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Friday, June 10, 2011

Joshua Group Receives Cheque

The Joshua Group Gets $10,000 cheque from Local 502 of IBEW

Saint John On Top For Commuter Challenge

So far, so good -- Saint John is in first place for it's category for the Commuter Challenge.

The event encourages Canadians everywhere to leave their cars at home and either carpool or use active transportation.  You then keep track of your results on the Commuter Challenge website.

The Port City is on top out of 27 organizations.

As of Friday morning, the 134 participants have avoided over 2-thousand kilograms of CO2, saved almost 900 litres of gasoline and used 56-thousand calories on their active commutes.

There is still time to register and you have until June 15th to record your results.

Click here to register or click here to learn more about Saint John’s efforts for a sustainable commute.

Army Worms Are Back

Here something to make you say "ew' and make your skin crawl.

Damage to aspen and hardwood trees due to army worms is being anticipated by the province to areas in Bathurst, Fredericton, and French Village.

According to the province's website, the pest was recently observed in Fredericton.

Officials recommend that you keep defoliated or damaged trees well watered to prevent any additional stress and to apply a pest barrier such as tanglefoot over a band on the tree trunk.   The last two outbreaks in the province, which occurred in the 80's and 90's, affected over one million hectares of land.

Mounties Investigate Gun Theft In Penobsquis

Sussex RCMP looking into the theft of several guns from a Penobsquis home yesterday.
The mounties tell CHSJ News it happened sometime between 2:30 yesterday afternoon and 4am this morning when at least one person broke into a home on the Portage Vale road and stole the firearms.

A green, metal locker with 8 rifles was taken including three semi-automatic pistols and three revolvers from a locked box.
If you know anything about the crime, call Sussex RCMP at 506-433-7700 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

Drop Off Paint and Old Computers For Recycling

As Environment Week wraps up, the Irving Oil Refinery is giving you a chance to get rid of those batteries, gasoline and old computers this weekend.
You can drop off household hazardous waste for recycling beginning at 3 this afternoon and again tomorrow.
The items are being collected at the Grandview Avenue entrance of the Refinery.

They will accept aerosal cans, adhesives, antifreeze, automotive transmission fluid, batteries, furniture polish, gasoline, insect repellent, keroscene, paints, nail polish remover, old propane tanks, oven cleaners, roofing tar, weed killer and old computer systems.
They will be collecting the items from 3 to 7pm today and from 9am to 2pm tomorrow.

Accident Victims Says Soft Injury Cap Needs to Go

The group Consumers For Insurance Fairness is calling on the public to attend a series of public hearings being held by the province on the 25-hundred minor injury cap for auto insurance.

Spokesperson Denise Guitard suffered whiplash and herniated discs when she was rear-ended by a distracted driver in 2006.

She tells CHSJ News the current 25-hundred dollar cap needs to be eliminated or a new system needs to be implemented.  She says Newfoundland has a reasonable model where you pay a 75-hundred dollar deductible and everything else is covered.

The Saint John meeting will take place on Tuesday June 28 at the Hazen Hall Lecture Theatre at UNB Saint John.

Q Plex Pool Open For Business

Quispamsis Mayor Murray Driscoll admits he hasn't gone for a swim in the newly opened Q-Plex pool yet, but he plans to once the temperature warms up a bit. Driscoll says the Q-Plex project is like a puzzle, and it's great to see all the pieces come together.
Driscoll says the pool will be closed for a few days next week, so concrete around the pool deck can be painted.

School District 8 To Look At Future Of St. Pat's

There has been alot of talk about the possible closure of Morna Heights school but there's another school in a different part of town whose fate can only be described as uncertain.

St. Patrick's school on the lower west side was built back in 1924. Rob Fowler chairs the District 8 Education Council and admits there is concern over the age of the building and the increasing costs to maintain it. As well, the school district leases the building from the Diocese of Saint John.

There has been talk of expanding Havelock and transferring the students from St. Pat's and Seawood there or making Seawood larger.

 Fowler says any decision is still a long way off.

Disappointment Over Delay In Fixing City Pension Plan

Saint John Police Union President Jamie Hachey was hoping the province would accept the city's proposals for its pension plan which is running an estimated deficit of 129 million dollars and is disappointed as well as baffled that did not come about.

 Mayor Ivan Court maintains what the city is asking for isn't all that outlandish. The same proposals are acceptable in Ontario and Quebec but not New Brunswick.

The Mayor argues those proposals were made based on what the city heard from professional actuaries. The city is seeking regulatory change but that can't be made official now until the fall sitting of the legislature.

If changes are not made, Court says Common Council would have to raise the tax rate by 12 to 14 cents, institute deep cuts or a combination of both in next year's city budget.  

He also points out other municipalities in the province are in the same boat and they're looking at what's happening in Saint John as a guide post for the future.

The Best Of The Uptown Honoured

It was all glam and fashion as Uptown Saint John held its 2nd annual Live Awards which honours businesses and events that help grow the uptown area.

The Originals 225 Gala Awards won the award for Arts Infusion of the Year and spokesperson Peter Buckland tells CHSJ News the word is getting out about the excitement of living uptown.

Other awards given out include Thandi's for Best Restaurant, the Manchester Shoe Salon for Best Retail Business, the New Brunswick Museum for Best Tourism Related Business or Product and the Bourbon Quarter Magnolia Cafe winning for Best New Business.

Sam MacKay is the owner of the Canterbury Lounge which took home the award for best new or renovated commercial space. He tells CHSJ News the uptown area has undergone a renaissance over the past few years.

Derek Riedle and his wife Terri won an award for renovating buildings on Prince William Street. Riedle tells CHSJ News the lure of the uptown made his family move from suburbs.

The Saint John 225 Clock was named Heritage Project of the Year.