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Monday, August 16, 2010

Boil Water Order Lifted

People living in the Dominion Park Area can safely drink their water again without boiling it first.

Saint John Water issued the boil water order last month for 25 homes on Tippett Drive including Mary's Place, Mackie Lane and Cove Roadway.

Then on August 3rd it was expanded to include 75 residents of the Greenhead road after the bridge.

Saint John Water says if you've been away, or if you haven't used your water at all, you should let your taps run for a few minutes to get rid of any contaminated water that might be sitting in your pipes.

Irving Oil Reports Problem With Supreme Gasoline

If you purchase gasoline from Irving Oil, you will want to take a look at this.

The company discovered last week a portion of it's supreme product was not meeting octane specifications at some stations around the Province.

Refinery General Manager Mark Sherman tells CHSJ News, the problem is one of the truck loading bays had an automated valve malfunction which caused the supreme to be mixed with regular gasoline.

Sherman adds the equipment has been fixed and the company is now going through the process to figure out which gas stations received the affected supreme gasoline.

If you have any questions about what happened, you can go to the company's web site or call 1-877-686-0792 starting tomorrow morning (Tuesday, August.17th/2010) at nine o'clock.

City Police Investigating Mysterious Death

City Police have a mysterious death on it's hands.

53-year old Mark Fryer was found in the area of Haymarket Square and Crown Street at two in the morning Sunday.

He was taken out to the Regional and pronounced dead a short time later.

Officers believe how Fryer died is suspicious and the Major Crime Unit is trying to piece together what happened.

If you have any information, feel free to call them at 648-3333 of Crime-stoppers.

Dumptruck Crashes Into Creek....One Man Dead

(Dumptruck Crashes Into Marsh Creek)
        (Photo By Jim Hennessy)

One man is dead after the dump truck he was driving crashed through a guard-rail and ended up nose first in Marsh Creek.

It happened just after two this afternoon on the Marsh Creek Bridge near Haymarket Square.

Staff Sargeant Jim Flemming tells CHSJ News, it's way too early to say what happened.

Staff Sargeant Flemming says the accident could have been much worse if the driver didn't have enough presence of mind to pull the truck off the road when he reealized something was wrong.

Seadogs Are Ready To Hit The Ice

(Shot Of The Ice At Harbour Station)
     (Photo By Jim Hennessy)

Hard to believe but the Saint John Seadogs will hit the ice for it's sixth training camp on Wednesday.

Over 40 players are looking to crack the line-up and Dogs Head Coach and GM Gerard Gallant tells CHSJ News, he is taking nothing for granted even with 17 returning players and doesn't see why this years team can't compete at the same level as last years which made it to the Presidents Cup Final.

The first session goes Wednesday morning with an intrasquad game scheduled for Friday night at seven.
Everyone is invited and asked to bring a non-perisbale food item.

First pre-season game is Saturday night at seven against the Mooseheads.

Listeners Respond To Idea Of Deer Cull

Not everyone is happy with word that the Department of Natural Resources may be leaning towards a cull in the Valley to deal with the rising deer population.

Our listeners are sounding off on Facebook where one man says the deer would stay away from peoples' homes if we stopped cutting down their habitat.

Another woman says humans need to stop being so greedy and think about the lives that are being destroyed in the wild.

If you would like to add your comments go to the Country 94 page on Facebook.

New Legislation For Health Info This September

Following several incidents in recent years where personal health information was lost or shared, the Graham Government wants to make sure it doesn't happen again.

New legislation outlining how personal health information is collected, used and shared will take effect the first day of September.

Some of the wording with the new law includes requires consent to collect, use or disclose personal health information.

The Personal Health Information Privacy and Access Act was introduced in the Legislature back in the spring of last year.

Ottawa Still Reviewing Point Lepreau File

(Energy Minister Jack Keir)
(File Photo)

With the tab growing at one million dollars a day for replacement power at Point Lepreau, the Energy Minister says negotiations with Ottawa continue to pick up the tab for replacement power.

