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Monday, October 4, 2010

Broken Water Main in Millidgeville

It will be tomorrow morning before a busted water main in Millidgeville is fixed.

The pipe is located between University Avenue and Candlewood Lane and large customers in the area incouding UNB Saint John, Regional Hospital and Canadian Blood Services have been asked to cut back how much they use until the break is fixed.
The water tank serving this area of Millidgeville should be enough to supply the area until the main is available to refill the tank.

Saint John Now Home To StoneHammer Park

        (Geo-Site In Rockwood Park) 
                  (File Photo)

After months of lobbying, Saint John has received it's status as a UNESCO Geopark....the first in North America.
Dr. Randall Miller got the ball rolling on this proposal and is a curator at the New Brunswick Musem.
He tells CHSJ News, there is plenty of work still to do to make sure this recognition can be utilized to it's full potential.
The Stonehammer Geopark encompasses 2500 square kilometers of land stretching from Lepreau Falls to St. Martin’s.

Duck Hunters Rescued From The River

                  (Kennebecasis Island Ferry In Action)
                                  (File Photo)

Workers on the Kennebecasis Island Ferry are being congratulated for quick thinking.

They pulled a pair of duck hunters from the icey Saint John River this morning after their boat sank around nine o'clock.

The boat had a duck blind built on it and was quickly taking on water.

That's when the ferries service boat was sent to pick up the hunters who both were wearing life jackets and expect for being cold were no worse for the wear.

Officials believe the boat sank due to a combination of too much gear on board and the high winds.

Workers on the ferry will be nominated for an award of merit for their actions.

City Police Pick Up An Award

A Police Leadership award has been presented to the Saint John Force from the Department of Public Safety.
The City Force picked up the hardware for it's "made in Saint John" intelligence-led policing business model.

It's where officers use an approach of combining crime analysis and direct policing while including other best practises of policing.
The Fredericton Police Force received the award for excellence in criminal investigations.

Recycling Batteries At C.A.A.

Whether it comes from your camper, boat, truck or car......the Canadian Automobile Association wants your batteries.

The program has been around since 1997 and from coast to coast, one million batteries have been recycled.

Vice-President Gary Howard tells CHSJ News, anyone concerned about buying what they think is a used battery should have no reservations.
Howard says you can drop off the batteries at the head office on Westmorland Road, Monday thru Friday between 8:30am and 5pm or Saturday between ten and noon.

Watermain Break in Millidgeville

Some residents in Millidgeville might have trouble filling the kettle or bathtub this afternoon.
A break in a 12 inch watermain at University avenue and Candlewood Lane is the source of the problem.

City works crews are working on rerouting the water so, any residents without water should have it back soon.

Weston Pleased The Premier-Designate Wants A Harbour Bridge Deal

"Quite pleased"-the words of Saint John MP Rodney Weston on news our incoming Premier David Alward is interested in getting a deal in place on the Harbour Bridge.
The proposal would include removing the tolls and working out a long-term agreement on maintainence.
Weston tells CHSJ News he isn't too surprised to hear this as Premier-designate Alward has been talking about for a few months now.

Weston says he has already contacted Alward about meeting with him as soon as possible to get a deal on the Harbour Bridge worked out.

Armoured Car Workers Strike Continues

(Armoured Car Workers Strike on King Street)
          (Photo By Jim Hennessy)

Workers from G4S Secur Cor Cash Solutions continues to walk the picket line.

It's day 12 of strike action by members of the teamsters union and spokes-person Phillip Comeau tells CHSJ News, no new negotiations are scheduled but they are not backing down.
The union is looking for a three year contract, better wages and there is a 13% wage increase that is still out-standing from the now expired contract.
Workers are also refusing to be forced to take a polygraph test.

Will Rothesay MLA Be Appointed To Cabinet

(Rothesay MLA-Elect Margaret Ann Blaney)
                  (File Photo)

With four terms under her belt in the Legislature, the MLA-Elect in Rothesay is an odds on favourite to earn a cabinet post in Fredericton.
Premier-Elect David Alward will unveil his 15 choices next Tuesday and Margaret Anne-Blaney tells CHSJ News, she was able to stay sharp as the opposition health critic.
Blaney has held the cabinet positions of Transportation Minister, Public Safety and Training and Development.

