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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blaney Still Concerned With Future Blood Services

Conservative MLA Margaret-Ann Blaney is still concerned despite today's announcement.
She says it would have been nice if the Minister had included members of the task force in the decision because the task force originally made the recommendation for an analysis to be conducted. 
Blaney says she's concerned with how long the study is going to take because it doesn't give them a lot of time to make a decision once the report comes in. 
Blaney says she's also concerned with what the terms of reference are, and is worried the door is open for the study to say, just let it go.

Province To Seek Other Blood Service Options

(Health Minister Mary Scrhyer and MLA Margaret-Ann Blaney discuss the announcement)
(Photo By Sherry Aske)

The province is asking an independent company to look at what blood-service options are available in the province.

Health Minister Mary Schryer says with Canadian Blood Services closing the doors of the Milledgeville distribution centre in Spring 2012, the province needs to find a reliable blood supply.

Schryer says this could mean partnering with HEMA Quebec or it could mean going it alone, but they won't know until the report's recommendations are in next March.

Boil Water Order

There is a boil water order in effect for people located after and including 537 Green Head Road in the West Side after bacteria was found in the water.

It is safe for people to take showers, bathe and use swimming pools.

It is also safe to wash dishes in hot water or in a dishwasher.

Saint John Water is working with the Department of health to fix the problem but the boil order is expected to last at least until the end of the week.

Iggy Addresses Rural-Urban Divide

(File Photo)

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff says he's looking out for New Brunswickers who are living in remote parts of the province.

Ignatieff was in town over the long weekend to attend a barbecue at former MP Paul Zed's house, and says the rural-urban divide is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Making sure rural New Brunswickers have 100 per cent Internet access and that there aren't any more rural postal closures are two things Ignatieff says need to happen.

Ignatieff says the rural-urban divide is a huge part of his vision for the country, which is let's work together and bring Canadians together.

Garbage Still Causing Problems

After looking at beaches from St. Andrews to Saint John, the province's Conservation Council is worried about litter and garbage appearing along the shorelines.

David Thompson with the Conservation Council tells CHSJ News they're still finding a lot of Styrofoam floating around as wells as plastic bags and wrappers.

Thompson says when birds and fish see small pieces of rope or Styrofoam, they mistake it for jellyfish and end up eating it.

Thompson says the material they are finding comes from fishing boats, smaller commercial vessels, illegal dumping, and material that is just blown around.

City Police Investigate Two Robberies And Arrest Man For Serious Assault

Two robberies over the long holiday weekend on the west side. One man got away from the Bowl R Rama on Lancaster Avenue yesterday afternoon around 2:00 after going behind the counter and grabbing some cash. A similar holdup took place the day before at the Buccaneer's Pub, just a short distance away.

City Police also tell us a man was arrested early this morning and faces a charge of assault causing bodily harm after a domestic disturbance on Ellerdale Street.

City Pension Plan Shows Improvement

         (City Manager Pat Woods)
                  (File Photo)

The City's operating budget will have a projected surplus by the end of the year of over a million dollars.

On the other side of the coin, the water and sewerage utility will have a deficit of more than 242 thousand dollars.

Those figures will be presented to Common Council tonight along with a report on the pension plan which has shown improvement in its financial picture.

City Manager Pat Woods has warned Councillors, they will have to restrain their spending next year. Councillor Carl Killen concedes that will represent a change from recent years.

Council will also be getting a request from the Anglo Society to fly its flag on September 18th outside city hall.

Friends Of Rockwood Park Step Up Campaign To Stop Development

           (Entrance To Rockwood Park)
                      (File Photo)

The Friends of Rockwood Park warn there have been three proposed developments they say would have a serious impact on the park.

 The three, which they oppose, are a 48 unit townhouse development overlooking Harrigan Lake, a pair of six storey buildings with 166 apartments and a subdivision of single family homes.

The city's chief planner, Ken Forrest says water and sewage services were extended along Sandy Point Road adjacent to the park for development. Right now, there is a moratorium on development in that area and the situation has been complicated by uncertainty over where the park's boundary lies.

Conference on Women's Issues Starts Today In Quispamsis

(Provincial Health Minister Mary Schryer)
                 (File Photo)

Health Minister Mary Schryer is playing host to an Atlantic regional meeting of ministers responsible for the status of women in Quispamsis today.

It is to discuss issues of common concern and explore areas for regional co-operation. Schryer, who also holds the portfolio of minister responsible for the status of women tells CHSJ News, a meeting of this magnitude is long overdue with the agenda going further than pay equity.

Schryer adds says the issue of human trafficking will be foremost on the agenda. The conference runs today and tomorrow at the Town Hall.