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Friday, March 19, 2010

Seadogs Take First in Their Best of Seven

(Center Ice at Harbour Station)
   (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

Over 4200 fans left Harbour Station with a smile last night as the Seadogs opened their Q-League play-offs with an 8-3 beating of the Rocket.

The Dogs scored four in the first and never looked back with two more in the second and icing it with a pair in the third. Defenceman Yann Suave says it was important to notch the first goal to set the tone and pace.

Game two goes tonight and is a seven o'clock start.

Seadogs Bring Home Some Hardware

                                                (Trophy Presentations at Center Ice)
                                            (Photo's by Jim Hennessy)

A short ceremony was held before the start of last night's game to honor the Seadogs for a pair of their regular season accomplishments.
Q-League President Gilles Courteau awarded the team with the Luc Robitaille for scoring the most goals during the regular season 309.

Also for finishing first over-all, the Seadogs captured the Jean Rougeau trophy at center ice.

Sentencing Adjourned For Hampton Girl On Murder Conviction

Sentencing for a 16 year old Hampton area girl, who can't be identified, on a charge of second degree murder has been adjourned to April 16th. She was convicted in the stabbing death last June of 78 year old Frank Tonge in his Damascus home. The Prosecution is calling for four years in custody during which she would undergo an intensive intervention programme. Defense lawyer Dave Lutz says no one wants to see someone so young just rot in jail without rehabilitation but the court wants to make sure she will buy into the programme and willingly co-operate.
The girl, who can't be identified, was described as being very honest but extremely immature for 16 years of age. The court heard she began using drugs when she was only 9. Lutz also told the court she may very well have been dead by now had she not been arrested for Tonge's murder.

Cancer Society wants a new law on Tanning bed use for those under 18

The local branch of the Canadian Cancer Society wants to see the province bring in new legislation to keep those under 18 from using tanning beds.
The Graham Liberals quietly repealed a law in this province last year, the only one in the country.
Ellen Snider of the Saint John chapter tell CHSJ News she gets lots of calls on this subject.
Snider adds they will continue to apply pressure to the Premier and his government on this issue.

Immigration Numbers in Saint John

Saint John is doing better at attracting and retaining immigrants to the city but more has to be done.

That word delivered at the launch of an effort to bring newcomers and employers together and make workplaces in the city more diverse.
Luisa Montoya, project co-ordinator at the multi-cultural resource centre in the City Market, tells CHSJ News the biggest obstacle to immigrants not staying in the city is not being able to land a job.

Montoya also tells us Saint John welcomed more than 2 thousand immigrant families last year which is a big improvement over just three years earlier.

Hampton Kings MLA Talks Money

(Hampton Kings MLA Bev Harrison)
          (File Photo)

The increase in pensions to be received by M-L-A's, which has caused so much controversy of late, is not all that great.

So claims Hampton-Kings M-L-A Bev Harrison who would be eligible for a 70 thousand dollar a year pension if he retires this year.

Harrison tells CHSJ News the increase in benefits isn't as high as the 85 per cent previously reported.

Harrison says the tax free allowance was done away with, based on the recommendation of a judge, and those dollars were added to the salaries of M-L-A's which also affect the pensions they would receive.

Flyer From Liberal Party Shows Up in the Mail

(Former MP Paul Zed(right) at a Recent Charity Function)
                      (File Photo)

""Who do you trust more to help Canada rise to the challenges of 2017 and beyond?""

That is the question being asked to voters by the Federal Liberal party through the mail with two answers of course, the Liberals or Governing Conservatives.

The flyer has been shopping up in mailboxes around the metro area all week.

Former MP Paul Zed tells CHSJ News, similar set-ups that have been rolled out by the Conservative Party have been quite offensive.

Zed adds the results of the mail in question will be discussed when the Liberal Party gathers in Montreal next week.

Pension Increases For M-L-A's Cause Public Outrage

(Saint John Fundy M-L-A Stuart Jamieson)
(File Photo)

The M-L-A's who voted themselves an 85 per cent increase in their pension benefits are now talking about an independent review in light of public outrage. Kevin Gaudet of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation tells CHSJ News the outrage is justified, saying it's sad but not surprising to see politicians belly up to the trough but he warns getting them off, in his words, requires more than a crowbar.
If Hampton-Kings M-L-A Bev Harrison retired this year, he would be eligible for a 70 thousand dollar a year pension. Saint John Fundy M-L-A Stuart Jamieson would receive a pension of 67 thousand dollars when he retires this year.