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Friday, April 30, 2010

Moncton Takes Opener of Presidents Cup Final

(Opening Face-Off of Presidents Cup Game One)
              (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

It's advantage Moncton in the Presidents Cup Final.

A smothering defenceman and three goals by Gabrielle Boruque led the Cats to a 5-1 win over the Seadogs last night to take Game One in the best of seven.

Moncton head Coach and GM Danny Flynn says his team did a lot of things right but is taking nothing away from the Seadogs knowing this is only one game and doesn't expect they are ready to rollover.

Dogs Head Coach Gerard Gallant calls his teams performance flat and give full marks to Moncton for a solid blue-line and winning important face-offs.

Game Two in the series goes tomorrow afternoon at the Coliseum. Game time is four o'clock.

West Side Pulp Mill is Fined

The work week has closed with a hefty fine for the Irving Pulp and Paper mill on the west-side.

The company will pay $71,250 to the Atlantic Coastal Action Program and pay a fine of $3,750.

This after the mill released green liquor (a by-product of the chemical recovery process) into the Saint John River on October 31 of 2007 during the start-up of a new lime kiln.

The company says human error is the reason for the incident.

NB Liquor Approves Liquor Outlet on Kingston Peninsula

The Board of Directors at NB Liquor has given thumbs up to a liquor outlet setting up shop on the Kingston Peninsula.

NB Liquor spokes-person Nora Lacey tells CHSJ News, the next step in the process is to send out written notification, meet with the store owner, set up training dates and then lock up an official opening.

Lacey adds NB Liquor is pleased they are able to bring their product where the demand is.

Store Owner Thrilled With Decision

The news out of Fredericton has put a smile on the face of Steve Gatien.

He is the owner of the Kingston General Merchants store and has been fighting for a liquor outlet for 11 years.
Gatien tells CHSJ News, there is still a lot of work to do in setting up the store before locking up an opening date.

There are some concerns from some residents with a school right across from the store but Gatien says he is ready to prove that liquor will not be sold to minors.

Saint John Energy is raising it's rates

The news is not good for residential, commerical and industrial users of Saint John Energy. The utility has announced that on June.1st, it is raising it's rates by three per cent. This is in conjunction with the three per cent increase that NB Power has applied for. President and CEO Eric Marr tells CHSJ News, those rates represent 85% of the utilities cost and three per cent is large amount of cash and they only way to recover it is through the rate-payers.

Energy Minister Jack Keir has ordered a hearing with the Energy and Utilities Board for NB Power to justify it's rate his proposal but no date has been set.

Weston on the Harbour Bridge

(Saint John MP Rodney Weston)

After Energy Minister Jack Keir told us he came away with a negative vibe, Saint John MP Rodney Weston is weighing in on the meeting in Ottawa this week concerning the future of the Harbour Bridge. Weston tells CHSJ News, the bottom line is Saint John is not getting equal treatment:

Weston again points out, federal funding for repairs the bridge might need in the future are not being pulled off the table. Ottawa's proposal for the Harbour Bridge includes providing $17.5 million toward repairs and in return, the bridge becomes part of Highway One with the province responsible for all future costs and the tolls are removed immediately.

Call Goes Out For More Community Policing

(Saint John Councilor Donnie Snook)
          (File Photo)

Its an area of the city infamous for prostitution and drug use.

Common Councillor Donnie Snook believes the time is right, as part of a poverty reduction strategy, to set up a community policing office in the Waterloo Street area which has become known as the Village.

The final say will be made by the Police Commission which will mull over the request.
Snook maintains the cost could be minimal.

Headstone Mystery Continues

     (Damaged Headstones at St. Josephs Cemetery)
                 (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

Fifty dollars is being offered up by a Saint John woman to go toward the reward of finding who is responsible for the damage caused at St. Josephs Cemetery.

Kim Barry tells CHSJ News, a lot of her family is buried in this cemetery and she can't figure out why anyone would do something like this.

Barry is disabled and says she doesn't have a computer but is looking for some help in getting a fund set up on a web-site.
Her number is 652-3923.
Crimestoppers is also offering a reward of one thousand dollars to anyone with information which leads to an arrest.

Commercial Fishery Looking For a Permanent Home

(Saint John MP Rodney Weston (right) at Announcement)
                (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

Local fisherman are a step closer to finding a permanent home.

Ottawa has handed over two hundred thousand dollars to look into where the best location is to set up a dock.

John Mcdade is President of the Saint John Community Harbour Authority and says the site they are exploring is Pier 14, just north-west of the Bay Ferries Terminal.

Right now, fisherman are using Long Wharf slip and Peir Three on the West Side which is working for now but is hampering productivity.

The Deadline Is Here To File Your Income Tax Return

If you still haven't filed your 2009 personal income tax return - time is running out -- tonight is the deadline.
Roger Haineault  of Help 4 Taxes tells CHSJ News there's a very good reason for filing your return on time...... if you owe money and don't file by the deadline, you will be subject to a late filing penalty plus interest on money owed. Haineault says if you don't have the money to pay what you owe - at least file and then work on a payment schedule with the Canada Revenue Agency. If you are owed money by the government, it doesen't matter when you file. If you're self employed, the deadline isn't until June.

City Police Chief Wants To Reduce Number Of Assaults Taking Place

(Saint John Police Chief Bill Reid)
            (File Photo)

City Police will be embarking on a campaign to reduce the number of assaults taking place which has led to Saint John getting a reputation of being more violent than other cities. Police Chief Bill Reid says the vast majority of assaults that were reported turned out to be minor but that doesn't mean something shouldn't be done to reduce the numbers.
The Chief says they have identified the areas where more of these assaults seem to be taking place and police will try to take away the opportunities.

Arbour Day To Be Marked In Saint John

This is Arbour Day, the time when we reflect on the need for more trees to be planted to make our environment cleaner and more pleasing to the eye. Researchers claims people behave better in areas where there are more trees. J-D Irving's Geoff Britt says 34 spruce seedlings will be distributed to the grade one class at St. Rose on the west side and two hardwood trees will be planted later this morning on the school property. As well, the company is giving seed cards to every grade one student in School District 8 to be planted later on and a hardwood tree will also be planted on Rev. Lloyd Lake's property to recognise his efforts over the years to save the trees along Manawagonish Road.