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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Saint John businesses offer help to North End Famillies

Restaurants in Uptown Saint John are going to help out the North End famillies burnt out of their homes just before Christmas.
Margret and Axel Begner of Opera Bistro have started a fund to donate to the famillies.
They challenge all the uptown dining establishments to support it.
All proceeds will be distributed through the proper personnel on behalf of the uptown restaurants and social establishments.
If you would like to help call, 642-2822.

Update on Point Lepreau

With the future of NB Power still up in the update today on how the refit at Point Lepreau is coming along. Several inspections by Atomic Energy of Canada Limited have taken place since 380 calandria tubes were removed and officials have given the reactor a clean bill of health and that it is good to run for the next 25-30 years.

Workers are now in the process of putting the reactor back together and work also continues on the installation of 760 upper feeders. As far as the turbine and generator is concerned, the rotor has been re-installed and final assembly activities are underway. AECL announced back in September, the project is 16 months behind schedule and isn't expected to go back on-line until February of 2011.

Second Wind Farm Up and Running

The Province's second wind farm is now operational. Turbines are turning at Caribou Wind Park about 70 kilometers northwest of Bathurst. The 99 mega watt facility will provide all of its power to NB Power to fulfill a 20-year power purchase agreement with the utility.

The turning of the turbines is producing enough electricity to supply electricity to 30,000 homes. It will provide about 2 percent of the electricity needs in the province. The Kent Hills wind farm in Albert County has a capacity of 96 mega watts which went on line back in the spring.

Grade 7 Student raises money for other kids in need

A Grade 7 student at Rothesay Park elementary understands the reward of giving back at Christmastime.
12-year-old Becky Dempster was part of a sponsored family just four years ago and decided this year she wanted to give back. She put on bake sales during the lunch hour at her school and with other donations raised $584 dollars.
The K.V. fire department gave her the names of two 3-year-old girls from different famillies who are in need. Dempster went shopping for the little girls she sponsored and bought them Barbies and other toys, clothes and slippers.
She says she would like to do this every year.

Chimney Falls on Man in Lepreau

One man is at the Regional in serious condition after a bizarre accident in Lepreau this morning. The Musquash Fire Department arrived at the man's home to find both his arms pinned by a brick chimney. Officials believe the man was trying was removing layers of bricks when the weight of the chimney caused it to slide straight down which in turn pinned his arms.

One firefighter used a crowbar to try and lift as much of the chimney off the man's arms before paramedics arrived.

Canadian Red Cross Reminds Everyone to Be Prepared

In the wake of yesterdays fire that left thirteen people homeless the Canadian Red Cross is continuing to spread the message of preparedness.

Red Cross volunteer Deborah Stewart was in the North End yesterday for the fire, and says when arriving on a scene you have to keep the families occupied.
Stewart says to be ready for an emergency people need to be prepared for 72 hours. She says one thing people rarely think of when getting preparing for an emergency is cash. Stewart says people often forget when the power goes out, bank machines no longer work.

Unusual Robbery in South End

City Police investigating an unusual theft in the south end. They tell CHSJ News a man walked into Sam's Variety on Carmarthen Street and made off with a bag of milk. A store employee gave chase down the street but backed off when threatened with a knife. The suspect then fled.

Gas Prices Drop After Weekly Setting

Drivers in the Saint John area are getting a price break with gas after the weekly setting. The maximum price for self serve regular is 96 cents a litre. That's down more than 4 cents from last night but a caller to our 648-3000 newsline tells us it's selling for 92.4 cents a litre in Grand Bay-Westfield and 93.4 at most stations in the city. The maximum price that can be charged for diesel is 103.4 which is more than 2 cents lower than yesterday and furnace oil is also less expensive at 86.3, down from 88.4 this past week.