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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Director of Works Shayne Galbraith Discussing Snow Removal

Resident Comments During Parking Meeting

Alternate Side Parking in South Central Peninsula Working Out

Alternate side of the street parking in the South Central Peninsula is a hit.

At tonights Parking Commission presentation residents heard that there was going to be no changes made to parking during the winter.
Resident Ed Reardon tells CHSJ News, that's good news because alternate side parking works great.
Reardon says the main issue with parking during the winter is removing tall snow banks, and the enforcement of illegal parking.
He says often times you will see the same vehicle buried in snow on the side of the street for days on hand, and that's not acceptable.

Winter Management Ward Meetings Coming

[Kevin Rice Addressing Public at Parking Meeting-----Photo by Dave Briggs]
The new Deputy Commissioner of Municipal Operations says there are going to be some ward meetings early next month about the Winter Management Plan.

Kevin Rice tells CHSJ News, communicating information to the public is a top priority for the city. He says the ward meetings is the best opportunity to reach the majority of the public.
Rice says the meetings will have information specific to each ward, but there will also be an overview of the entire plan.
He says there are no dates set in stone for the meetings, but says to expect them before November 15th.

Missing Saint John Man

Saint John Police looking for a missing man last seen in the uptown October 17th.
Kristopher William Knappe is described as 5 foot 7, weighing 155 pounds with short brownish blond hair with hazel eyes and a goatee. Knappe was last seen wearing blue jeans with a green t-shirt, black hoodie and white sneakers. Police say for medical reasons, they need the public's help in finding the 26-year-old.
If you have any information on his whereabouts, call 648-3333.

Future of NB Power to be Rolled Out

The future look of NB Power will become much clearer tomorrow. Premier Shawn Graham, Quebec Premier Jean Charest, CEO of NB Power David Hay and the CEO of Quebec Hydro will all take the podium. This is for a news conference being referred to as an energy related announcement.

The future of the public utility has been up in the air since word of negotiations between this Province and Quebec were first thrown into the spotlight several weeks ago. It's expected a memorandum of understanding will be announced but Premier Graham has said any deal will be debated before it's signed.

Province Encourages Everyone to Get H1N1 Shot

The Provincial government says it has enough H1N1 vaccine to protect every resident. Clinics are underway for the priority groups including people under 65 with chronic conditions, children 6 months to 5 year old and pregnant women. That also includes first nations, health care workers, women who have given birth in the last 6 weeks and anyone that cares for infants.

If you are not a member of a priority group, you are asked to wait until clinics open for the public. You can find the dates, times and locations for H1N1 clinics on the government website,

Enbridge Applying to Increase Rates

[Enbridge Gas New Brunswick New Conference---Photo by Dave Briggs]
Enbridge gas users in New Brunswick may be looking down the barrel of some higher rates.

The utility is asking the Energy and Utility Board to allow an increase in it's delivery rate charges.
General Manager Dave Charleson says residents will not see as large an increase as commercial industries.
Charleson says typically a residential user will be looking at about $80 to $100 dollars more on their bill each year.
He says if it is approved the rate changes will go into effect on January 1st, 2010.

Pregnant New Brunswick Women May Get Vaccine Soon

Pregnant women in this province will be able to get the unadjuvented H1N1 vaccine soon. The Federal government has purchased a supply from Australia.

Provincial Department of Health spokesperson Alissa Lee says the choice of which vaccine to get, the adjuvented or the unadjuvented, is up to each individual woman.
She says they are urging pregnant women to go and get vaccinated.
Lee says the Health Department just learned that they will be receiving their third shipment of H1N1 Vaccine from the Federal government.
For a list of upcoming clinics, go to

District Six Starts Handing Out Vaccine

H1N1 shots will be given to teachers and students in District Six in the coming days. Officials ask that parents or guardians come to the school with any students in kindergarten to grade three. The complete schedule for parents is on the District 6 webpage and it has been updated to reflect some time changes for District 6 schools.

The target populations for the clinics over the next two weeks are school aged children and pre-schoolers and any parents who wish to accompany their children. It is important to note that during the school day, the clinics are for the school families only.

More Awards for North End Building

             (Photo By Jim Hennessy)

Commercial Properties continues to reap the awards from it's latest project. Somerset Square in the North End has been awarded a 2009 Brownie Award for best small scale development. This award is handed out by the Canadian Urban Institute in Excellence in Project Development.

