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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene Bringing Heavy Wind To SJ

Meteorologists are predicting heavy winds for Saint John when hurricane Irene reaches Atlantic Canada.

Chris Fogarty is a meteorologist with the Canadian Hurricane Centre and says wind warnings will go out for the southwestern part of the province later today.

Tropical storm warnings are expected to go out tomorrow morning when the rain starts.

Fogarty says northwestern NB will see the heaviest rainfall, but Saint John will feel the brunt of the wind.

He says gusts could reach up to 120 kilometers per hour, and that kind of wind can break tree branches and cause power outages.

Fogarty says Saint John could also face surge flooding if the worst of the wind arrives just after midnight, coinciding with high tide.

Dragon Boats Take To The Water

If you look out over the water near Renforth Wharf today, don't be alarmed to see a fleet of dragons.

The city's Dragon Boat Festival goes today and Laurie Flood CHSJ News they're fundraising for new equipment, which will complete last year's campaign to help with minimally invasive spine surgery.

She says the goal is to purchase a Radiolucent Spinal Operating Table for Surgical Services and a SLT Laser for the Ophthalmology Clinic at St. Joseph's Hospital.

Flood says the SLT laser will help the eye centre diagnose and treat glaucoma, which is one of the leading causes of blindness in Canada.

She says in addition to today's races, there will also be entertainment, vendors and a kids area.

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