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Saturday, October 17, 2009

EMS Development Symposium

It shouldn't be hard to find help if you need it this weekend in Saint John. The 16th annual Emergency Medical Services Development Symposium is underway at the Regional. Spokes-person Jean Boles tells CHSJ News, there is plenty for all to take part in.

Boles adds this is a great opportunity to spend time with your colleagues as well to share information on how better to serve those in need. The symposium finishes up tomorrow.

KV Chamber of Commerce has a Request

The KV Chamber of Commerce wants the town of Rothesay to review its by-laws for signage. President, Phil Brodersen says the town should develop a policy to address the issue and report back to the Chamber of Commerce in about 3 weeks.

Brodersen says they also want the town to increase lighting along Scott Avenue and work on decreasing traffic. Council has agreed to meet with the Chamber of Commerce to continue talks regarding the concerns.

Green Partys Says It Is Readey for an Election

The Leader of the Green Party says they are ready for a federal election----anytime. The party feels it was burned by Prime Minister Stephen Harpers fixed election date last year, believing it was actually a law. May tells CHSJ News, they are now prepared to prove they can run this country.

May says unlike Harper and Finance Minster Jim Flaherty, her party would reduce the payments Canadians have to make on Employment Insurance by both employees and employers.

Soldiers Setting up Shop in Sussex

Local soldiers will conduct training in the Sussex area today and tomorrow. Soldiers from the 8th Canadian Hussars will participate in several exercises within the town and the Piccadilly Potash Project Site. Officials tell us there is no need for any home-owner to be alarmed with blank ammunition being used.

Military vehicles will be travelling slower than the posted limit so try to use caution when driving in and around these vehicles.