so you can download an app that lets you scroll through the 2 million titles in provincial libraries.

BiblioNB will help you find titles, place holds, renew items, check the hours of your library or bookmobile and download audiobooks and Ebooks.

The app is available for Apple and Android devices.

For more info, click here

Cardy Wants Clarity On Potential Education Cuts

Potential cuts to gym teachers and music programs has the Provincial NDP leader upset and asking questions.

Dominic Cardy tells CHSJ News no one knows when and if it will happen and based on a Twitter discussion between NDP policy advisor Kelly Lamrock and Education Minister Jody one will own the decision.

Cardy says Carr claims it isn't his fault blaming potential cuts on staffers while the education chair also deflected blame.

Cardy says we have to stop putting the teachers on the chopping block and giving the kids the resources they need.

Rare Plant Found In Dipper Harbour

The Nature Conservancy of Canada and J.D.I. uncovering a rare plant considered a species at risk in Canada. 

A joint effort by biologists with both organizations revealed the presence of Van Brunt’s Jacob’s-ladder during a plant survey on JDI  property along a tributary of Dipper Harbour Creek in south western New Brunswick.

It's a delicate flowering plant that produces showy purple flowers in sprint and summer.

It's only know to exist in a few places in the country so this discovery is a new sub population of the plant growing at only two sites in the province.

For more information, e-mail or by phone at 1-877-231-4400.

First Fringe Fest A Success

You might say the Fundy Fringe Festival was a success.     

Sandra Bell tells CHSJ News more than 1800 came out to the inaugural event watching 5 days of performances at 5 different uptown venues.

Bell says the feedback from the performers was very positive adding they loved the proximity to all the venues and she says it helps that they had 5 days of glorious weather.

Bell says they have a good organization in place and they are asking the performers for feedback on how to make the next Fringe fest more efficient and successful.

Common Councillor Not Happy On What's Happening With Signs

At least one member of Common Council doesn't mind the proliferation of signs around town. 

Ray Strowbridge from Ward 4 says the move to get rid of all signs from city owned land has opened up a can of worms and turned into a real mess.

Both Strowbridge and the other councillor from Ward 4, David Merrithew disagree with the sandwich board signs being allowed in the uptown but not in other parts of the city. They're calling it favourtism.

Strowbridge sees the proliferation of signs as an indication that a city is alive while others see them as cheap and junky.

Fire Crews Called To The Port

City fire crews making repeated trips to the port on the west side through the night, answering alarms without finding anything that was ablaze. 

They finally got a call about something glowing in the dark and found one box car on fire in the area of the scrap metal yard with another one smouldering.

Signs, Signs......Everywhere A Sign

If your business has a signboard placed out on the street, you're going to want to move it to your own property, post-haste.

Business owners and others who have signage on street right-of-ways must remove them before noon on Friday or risk getting them taken by City Works crews.

The confiscated signs will be taken to 175 Rothesay Avenue were the owners can get them back for a $40 fee. 

The only exception will be the sandwich board signs in the uptown. They're getting an exemption for the time being.

City Moving Ahead With Pedestrian Only Street Idea

The city will be moving ahead with establishing at least one pedestrian only street in the uptown with Common Council giving unanimous support. 

Councillor Gerry Lowe says, to be a success, there has to be more than one street. Lowe says this was tried years ago on South Market Street but the sun was blocked by nearby buildings and having sunlight is important for outdoor patios.

Mayor Mel Norton calls his proposal a conversation starter and points to one city in England where they started on a small scale on Sundays and then grew from there.

Councillor David Merrithew says he wants to hear what the business owners think about this.

Skateboarding Law Passed

Common Council has passed a new bylaw requiring all skateboarders on designated city owned properties to wear helmets. 

Mayor Mel Norton had to break a deadlock for the first time when an amendment requiring only skateboarders 16 and under to wear helmets was introduced. The Mayor deciding all skateboarders should be donning head protection. 

Common Councillor Greg Norton says Police Chief Bill Reid has endorsed the measure. Norton also wonders if hockey players have to wear helmets then why not skateboarders.

