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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Carbon Monoxide Levels At Gorman Being Investigated

Elevated carbon moxide levels at the Charles Gorman Arena may have been responsible for several users getting sick over the weekend.

The Arena Attendant at the Gorman was alerted to the problem after getting a call from a user asking about the air quality. Testing with a hand-held device showed the carbon moxide levels in the building were indeed higher than safe levels, with readings up to 67parts per million. Exposures to 100ppm or greater are hazardous to human health.

The building was evacuated and the natural gas fired boilers were checked but no leaks or malfunctions were found. The Zamboni was pulled from service and tested as well, but the results were normal. At this point the source of the elevated levels is unclear but it is still being investigated.

Get Out In Nature, Enjoy Life More

We known New Brunswickers love to get outside in nature; however, the Nature Conservancy of Canada has some numbers to back that up.

Andrew Holland of the NCC tells CHSJ News nature is even more important to our family's overall health and well-being than we might think. A recent poll by the conservancy asked Canadians whether they'd rather spend family time inside or out--and a whopping 87% of those surveyed said they'd be inclined to head out of doors.

Holland tells CHSJ News it's a great way to beat the winter blues, pointing to skiing, snow-shoeing and winter bird watching as fun activities that can be enjoyed in nature, and says it's important to appreciate the value of our natural landscape if we want to preserve it.

Surveillance Details From Snook Warrants

We have more technical details from the search warrants in the investigation of former common councillor Donnie Snook.

The 568-page document describes events leading from March 2011 to Snook's January arrest, including the installation of a surveillance camera on a power pole outside his home. The camera recorded who was at 575 Martha Avenue while explicit chat sessions were happening with undercover police.

On January 9th an officer observed while all the lights were on at the home, no one answered the door. Snook was the only one inside. The chat logs from that time show a message saying "some one at the door....see you later?"'

The warrants also inndicate the person sharing the explicit images was hacking into their neighbour's wi-fi connection. However, the Mac Address of the computer used to transmit them was traced to Snook's home.

The chat user promised the undercover cop "live action" in order to win his trust--but only with their face covered, because if they were caught, "[they] would die." Cameras, computers, a tablet, phones and other electronic devices were all confiscated in the search. Snook's next court appearance is on March 11 when he is expected to enter a plea.

First Steps Gets $80K To Assess Its Local Benefit

The Feds giving the First Steps housing project $80,000 to assess the social and financial benefits of their program.

The house on Cobourg street provides a place for pregnant and parenting young women to live and get an education.

40 women have graduated from the program since its inception in 2002.

First Steps Executive Director Sharon Amirault says they hope at the end of the two year project its helpful in evaluating their program and others.

She says it will set a standard for how other non-profit agencies will look at valuing their service.   

Amirault says as an example it may find that every dollar First Steps receives five dollars is saved in the health of children and mothers and education etc.

Saint John MP Rodney Weston says the results of this survey will be helpful to government so they can show return on investment. 

For more info, call 693-BABY (2229) or email 

Injuries After Rothesay Avenue Crash

Three people were taken to hospital with undetermined injuries after two vehicles collided in front of 255 Rothesay Avenue. 

The fire department says both air bags were deployed and later fire crews were called to Air Canada Way in Millidgeville to put out a car fire.