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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Many In Freddy Beach Still Without Lights

Making dinner will be challenging in St. Stephen and Fredericton tonight with a significant power outage impacting the towns.

Nearly 1700 households in the capital city are in the dark and over 900 homes and businesses in Bordertown are without electricity.

High winds causing tree branches to hit power lines is the likely culprit but no word and when the lights will come back.

Across the province NB Power reports more than 4000 of their customers are without power.

Metal Fragments Lead To Cereal Recall

Pieces of metal have led to the recall of Kellogg Canada's popular Mini-Wheats cereal.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says the company is recalling most sizes of Mini-Wheats original frosted and brown sugar cereals sold nationwide.

The country's food safety watchdog says pieces of potentially harmful metal were found in the cereal.

The products have best-before dates of between April 1st and July 29th, 2013.

Commissioner Says French And English Need To Be More Equal

New Brunswick's commissioner of official languages is suggesting government take some concrete actions to make a truly bilingual public service.

Michel Carrier says in his 2011-2012 annual report the revisions must do more than maintain the status quo in the province.

 He recommends French upgrading courses and such activities as designating certain days of the week as ``writing in French day.''

West Side Search

City police are searching for a person on the west side relating to a home invasion last weekend.

Part of the search area has included from the old DVA property to Lancaster and Duke streets.

Many Without Power In Fredericton

Almost 2500 NB Power customers are without power in Fredericton and Woodstock.

Province wide over 4000 homeowers are impacted by the outage.

The outages are due to today's high winds, particularly branches being blow into power lines.

No word yet on when power will be restored.

North End Food Drive On

Hard times in the Maritimes--that's how North End community activist Tammy Calvin is describing the situation with lots of people out of work and struggling.

Calvin and Andrea Richards are living in the back of the trailer again this year until it's full of food for the North End Food Bank.
She says they have an empty 53 foot trailer that they are hoping to fill in three days.

Calvin says they are looking for non-perishable food but will also accept fruit and vegetables and even winter coats. 

The trailer is starting out in the parking lot at the North end Sobey's and then moving to an auto service centre at Metcalf & Lansdowne.

Brief Search In East Saint John

City police conducting a search over the lunch hour from East Saint John to the Airport.

Police enlisting the help of Rothesay Police on the airport arterial.

A police checkpoint was set up on Loch Lomond Road at Hickey Road.

A missing person report turned out to be a false alarm.

Anti-Bully Charity Facing Closure

A national charity that helps out the victims of bullying facing  closure unless it gets some serious assisstance...Bullying Canada operates a 24/7 telephone support line, a scholarship program, and workshops on bullying.

But Executive Director Rob Frenette tells CHSJ news with monthly operating costs of $5,000 they're not able to make ends meet beyond the end of the month.

BullyingCanada receives no funding from the government or United Way. Frenette says it's not about putting money in their pockets, but rather saving and changing the lives of youth. For more information, click here

Inclusive Hiring Is The Wave Of The Future

The Harper government announcing $30 million in funding committed nationally to helping Canadians with disabilities enter the workforce, and the Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work wants to see some of that benefit felt locally. 

Laura Anderson is an Employment Co-ordinator with the CCRW. She tells CHSJ News more and more employers are realizing the benefit of having an inclusive workplace.

Currently 56% of small businesses in Canada have never hired anyone with a disability--but Anderson says they find placements for 50 workers each year and the retention rate is excellent. For more information on hiring a worker through the Opportunities Fund, click here

Agriculture Class Could Be Changed

The enrolled in Agriculture 120 at Sussex High School will be sowing the first seeds of a new project....

Kredl's owner Dave Wolpin is helping the kids understand why the course is important today at 1:30pm. Instructor Danny Reiker’s class has prepared a plot on the lawn of Sussex High School to turn into a school garden.  He says it's important for the next generation to be aware of the land, nutrition, and where food comes from.

The students will learn about extending the growing season, sustainability, and more. For more information, you can contact David Wolpin at 609-4428 or 832-7568.

Power Outages In The Valley

The high winds causing power outages with more than 787 customers in the dark in the Rothesay district which includes the Kingston Peninsula as of 7:00 this morning but by 8, NB Power reports all the power had been restored.

More than 480 NB Power customers are still without electricity in the Fredericton area.

Prison Term for Pot Grower In Fredericton Area

Four years in prison for a 23-year-old Burtts Corner man on drug and weapons charges.

Dexter James John Sturge was in court last month charged with possessing marijuana for the purpose of trafficking, producing marijuana and possession of a restricted handgun. 

Sturge was arrested last March. The RCMP seized 600 marijuana plants, enough, they say, to produce up to 300,000 joints, marijuana growing equipment and the handgun.

A Big Drop In Price Of Self Serve Regular

If you held back filling up with self serve regular over the past few days, you'll be glad to hear the price has declined by 5 and a half cents a litre after the weekly setting and, in the city, is going for $1.32.4.

 On the other side of the coin, diesel has increased by almost 2 cents a litre and is selling for $1.37.6 around town. And what accounts for these recent wild flucuations in price. 

Kevin McCann of Wilson Fuels tells CHSJ News it all comes down to supply and demand with refining capacity dropping over the last few weeks.

McCann says that means production is not up to a level the market is comfortable with but he expects things to settle down soon.

Meantime, heating oil is up to a maximum  price of $1.19.4 a litre and propane remains at a max of 93.8 cents a litre.