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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Body Found In Canterbury Street Building

Police discovering the body of man at 52 Canterbury Street.

The body being found at 9:30 this morning and was removed around 2:30 this afternoon

Staff Sgt. Mike King would not say whether the death was suspicious in nature but family members have been notified.

The body was taken to the Regional Hospital for examination.

Parents Says Expansion Will Be More Than Enough For Student Needs

John Oxley is with the Parent Action Group that worked with the province on securing the project.

He tells CHSJ News while a new school would have been nice, the renovations will be more than enough for the students.
He says it's also a great day for the taxpayer as they were able to get what was needed at more than half the cost.

Upgrades announced for K-Park Elementary School

A new school isn't coming to Kennebecasis Park but the existing elementary school will be getting 5-million dollars worth of upgrades.

Environment Minister Margaret-Ann Blaney making the announcement and she tells CHSJ News the community deserves a lot of credit for helping the province figure out how to make the project affordable when the new school was put on hold. 

The expansion will eliminate the modular classrooms as well the addition of a new gym and greenspace.

Work will begin this fall and is expected to be completed by September of 2012.

Dough For Donuts

A Sussex donut maker is rolling in the dough thanks to an investment from the federal government.

Mrs. Dunster's getting 190 thousand dollars for a new freezer system that will allow them to expand their market to New England.

George MacPhee with the company says expansion was limited before the investment, but now they'll be able to produce frozen donut products and other bakery items that can be distributed in the U.S.

Man Found Dead On Canterbury Street

Lots of police activity at the corner of Canterbury street today between Grannan Lane and Princess Street.

City police confirm one man was found dead at the scene when the call came in about 9:30 this morning.

Police will not say if the cause of death if suspicious but, they do tell CHSJ News that the man's family has been notified.
The body was removed from a building at 52 Canterbury street about 2:30 this afternoon.

GPS Technology Tracking Your Bus

Catching a lift on public transit will be a lot easier for Saint John commuters now that city buses are equipped with new satellite GPS technology.

Harald Fritz with Webtech Wireless tells CHSJ news the GPS tracks the bus every 50 meters, giving you an update almost every 10 seconds on where your bus is and how soon it will reach you.

He says people won't need to stand at the curb in the heat or the cold anymore waiting for the bus, they can just go online or use their smart phones to see exactly when the bus is coming.

Fritz says Saint John joins 80 other transit agencies using the technology across North America, including Washington, Toronto and San Fransisco.

To try out the new technology go to

MacFarlane Also Supports Reducing Council

Another former Mayor of Saint John thinks reducing the number of councillors around the horseshoe is the right thing to do.
Norm MacFarlane says he thinks it could result in more savings than the estimated $500,000 over 4 years.
He tells CHSJ News he thinks council could accomplish more with fewer ten people around the table.

He says often it the same thing coming from each councillor because they want to have their say and they should but he feels with fewer councillors they could get more done in a shorter period of time.   MacFarlane says it would result in shorter meetings and be helpful for city staff with fewer people to distribute information to.

Resident Loves Living In New Complex

Brenda Burke has been living at Queen Court since February.

She tells CHSJ News it's been a great experience saying you can't ask for better staff and the building itself is more accessible.
She says everyone deserves a chance to better themselves and the building will alow peple to do that.

Queen Court Officially Opens

The ribbon is now officially cut on Queen Court, a fifty-one unit apartment complex in the South End for low income individuals and people with disabilities.

Saint John MP Rodney Weston tells CHSJ News affordable housing is one of his key commitments to the city.

Weston says this city has a huge challenge but projects like this signify a step forward.
The building was completed in February and cost 4.8 million dollars.

Atlanticade Festival Begins In St. Andrew's

Lets Rumble! Those words from St. Andrews Mayor John Craig as he welcomed everyone to Atlanticade 2011. The biggest motorcycle event in the province began last night in the town.  The Mayor says St. Andrews has to continue to hold events to get people off the highway and into the communities.

He says that's why they have to think outside the box and bring the events to the area and make sure they stay in the community.  Atlanticade runs till Sunday in St. Andrews.
For more info, click here

Filling Up Is More Expensive This Morning

Gas is a little more expensive this morning.
Regular self-serve is up to 125. 7 a litre but selling around town for 123.1 a litre at some pumps.

To fill up with diesel will cost you more too, it's up to 129.2 but available in the city for 124.4 a litre.
The cost of propane is down a tiny bit to 114.1

Group Halts Call For Moratorium On Natural Gas Exploration

In a move of good faith, the Citizens for Responsible Resource Development have removed their call for a moratorium on natural gas exploration now that the province has promised to implement new rules and regulations. President Bethany Thorne-Dykstra tells CHSJ News the province agreed to a number of important rules, including a measure that would see the industry pay if anything goes wrong, rather than homeowners. She says they don't feel the need to lobby anymore now that the government has promised to make good on the regulations.

Thorne-Dykstra adds they think it's fair to work with them and their position will be to be at the table and have more input on what they will look like.
She says they're just volunteers, and it's nice to see that the government is listening after 5 months of hard work.