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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Better Times For The Old North End

The Old North End is no worse than any other neighbourhood in the city and, in many ways, a lot better.

That message being delivered by Tammy Calvin of One Change.

This follows word of 14 thousand dollars from the Environmental Trust Fund that will be used to green up and clean up the neighbourhood. 

She says there's now a community garden and every Saturday you can enjoy music in the Square. 

Calvin says the Old North End is the up-and-coming place to be. 

A neighbourhood sustainability plan is also being developed by One Change.

Garbage Galore On The Islands

Volunteers removing a staggering amount of refuse and debris from the beaches of the Passamaquoddy Bay Islands.

Nature Conservancy of Canada spokesperson Andrew Holland tells CHSJ News over a tonne of garbage was removed from the islands last week. 

He says the removal of various debris and trash, like buoys and lobster traps will help out the wildlife in the area.

He say the clean-up crew covered over 100 acres of beach and ran out of trash-bags in the process.

Holland says another trip will be planned to finish the job.

Police Deal With Pair Of Assaults

Two assaults in the uptown last night. 

Police arresting one man at the scene of an assault near Market Square just after 2am. 

Some ten minutes later, an assault taking place on King Street and one man was taken to hospital with minor injuries as a result. 

Police say a suspect has been identified but not arrested.