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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Two Earl Warnings Are Cancelled For Greater Saint John

Hurricane Earl is a Nova Scotia weather event with the tropical storm and wind warnings ending for Greater Saint John.
The Canadian Hurricane Centre is still classifying Earl as a hurricane based on overnight satellite images.
Program Supervisor Chris Fogarty tells CHSJ News, the wind and rain do not necessarily coincide.
Fogarty says this province has lots of rain but less wind which is why the warnings were cancelled.
A wind warning does remain in effect for our region. The Saint John Police Force has closed Saint's Rest Beach out of concern for public safety. Access to the beach is closed at the end of Sand Cove Road. Deputy Police Chief Bruce Connell tells us people are ignoring the warnings about the dangers of the high surf.
Barricades are in place, and Saint John Police will be on hand until the beach is reopened.

Earl Approaches

Keeping A Watch On Tropical Storm Earl

(Carnival Glory Waiting Out The Storm at SJ Port)
             (Photo By Jim Hennessy)

With the wind and rain picking up over the past few hours, the City of Saint John has activated is Emergency Operations Center on a limited basis.

If you have any questions of concerns about flooding and wind related damage, you can call 658-4455.

Any emergencies of course should be directed to 911.

The air is humid and thick around Greater Saint John as we brace for what is left of Hurricane Earl.

The latest satellite shot we have shows most of the Tropical Storm will roll up the Nova Scotia coast and in through Dartmouth. Lots of rain and wind also reported in southwestern Nova Scotia.

Cruise Ship Arrives Overnight Ahead Of Earl

Earl Throwing A Wrench Into Some Plans

(Satellite Shot of Hurricane Earl)
            (File Photo)

Earl is throwing a wrench into some of the campaigning for the provincial election later this month.

Premier Shawn Graham says he's taking the advice of Emergency Measures folks so his bus won't be on the road today.

Conservative leader David Alward plans to forge ahead with his campaign stops subject to the intensity of the storm while N-D-P leader Roger Duguay will also be campaigning in the Kent - Rogersville areas subject to storm conditions.

Health Care Concerns From Rothesay Conservative Candidate

(Rothesay Conservative Candidate Margaret Ann Blaney)
                          (File Photo)

Concern from the Conservative candidate in Rothesay with the Liberal plan to recruit and retain doctors.

The Graham Government promises to hire 55 more doctors over the next two years, double the number of primary-care clinics to 30 and double the number of nurse practitioners to 110.
Margaret Ann Blaney tells CHSJ News, finding more doctors is just part of the equation but nurses are a big piece of the puzzle as well.
Blaney adds there is no one quick fix to this situation but the Conservative plan provides a multi-faceted approach.

City Councillor Worried About the Future of Exhibition Park

The future of Exhibition Park is in doubt according to one member of Common Council.

At least that's the fear being expressed by East Side Councillor Joe Mott who points to no lights and no grandstand.
Mott also tells CHSJ News Saint John is falling behind because both Moncton and Fredericton have grandstands while Moncton and Woodstock have lights.

Closing Up Camp For the Summer

It has been a fantastic summer but all good things come to an end.

For anyone who owns a cottage, that may be the case on this Labour Day Weekend as many begin the task of getting it ready for the winter.

Andrew Sanojca with the Musquash Fire Department tells CHSJ News, with the beautiful weather of late, many will put off closing up for a few more weeks so now is a good time to start putting together a to do list.

Some of those to do things include all propane and heating sources are turned off along with the circuit breaker and make a note somewhere to get a fresh battery for your smoke detector in the spring.