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Friday, January 31, 2014

Turbine Transport Set For Sunday

They will try again this weekend to get the other mammoth turbine from the Port down to Point Lepreau.

You are advised to avoid Route 1 between 7am and 10:30 a.m. on Sunday.

You can expect major delays in the eastbound and westbound lanes of Route 1 from Ludlow Street in Saint John West to Route 790 at Lepreau as the turbine is transported to Point Lepreau.

It was originally planned for last Sunday but delayed because of the weather.

The convoy will be moving very slowly at between 15-20 kilometers per hour for most of the 50-kilometre journey with a police escort.

It should take about six hours to complete the transport.

Covered Bridge Re-Opens

The people of Charlotte County are no doubt happy about this.

The Maxwell Crossing Covered Bridge reopened today.

You may remember it suffered a lot of damage early last year when it was hit by a car.

The historic structure is now fixed up and you will find it on the Maxwell Crossing Road between Route 750 and Route 3.

NB Power Creating Long-Term Electricity Supply Plan

NB Power calling on their customers to give input on the development of a long-term electricity supply plan for the province.

President Gaetan Thomas says they value the partnership they've developed with their customers and are excited to hear from them about how they can plan for the future.

The process starting with a workshop in Fredericton. The information gathered with help them create a Integrated Resource Plan which will help them meet a few goals including projected customer demand for electricity over the next 25-years and respecting its mandate to provide reliable, accessible service at low and stable rates.

6th Annual Pavilion Cup Underway Now

With 12 ice surfaces, fireworks, live music and a whole lot of pond hockey....Lily Lake is the place to be for the 6th annual tourney on now until Sunday.

Rolph Spangenburg tells CHSJ News its a family event and the proceeds support a wide range of services at Rockwood park all year.

He says they look after senior events and provide movies in the park for the whole community.

The Pavilion Cup is on now and your can learn more here

Our sister station The Wave has a team this year and they are playing tonight at 5pm taking on Canaport.

Sting Operation Leads To Arrests, Recovery Of Stolen Jewelry

Two jewelry thieves finding themselves under arrest after trying to sell the stolen goods on the internet. 

Sergeant Jay Henderson of City Police says the jewelry was taken during a break, enter and theft last summer on the West side. When an online classified ad featuring the jewelry popped up, undercover officers got in touch and met up with the ad-posters at an uptown coffee shop.

The 20-year-old man and woman were arrested and are being charged with possession of stolen property. Both will be making court appearances.

NDP Leader Has Different Take On State Of The Province

Provincial NDP leader Dominic Cardy sees Premier David Alward's State of the Province speech as a sign of desperation with so much being pinned on the future of shale gas. 

Cardy tells CHSJ News you just have to check on what's happened since the Premier's first State of the Province address back in 2011 with unemployment levels up and would be a lot higher without all the migration out west, the provincial debt has risen and the government has not been able to get a handle on the deficit.

As for the revitalisation of forestry, Cardy points out the province is still losing tens of millions of dollars on its crown lands which is a sign of incompetence so there's still a long way to go before that's turned around.

BREAKING: UNB Classes Will Resume Monday

UNB President Eddy Campbell announcing all classes will resume on Monday after a tentative deal with the union representing faculty.

Campbell says they are all looking forward to a return to the vibrant UNB campus life that students, faculty and staff contribute to every day.

He adds they are working toward making sure the move back to class is as seamless as possible.

Campbell says questions can be answered and more details will be found on the UNB website as they become available.

For more info, click here

Premier Optimistic About Province's Future

Even though the New Brunswick economy is still struggling, Premier David Alward delivered a State of the Province address that's optimistic about the future. 

He claims the government is revitalising forestry in the province with commitments to invest half a billion dollars in the upgrading of mills that will generate hundreds of new jobs. 

The Premier also speaking strongly in favour for continued development of shale gas, claiming the oil and gas industry in the province could amount to more than 20 billion dollars and Corridor Resources is looking to drill new wells in the Sussex area. According to Alward, New Brunswick is viewed as a critical player in the global energy market.

The Premier also vowing shale gas protestors, whom he describes as a minority, will not derail the province's development.