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Friday, July 20, 2012

A Must-Attend For Women Entrepreneurs

Maybe the kids have left the nest and you're looking for some extra income...of you're simply inspired to make some extra cash from a hobby you enjoy. A new program aimed at women entrepreneurs can make the dream a reality. 

Melanie Vatour is the Chair of the Enterorisng Women program. She says women in the course willlearn accounting, basic marketing, advertising skills and more--including how to get their hands on capital to get off the ground.

Vatour says the sucess stories include women who have started a hostel, a hair braising business, sewing, selling acessories and more. The deadline to sign up is August 10, and the program is free to women who are unemployed and under-employed.

For more information, click here

Boosting Tourism On The Boat

The Princess of Acadia ferry now has a provincial tourist information kiosk onboard.

It may seem obvious but Tourism minister Trevor Holder today announcing funding that includes hiring a summer student who will be on the ship available to answer questions about our province from the passengers on the ferry. 

Holder says the Princess of Acadia is a vital link and a key part of the tourism picture here like the beaches and the rivers.

Nova Scotia already has provincial tourism info onboard the ferry and has for many years. 

Annual Inflation Rate On The Rise

The annual inflation rate is on the rise after a major plunge in May that had taken the index to the lowest level in almost two years. It rose by three-tenths of a percentage point to 1.5 per cent last month.

Inflation in the Port City sits at 1.4 per cent for June from 1.7 per cent the month before.The provincial rate for June is the same at 1.4 per cent down from 1.8 per cent in May.

Respol Won't Rule Out Sale Of Canaport

Respol is not ruling out the possibility of selling off its liquified natural gas assets which include the Canaport LNG terminal in Saint John.
Company spokesperson Kristian Rix tells CHSJ News that the company is performing a review of all of its assets.

The Spanish company owns 75 per cent of the Red head LNG facility while Irving Oil owns the remaining 25 per cent.

An Irving spokesperson tells CHSJ News they are not in a position to comment.

East Side Exercise Today

Do not be alarmed! It's only a test.

The City fire department conducting an exercise in East Saint John this morning.

It's happening at Praxair on Grandview Avenue and residents are advised that there will be a lot of vehicles and gear in the area but it shouldn't impact traffic.
 The exercise should take three hours and it begins at 9am.

Bacchus Moves Out

Just days after a deadly shooting, members of the Bacchus Motorcycle club vacating their clubhouse on Pitt Street.

City police say the club voluntarily agreed to move after police found building code violations

A search of the causeway on Wednesday night produced a handgun that may be linked to the murder.

50 year old Matthew Thomas Foley is facing second-degree murder charges in the shooting death of 31-year-old Michael Schimpf last Saturday. 

A City police cruiser remains at the crime scene this morning.

Keep The Creepy Crawlies At Bay

It's the season for creeping, crawling and flying beasties.....especially ticks.

Medical Officer of Health Dr Soctt Giffin offering some tips on keeping ticks away, including wearing white so they're easier to spot and checking over your kids after they play in the woods.

Giffin tells CHSJ News while there hasn't been more reported cases of Lyme Disease, more ticks are being found to carry it.

A DEET-based bug spray will also keep the little bloodsuckers at bay.

Canaport L-N-G Sale Looming

This morning a question mark hangs over the future of the Canaport L-N-G terminal with word majority shareholder Repsol wants to sell its stake in the facility.
A Reuters report says the financially troubled Spanish based company is also selling liquefied natural gas assets in Peru and Trinidad and Tobago in a bid to boost finances and credit ratings.
Irving Oil owns a 25-percent stake in the terminal and so far has not responded to CHSJ News requests for a comment.
The pending sale could also mean problems for Emera which owns the 500-million dollar Brunswick Pipeline running between the terminal and Maine since Repsol is its only customer.