22 year old Scott Childs, who argued against the all encompassing bylaw, warns skateboarding in the city is going to take a hit.

He also predicts you're going to see more skateboarders take to the streets again and those skilled skateboarders who are looking for professional careers in the sport may even move out of the city.

Community Centre Will Be Demolished

Common Council voting in favour of demolishing the now closed Loch Lomand Community Centre but whether a new building will be constructed is another matter. Councillor Susan Fullerton isn't all that enthused about doing that.

She says when it comes to spending taxpayer dollars, you have to cut your sail to fit your cloth and, right now, the city's cloth is pretty thin.

Fullerton is hoping all the groups that used the Community Centre, which is considered unsafe, can be relocated elsewhere, get settled in and the issue will simply go away.   

Monday, August 26, 2013

Big Bike Rally Coming to Uptown SJ This Week

Bikers and biker wannabes won't want to miss this one.

The first-ever Fundy Shore Road motorcycle rally is coming to Saint John from Wednesday until Friday. Bikers from across the region will be participating n guided rides, a parade of lights through the uptown, and competing in a show 'n' shine.

The bikers are coming through the Port City on their way to the Wharf Rat Rallly in Digby. The event will also include a tug boat water show, chainsaw art, vendors, and live entertainment. It kicks off at Eldridge's on Wednesday night and the show 'n' shine happens on Thursday at 4 in the Coast Guard parking lot. 

Here is the full schedule of events:

Wednesday, August 28th: Meet and Greet at Elridge's Honda and Harley Davidson, including a BBQ and live entertainment 6-9pm

Thursday, August 29th: Guided Ride departing from Elridge's (registration Weds at the meet & greet) 10am-2pm
 -Live entertainment on the Market Square Boardwalk from 12-11pm 
 -Vendor Market on the Boardwalk from 12-6pm
 -Tug Boat water show in the harbour at 3:30
 -Show and Shine at the Coast Guard parking lot: register at noon, judging at 4pm, winners announced at 5:30
 -Parade of lights through uptown Saint John: register at 6pm, departs Coast Guard parking lot at 8pm/

Friday, August 30th: Send off breakfast at Carleton Community Center 8am-12pm

Police Look For Help Cracking Down On Outdoor Grow Ops

The police and crime stoppers are asking the public to keep a sharp eye out for outdoor grow ops.

Pot growers plant marijuana on their own property, but also  use crown land and use chicken wire to prevent damage from animals. Other plants are sometimes used to camouflage the plants, and a water supply is usually nearby.

Growers will often use ATV and walking trails to get to the site. Unsuspecting folks have been known to locate a grow op simply by accident or, by recognizing the skunk like odour of pot.

If you suspect there's a grow op in your area, contact the police or Crime Stoppers and you could get a cash reward of up to $2,000. Call
1-800-222-TIPS (8477), or visit

Government Unveils Plan To Get NBers To Work

If the pipeline is coming to Saint John, we need to make sure we have enough skilled workers to fill the jobs it might create--and the provincial government has released a new skill development strategy with that goal in mind.

One of the items is expanding the successful Teen Apprenticeship Program in Saint John which started off as a pilot. The government also plans to  conduct labour market to find out what sort of positions will be needed in the future. A “women in trades" program is also in the works.

The plan will be rolled out between now and 2016.

Big Book Sale Uptown Today

Big Brothers Big Sisters holding a big fundraiser over the coming days....and if you like to read, you'll definitely want to check it out.

The organization is holding its yearly Big Book Sale at the bottom level of Brunswick Square from today until Saturday, with new books put out every day.

Prices range from a dollar to two dollars. It starts at 10am each day and runs until 6pm.

Higher-Paying Union Jobs Benefit Local Economy

The Canadian Labour Congress has found that average unionized workers in Saint John made just over 7 bucks more per hour than non-union workers.

While that doesn't come as much of a surprise to most people, the boost is even more significant for women workers: women in unions tend to make almost 10 bucks an hour more than their non-union peers.

The Congress report points out that the entire economy benefits from the higher wages for union employees, because it translates to more dollars being spent in our community.