Jack Keir tells CHSJ News, he met with MP Keith Ashfield late Friday night and Ottawa is still reviewing the file.

Our news-room asked Minister Keir if this issue could cost the Liberal Party re-election in the Provincial vote next month and he says he doesn't see how the Graham Government can be pinned down when it was the Conservative Party that signed the contract which put all cost responsibilities on the Provincial Government.

RCMP Seize Record Amount Of Meth

One of the largest amounts of methamphetamine ever seized in the Province has been found by RCMP.

15,000 white pills believed to be meth were found in a truck that was pulled over this weekend near Florenceville. Officers also found one pound of dried marijuana.

37-year old Jeffrey Farrell of JacksonTown is due in court this afternoon answering to two charges including possession for the purpose of trafficking.

Man Bares All In Midland

No charges will be laid after a man decided to bare all and go for a run last night.

Hampton RCMP say they were called to the Midland area last night to find a 63-year old man out for a run as naked as the day he came into the world.

As you can guess, officers tell us the man was drinking and told them he had been in bed for most of the day as he was feeling under the weather.

Highway Projects Announced

(Grand Bay Westfield Mayor Grace Losier)
               (File Photo)

With the Province and Ottawa both investing over $800,000 dollars, the Highland Road in Grand Bay Westfield and Route 127 in St. Andrews are getting some upgrade work.

Grand Bay Westfield Mayor Grace Losier tells CHSJ News, this project has been in the works for over twenty years and couldn't have happened with Energy Minister Jack Keir and SouthWest MP Greg Thompson.

Losier adds this project is going to open strategic new commercial space and over 400 acres of residential area.
Total cost of the both projects totals $1.7 million but no word on when the work will be finished.

Debating Rockwood Park Development

Common Councillor Patty Higgins argues there is no need for any residential and commercial development that might encroach on Rockwood Park.

She claims there's 90 nearby acres the owner would love to see development on.

She also says her contention that a huge chunk of the park could be developed commercially and residentially is contained in the consultant's report.

The Friends of Rockwood Park, who also oppose development within the park's boundaries, will be holding a public information meeting this Thursday night at the Fort Howe hotel.

Deer Still A Nuisance In Rothesay And Beyond

The number of deer roaming the Kennebecasis Valley is still a major issue. Rothesay Mayor Bill Bishop tells CHSJ News while the Department of Natural Resources hasn't responded yet, he thinks they are leaning towards the idea of a cull.
 Bishop says complaints are coming in daily and he says the other issue is ticks and lyme disease.
He expects when someone gets sick, real action will be taken.

Bishop says the Department is willing to visit the Valley and says he thinks that meeting will happen in the fall.

Road Work In Hampton

As summer continues so does the road work. People living in Hampton may experience some traffic delays today. Main Street has a detour from the intersection of Keirstead Avenue to the intersection of Cemetary Road while the town completes some extensive road work.

Cops For Cancer Coming Up

The Canadian Cancer Society in Saint John is hoping to raise a fair chunk of money Wednesday night with the bi-annual Cops for Cancer concert at Saint John High. The featured performers are Jessica Rhaye, Laura McNeil and Mike Beggar. Sergeant Pat Bonner is hoping for a full house because it's a disease that more people appear to be coming down with these days.

Concert tickets can be bought at Backstreet Records on Germain Street, the Cancer Society office on Prince William and on the 7th floor of City Hall.

Small Business Owners Hopeful Of Economic Recovery

A new poll shows that 77 per cent of business owners in Atlantic Canada feel there is an economic recovery underway. Christine Cooper is the vice-president of BMO, Bank of Montreal, for New Brunswick and PEI and tells CHSJ News business owners are showing a general feeling of confidence that is leading them to make additional investments.

Cooper says more business owners are investing here than they are in the rest of Canada, and say that's likely because Atlantic Canada didn't have the same sharp economic drop Ontario and Quebec did when the recession hit.