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Friday, June 21, 2013

Canada Day Flea Market Cancelled

It's a time-honoured Saint John event that won't be happening this year.

We've received word that the Canada Day Flea has been called off this year, with the those behind it citing liability issues. According to organizer Colleen Hatfield, they were unsure if they would be able to comply with the new guidelines set up by the city and so decided not to have it at all.

Hatfield says she's disappointed but she understands. A flea market will be held on Sunday inside and outside of Exhibition Park instead. This would have been the 26th year of the flea market in the uptown.

Fireworks & Music Planned On Longest Day Of The Year

It's the longest day of the year,and Tourism Minister Trevor Holder tells CHSJ News our provincial parks might be great for tourists, but places like Fundy and New River are also something we New Brunswickers shouldn't take for granted.

As well, there are lots of events planned to celebrate the summer solstice....there's music on the boardwalk all night for Market Square's 30th anniversay, as well as fireworks later this evening.

-6pm Aboriginal Drummers
-7pm Tradition
-9pm Nothing But A Necktie 

The fireworks will be after the final band, at dusk.

Morgan Earl Smith Will Not Be Released In Grand Bay

Contrary to popular belief, sex offender Morgan Earl Smith is not going to be released into the town of Grand Bay Westfield. He will be released into an area under the jurisdiction of the District 3 RCMP, which is the detachment for Grand Bay Westfield

Mayor Grace Losier tells CHSJ News even though he's not being released into her municipality, she feels the handling of his case has been a failure of the system.

Losier says she can't disclose where exactly he's going to be released--but in the future communities need to be better prepared for the arrival of an offender like this.

Concerns About Higher Energy Rates

Opposition Energy and Mines critic and MLA for Charlotte the Isles Rick Doucet is concerned your energy rates could be going up--and the Tories aren't going to tell you about it. 

He says it's very convenient that the Electricity Act is going to be changed before NB Power has to have its next rate hearing. The cabinet will not be able to overrule rate increases needed to pay down the debt.
NB Power is currently in massive debt and the concern is that debt is going to be paid back by the rate-payers via increased fees.

Controversy Over Release of Morgan Earl Smith

With the release of sex offender Morgan Earl Smith today , many are concerned at the prospect he will re-offend given that he was supposed to be released in May, but was deemed unfit. 

Shelley O'Neil, an activist who wants to see a Sex Offender Registry created in the Province, says it baffles her.

Smith pled guilty in 2002 to sexual assault on a 6 and 7 year old girl. While sex offenders have always been released in Saint John the new policy of informing the community about it has resulted in increased controversy on the issue.

Dryer To Run For the NDP in Saint John Harbour Next Year

It might seem a little early but an NDP candidate is announcing he is seeking the Saint John Harbour seat next fall.

Wayne Dryer tells CHSJ News he ran in the riding in the last provincial vote in 2010.

He says he came within 120 votes of the leader adding he had 32 per cent of the vote.

Dryer says 40 per cent of the constituents didn't not vote in the 2010 election which he says indicates disillusionment among the voting public and he would like to help change that.

Ashfield Announces Cancer Diagnosis

Fisheries and Oceans Minister Keith Ashfield has been diagnosed with cancer and is asking the prime minister to excuse him from cabinet to focus on his treatment and recovery.

    Ashfield issued an open letter today to constituents in his riding of Fredericton explaining that recent tests determined he has Hodgkins lymphoma and treatment has begun.

    Ashfield suffered a heart attack last year and underwent bypass surgery.
    The 61-year-old politician was first elected to the New Brunswick legislature in 1991 and was elected federally in 2008.

Two Women Hanging Out On A Roof

The CEO of Bayview Credit Union and a Common Councillor are on a perch above King Street today.

Anna Florcyznski & Donna Reardon are up on the roof of the credit union and will stay put until enough money is donated to get them down.

It's a fundraiser for the Relay for Life and you can donate by calling 634-6251

Double Trouble Starts Soon

A unique fundraiser is set to begin soon on the roof of Bayview Credit Union on King Street.

Bayview Credit Union CEO Anna Florcyznski & Councillor Donna Reardon will be camped out on the roof and you have to donate to Relay for Life to get them down.

Call 634-6251 to donate.

New Hope For Those Without A Family Doctor

Changes by the province may mean you can get a family doctor.

A new monitoring system that has been introduced for salaried family physicians.

Health Minister Ted Flemming says the Salaried Physician Monitoring System will allow salaried family physicians and the regional health authorities to determine whether physicians have room in their practices to take on more patients.

Salaried physicians that have space in their practices will be expected to take patients off the Patient Connect NB registry, the provincially-managed registry for patients without a family doctor.

The province has  441 salaried physicians, 105 of them are family doctors.

For more info on the Patient Connect NB registry, click here