The award winners were announced this week at a gala dinner in Vancouver and only six of the awards are given out each year in this country. The building recently achieved Gold status in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is one of only 18 certified LEED Gold buildings in Canada.

Man Arrested for $20 Theft

Sometimes it's just not worth it. A 23 year old man from Saint John has been arrested for allegedly taking a $20 deposit from two 18-litre water bottles--when there were no actual bottles returned. RCMP say a man walked into a store on Main Street in Sussex on Monday and told the clerk he returned two empty water bottles and wanted the deposit. The clerk, who was busy at the time, gave him the money-- but-- store video confirmed the man entered the store empty handed.

Officers say they arrested a man wearing the same clothing as in the video yesterday in Sussex and now faces charges in Hampton Provincial Court today.

Recycling Program Almost Ready to Go

A new Material Recovery facility is almost finished at the Crane Mountain Landfill. The building holds a conveyor belt and bailer machine to seperate and package recyclables for sale in the marketplace. General Manager of the Fundy Region Solid Waste Commission, Mark MacLeod tells CHSJ news the next step is getting the electricity hooked up in the building and having the technicians in to train staff.

MacLeod says the old five-bin system doesn't fit the market needs, and this building will allow them to put out marketable products. The new three-stream system allows people to dump cans, plastic containers and plastic bags in the same bin. He says the new sorting facility should be operational by November 9th.

Two City Buildings to be Part of Pilot Project

Representatives from Capital Management--out of Halifax-- will be in Saint John this week to perform an assessment on two city buildings and how their life-spans can be improved. Samir Yammine, with the city of Saint John, tells CHSJ news it's part of a pilot study on a new capital planning tool developed by Efficiency NB.

The assessment will look at what upgrades are needed at the Aquatic Centre and City Market. Yammine says data from the report will be put into a computer system to analyze how the buildings' energy and equipment management can be upgraded. In the meantime, some city staff will be in Quispamsis today for a seminar on the new tool that will help municipalities re-invest energy savings into those building upgrades.

New Voice for Provincial I.T. Sector

(Larry Sampson.....Spokes-person for NBIFTC)
                (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

There is a new group in place to attract more young people into a career in the I.T. sector. It is the New Brunswick Information Technology Council which has set five goals for itself. Spokes-person Larry Sampson tells CHSJ News, speaking as one voice is a good place to start.

Sampson says a big problem with recruiting younger workers into the I.T. sector is the dot com bust and the repercussions of that have stuck. Another one of the goals for the group is to see 36 I.T. start-ups in the province over the next three years.

Bell Aliant Tower Fire

Fire crews called to a small electrical fire at the Bell Aliant Office Tower in Brunswick Square last night. The electrical panel controlling the fire pump caught fire in the basement--three floors underground.

Fire fighters quickly put out the flames and ventilated the building. Maintenance crews have hooked up the fire pumps to a back-up panel.

Sussex Olympic Torch Bearer Announced

In memory of his wife Cindy, Andrew Hunt has been chosen to carry the Olympic Torch through his home-town of Sussex. Cindy at the tender age of 39 was diagnosed with cancer but left a signifigant impact on the town before she lost her fight with the disease at the age of 43.

The torch will arrive in the Dairytown on November.24th at Sussex Elementary at 1:30pm.

Reaction to Possible Sale of NB Power

As they head into the final year of their mandate, many political pundits are questioning whether all this talk about a possible sale of NB Power could sink the Graham Government? Political Scientist at UNB Saint John Don Desserud tells CHSJ News, it certainly is an interesting proposal.

Desserud expects the Conservatives will have a field day with this. Leader David Alward has already stated the Legislature should re-convene immediately and Premier Graham at this point will only say the talks are at a critical stage.

Saint John Energy Waits on Possible NB Power Sale

It's a wait and see approach from the President of Saint John Energy concerning all the for sale talk of NB Power. Word continues to circulate that a deal is in the works that would see the potential sale of N-B Power assets to Hydro Quebec. Eric Marr tells CHSJ News, like every other rate payer in the Province, they are watching the situation closely.

Marr adds he believes any deal would have little or no affect on Saint John Energy.

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