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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Need for Self Reliant Energy

[New Brunswick Green Party Leader Jack MacDougall----Photo by Dave Briggs]

The new provincial leader of the Green party says this province doesn't need nuclear power.
Jack MacDougall tells CHSJ news, this province should start looking at ways to incorporate more self reliant sources of energy.
MacDougall says once the province supplies it's own energy, than anything left over could be exported.
He says what concerns him most about the refurbishment of Point Lepreau is what is going to happen with all of the nuclear rods when they are finished making power.

Green Party Leader Says Delays At Point Lepreau Are Predictable

[Green Party Leader Elizabeth May----Photo by Dave Briggs]

The leader of the Green Party is not holding back when saying the refit project at Point Lepreau being behind schedule was completely predictable.
Elizabeth May tells CHSJ news, her party warned the project would run behind schedule.
May says the Atomic Energy of Canada continues to prove itself as incompetent. She says the crown corporation is unable to be transparant with how it spends it's money.
May says there needs to be a massive energy retrofit program implemented across the country.

Weapons Charges for Barnesville Man

A 25-year-old Barnseville man is facing weapons offences after shots were fired in the community last night.
The RCMP Response Team conducted a search of the house around midnight when three shots were fired at the front entrance. No one was hurt in the incident.
Jeffrey Defazio is being held until a bail hearing tomorrow in Saint John.
RCMP says additional charges will be laid after a search of the home.

Could More Saint John Jobs be on the Hook?

With jobs at Canadian Blood Services on their way to Dartmouth, there is word from Fredericton more Saint John jobs could be on the line. Since June, Ottawa has been working on setting up a National Securities Commission and appointed William Belliveau to be the representative for this Province. As the model for the new commission is still being worked out, Justice and Consumer Affairs Minister Mike Murphy has sent a letter voicing a few concerns.

While he assures Ottawa they will work with them on this new set-up, he also notes that sacrificing the New Brunswick Securities Commission at the expense of a national regime is not an option. NBSC employs more than 30 people at it's office on King Street.

Moosehead Light Lime Finds a Year Round Home

If over the past few months you have become a fan of MooseHead Light Lime, there is some good news. Due to how popular the product has become in such a short time, the company has decided to make it available year round. In its first month, over 50,000 cases were sold here and on the Island.

This makes it Mooseheads third-best selling brand behind Alpine Lager and Moosehead Light.

Alward Promises Changes to Social Assistance

(Provincial Conservative Leader David Alward)
              Photo by Jim Hennessy

Provincial Conservative Leader David Alward is promising major changes to the Department of Social Development. This comes just weeks before the final draft of the Poverty Reduction Plan is due to be unveiled which they Conservative Party has been part of. The question was posed to Alward is this nothing more than trying to beat the Graham Government to the punch which he denies.
If his party is elected, Alward promises around social development include getting rid of the economic unit policy and changes to the health card including not losing drug coverage to take a job.

Liberals Puzzled by Announcement from Alward

Admitting this is politics at it's best, Saint John East Roly MacIntyre was on hand for Alward's announcement. With the Poverty Reduction Strategy set to be released in about a month, MacIntyre says the timing for this is bad considering the Conservatives were part of the discussion group.

When asked if today's announcement is nothing more than posturing with an election next fall, MacIntyre says no question, it certainly is.

Children Encouraged to Get H1N1 Vaccine

The Department of Health is encouraging parents to have their children vaccinated against the H1N1 flu virus. An information pamphlet and parent consent form will be sent home with students in the coming days. Deputy chief medical officer of health, Dr. Paul Van Buynder says it's important that parents protect their children.

Aborginals and pregnant women are among the most likely to get H1N1, but Dr. Van Buynder says outside the key targets, young children are by far the most likely to get sick.

Shots Fired At RCMP Officers

RCMP officers searching a home near Barnesville last night ended up dodging bullets. A 25 year old man is facing charges in court today after the RCMP Emergency Response Team entered the home around midnight and a man fired three shots at the front entrance. Officers quickly arrested the man and no one was injured.

Beating Poverty

Saint John continues to have some of the highest poverty rates in Canada, with more than 14 hundred poor. Wendy MacDermott with Vibrant Communities says 20 per cent of Saint Johner's a poor, compared to the national average of 15 per cent. But there is hope. MacDermott says they can beat poverty by placing more resources in communities with the highest risk.

The Saint John police commission is helping out with the appointment of Mary-Eileen Flanagan to a Leadership Rountable that will help find solutions to poverty. MacDermott says their goal is to reduce poverty rates to the national average by vititalizing neighbourhoods, improving the city's housing strategy, helping single parents and encouraging more people to look for work.

Gas Prices Dip as Loonie Soars

The price of gasoline has dropped nearly a penny a litre today. The Energy and Utilities Board has set the maximum price for regular self-serve gas at 92.3 plus a possible two cent delivery charge. Meanwhile, diesel fuel is the same as yesterday at 96.6 cents a litre and propane also remains the same at 86.8. Furnace oil is up half a cent to land at 78.3.

Teaching Money Matters

The provincial securities commission is helping parents and teachers talk to youth about financial matters. A financial literacy program has been released called, "Make it Count: A Parent's Guide to Youth Money Management." A recent survey shows 59 per cent of New Brunswickers have not taught their children about personal finance.

The guide is available on-line and in print and teaches responsible budgeting, saving and debit card use. It also gives parents ideas on how to discuss smart money decisions with their children.

Children's Wish Walk

Raising cash for a good cause is the goal for some students in East Saint John today. Bayside Middle School is taking part in this years annual Childrens Wish Walk. Over the past eight years, students have raised $120,000 dollars, $26,000 last year alone.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the walk so students have set a goal of raising $25,000 dollars. The walk gets started at 10:30am and goes 2.5 kilometers.

Businesses Honoured for Hiring Those with Disabilities

The spotlight will shine on seven businesses in Greater Saint John today. They are being honored with an award from the Partners for Workplace Inclusion Program. This is a set-up which introduces those with a physical or mental disability to the work-place. Spokes-person Laura Anderson tells CHSJ News, their clients self-esteem gets a real boost with this set-up:

The disabilities range from those who are deaf, blind or suffer from a mental health issue. The ceremony gets started at noon at the Hampton Inn and Suites.

H1N1 Up for Discussion Tonight

As the worst case scenario unfolds in Quispamsis, H1N1 will be the topic of conversation in Grand Bay-Westfiled tonight. Public Health along with the town's Emergency Measures Organization will host an info session tonight on the virus.

The meeting gets underway at 7pm at the Centrum in the Grand Bay Room.

Quispamsis to Hold Mock H1N1 Outbreak Today

The Kennebecasis Emergency Measures Organization is conducting a mock exercise of an outbreak of the H1-N1 virus today. Director Brian Shanks says it's important to conduct exercises focusing on the worst case scenerio and EMO is constantly updating information about the so called swine-flu.

The exercise will take place at Town Hall and Shanks says they will discuss what essential services will be maintained during an outbreak and staff will wear preventative flu masks. Things get underway at 8:30 and run til noon.

Politicians Visit Saint John Today

Saint John is getting a visit from provincial and federal politicians today. Official Opposition and Progressive Conservative Leader David Alward will make an election platform commitment this morning. Things get started at ten at the Crescent Valley Resource Centre.

Then this evening, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May will pay a visit to the library in Market Square. There she will meet with newly appointed leader of the provincial Green Party Jack McDougall. That gets started at seven.