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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Common Front Looking For Answers On Heat Subsidies

The Common Front for Social Justice wants assurances from Social Development Minister Sue Stultz there will be a programme this winter to help low income people pay for their heat.

The Common Front's Jean Claude Basque tells CHSJ News there are about 100 thousand people in the province living below the poverty line with heating oil increasing in price by over 12 per cent in a year and electricity rates up as well by 16 per cent per kilowatt hour.

Basque says the subsidy should be something like ten per cent higher than it was last year.

More Reaction To Flu Shot Proposal

We're still getting reaction to the proposal of getting rid of free flu shots for people in the province between 18 and 64 regardless of whether they're high risk or not.

The Executive-Director of the New Brunswick Medical Society, Anthony Knight worries about how not having the flu shot will affect those people who already suffer from chronic conditions and he warns could turn out to be penny wise but pound foolish if enough of them fall ill and have to seek out medical treatment.

Ellen Snider of the Canadian Cancer Society in the province tells CHSJ News there are people who are not only dealing with chronic illness but don't have a whole lot of money to work with.

Mayor Wants Crackdown On Ice Time No Shows

Mayor Ivan Court is fed up with ice time in the city being booked but not used because the city has to pay its share regardless of whether there's someone on the ice or not.

He wants those who reserve ice time to pay whether they use it or not.

The Mayor also doesn't want to see ice time being booked and then sold to someone else at a profit and feels there should be someone checking to see who's supposed to be on the ice at a certain time is on the ice when they should.

Court concedes this has been a problem now for at least the last three years but probably longer.

Robbery In East Saint John

City police in the hunt for a man after an East Side convenience store was robbed.
The call came in just before 1:30pm

He got some cash after confronting the clerk with a large hunting knife at the store at
411 Ellerdale street.

He put the money in a pillow case and took off.
The man is described as about 5 foot 8 or 9 wearing a dark hoodie, grey sweatpants, sneakers and beige work gloves.

City Group Offers New Internship In Senior Care

Senior Watch in Saint John offering a new internship that will address a shortage of staff, an ability to provide appropriate services and the cost of training.
The care-ed learning internship program combines theory and practical experience together to provide an program for adult learners that care for seniors.
Jean Porter Mowatt tells CHSJ News over the last 10 to 15 years they have been concerned about how to get people trained to care for seniors.

Mowatt says applicants must have finished high school or have a GED, they must do criminal checks and they are selected based on qualifications.
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District 8 Aims To Reduce The Torment Of Grade 9's

Reducing the amount of hazing that Grade 9 students must endure is a priority for District 8.

The District 8 Education Council is looking to host a hazing summit aimed at combating the problem.

Chair Rob Fowler says it has to stop.

He tells us the "rookieing" has always been a problem and it's upsetting for everyone at the District level to see the pictures on Facebook and to hear what is being done to kids.

Fowler adds staggering the beginning of the school year did help with the Grade 9's having the first day of school to themselves and grade 10,11 and 12 students starting a day later.

A Slight Decline In Price Of Gas

A bit of a break for drivers in the city after the weekly setting for gas prices.

Self serve regular is down by just over a cent a litre at $1.27.3.

Diesel is virtually unchanged at $1.30.3 a litre.

Propane and heating oil are still over $1.14 a litre.

Port Gets Some Good News In Wake Of Metal Shredder Controversy

The Saint John Port Authority is all smiles thanks to a contract renewal with one of its customers.

Logistec Stevedoring has renewed their commitment to the port until the end of the decade.

Port President and CEO Jim Quinn tells CHSJ News the recent difficulties with powering a metal shredder at the port makes this kind of news a welcome relief.

He warns colleagues in other countries have been asking him about the recent woes with powering a metal shredder at the port and it's important to manage the reputation of not only the port as a place to do business but as a city as well.