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Friday, May 3, 2013

Parrott Says He'll Quit If Flemming Doesn't Negotiate With NB Docs

Dr. Jim Parrott says he will resign if the Health Minister doesn't negotiate with doctors in a dispute over health care spending.
The Independent MLA representing Fundy-River Valley came out of a meeting with the Provincial Medical Society saying he wants Health Minister Hugh Flemming to have talks with the group. 

Parrott says if that doesn't happen, he will quit politics.

The former cardiac surgeon & current member of the medical society, says he wants the group to back off from its plans to launch a court challenge of a $20-million cut to medicare.  

The medical society has accused Flemming of issuing an ultimatum rather than negotiating with them.    But Flemming has issued an open letter to doctors saying he is willing to negotiate.

The Decided Can Vote Tomorrow

As May 13th approaches, Ward 3 can exercise their right early at the only advance polls tomorrow begin 10am and 8pm.

Paul Harpelle of Elections NB says you can vote at the Simonds Lions Auditorium at the Villa, Carleton Community Centre and the Saint John Boys and Girls club.

He says they are asking voters to bring their voter information card along with them so they can be processed quickly and on their way to enjoy their Saturday.

An estimated 10,000 people are eligible to vote in Ward 3.

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Remembering the Battle of the Atlantic

Many of us can't conceive of being at war at all let alone being involved in a battle for more than 4 years.

That was the case during World War 2 when the Canadian Navy, Merchant Navy and Air Force all fought the Battle of the Atlantic from September 1939 to May 1945.

Lieutenant-Commander Mark Brown o HMCS Brunswicker tells CHSJ News the battle will be commemorated on Sunday morning in a service at Grace Presbyterian Church at 11am.

He says members of HMCS Brunswicker-the Royal Canadian Navy, Navy League cadets and Royal Canadian Sea cadets will march from the church on Cobourg street to Market slip by the Hilton hotel.

Brown says dignetaries attending the service will throw wreaths into the Harbour to commemorate the Battle of the Atlantic.

The service on Sunday begins at 11am at Grace Presbyterian Church followed by a march from the church down Cobourg crossing Union to Charlotte down King to Market slip near the Hilton.

Candidate Doesn't Like Debate Format, Does Like Knocking On Doors

You might not have seen Ward 3 Candidate Mark LeBlanc at the past couple of candidate debates, but that doesn't mean he's not in the running.

Leblanc is a compliance officer with Public Safety, and he tells CHSJ news he doesn't like the style in which the debates are run, which doesn't allow people to challenge one another's platforms.

Leblanc says the biggest issue facing ward 3 is unemployment and its biggest asset is the waterfront, on which he'd like to see an amusement park built.

Anti-Sex Offender Rally In King Square

Concerned citizens and community activists gathered in King Square this afternoon to protest the release of sex offenders into the community.

Activist John Campbell spoke to the crowd on his concerns with having sex offenders living here, saying some cannot be rehabilitate and are a threat to the safety of women and children.

Others pointed out the protest isn't about the two specific sex offenders who were released recently, but rather about raising awareness of sexual assault in general.

Runners To Converge On Saint John Airport

About 400 runners aged 5 and older will be at the airport tomorrow night for the third annual runway run. 

Angela McLean at the Airport tells CHSJ News this event gets sold out fast, within two weeks of being advertised.

About 100 young people will be running first to raise money for the Canadian Mental Health Association. 

When the older folks run, the airport runway lights will be on. The logistics are tricky because the runs have to be worked around two Air Canada flights.

Pizza Recalled

Federal health officials and Nestle are recalling a brand of frozen pizza because it may contain pieces of plastic.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency announcing the recall for Delissio brand Thin Crispy Crust Grilled Chicken, Tomato & Spinach pizza.

There has been no explanation on how the plastic may have gotten into the pizza.

The product is sold across the country and the federal agency says there have been no reported consumer complaints.

Another Debate, The Same Missing Candidate

The big story of the Ward 3 debates is missing candidate.    Again.. Mark Leblanc declined to participate because he didn't like the format. 

The remaining 7 did show and covered a range of topics from roads to P3 funding, police and fire funding and performance reviews for city staff.

Allen Leslie tells CHSJ News this was his second attempt and he tells us he's getting better at it and he hopes everyone agrees.

Michelle Hooten says the subject matter was the same on the Lower West side and in the South end. 

Brian Boyd questions the City's definition of the word priority adding those neighbourhoods are not focused on.

Barbara Ellemberg says people in this urban setting are hurting and can't afford any kind of tax increase.

Graeme Stewart-Roberston says road reconstructions costs can be reduced with road diets by increasing public transportation.

Gerry Lowe pointed out that no council has ever asked Local 18 to discuss their contract.

All 7 candidates encouraged voters to exercise their right on May 4th or May 13th.

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