Human Rights Commission Annual Report

The annual report from the Provincial Human Rights Commission has been released.
It shows the average time to process a complaint was reduced to 11 months from 12 the previous year.
The Commission feels that is still to long but highlights the fact that complaints are becoming more complex.
The commission received 195 complaints of discrimination in 2009-10 including 16 similar complaints.
Most were employment-related and more than 40 per cent concerned discrimination based on physical or mental disability.
An additional 10 cases were settled before a complaint was filed.

Musquash Firefighters Put Out Car Fire

(Musquash Firefighters Extinguish Car Fire In Thompson Subdivision Saturday Afternoon)
                            (Photo by Captain Andrew Sanojca)

Two Robberies and Moose Shot In City

City Police nabbing a man who will be charged with robbing two cab drivers last night in the uptown within an hour and a half of eachother. One of the cabbies suffered injuries to his hand and neck.

Police also had to shoot a moose yesterday afternoon as it was making its way from Highway One onto the Harbour Bridge.
The moose had crossed the causeway and meandered through the parking lot at Harbour Station before heading east.

Saint John Economy Changing For The Better

The Greater Saint John Community Foundation will be releasing its annual report on Saint John's vital signs tomorrow.

An urban researcher who has been analysing the city's economy since 2005 says it's changing for the better with more pay cheques than ever being circulated. That's one reason, according to Kurt Peacock, that you're seeing more restaurants uptown and a city core that is slowly but surely becoming more vibrant.

Peacock reports the number of women in the local labour force has doubled since 1971 and poverty is at its lowest level in 20 years.

City Has Not Given Up On Zoo According To Common Councillor

                                                          (Meeting Of Common Council)
                                                                    (File Photo)

There is a perception the city has abandoned the Cherry Brook Zoo.

Common Councillor Gary Sullivan, who takes the time to urge people to support the zoo at every meeting of Council, tells CHSJ News that isn't the case.

He says the city has given the zoo 110 thousand dollars over the past two years and he doesn't see support on Council for zoo wavering as deliberations on next year's budget loom.

Sullivan is looking for the zoo to receive regional funding but that idea has run into opposition from Grand Bay-Westfield Mayor Grace Losier.

Francophone Group Confident New School Will Be Built In K-V

(September Meeting Of Supporters Of Francophone School In Valley)
(File Photo)

Even though out-going Quispamsis Liberal MLA Mary Schryer said during the campaign that a French School for the Kennebecasis Valley may be lost if her party lost the election, hope is not lost on the group looking to secure the deal. Vice-President of the Francophone group Michelle Robichaud tells CHSJ News, there is a legitimate case for this set-up with Samuel de Champlain being full.
The Francophone Group hopes to meet with MLA-Elect Blaine Higgs in the coming weeks who has already acknowledged this issue is on his radar. It's hoped the new school will be up and running in two years.

You Have Less Time Than You Think TGo Escape A Fire

It's Fire Prevention Week and this year's theme is "consider the risks, watch what you heat".

That refers to fires started by people using cooking equipment to thaw pipes or by not having your chimney cleaned.

Saint John Fire Prevention Officer Roy Nolan tells CHSJ News this week it's a good time to think about fire safety.

Nolan adds most people have less than three minutes to realize what is happening and get out of a fire safely. Last year, fires were started with people using cooking equipment to thawing pipes and from not cleaning out their chimneys.

Information sessions are coming up this week at McAllister Place,the City Market and in local schools.

Traffic Disruption Along Old Rothesay Road Should End Soon

After months of traffic delays, dust and noise, relief is in sight for those who live along or travel the Old Rothesay Road.

Crews have been laying new water and sanitary sewer lines. Director of Operations with the Town of Rothesay Scott Hatcher tells CHSJ News, the new water lines will run down to Kennebecasis Park and the new sanitary sewer lines will be activated down the road when the Renforth Lagoons are de-commissioned.

Hatcher says best case scenario, the asphalt work will begin tomorrow and both lanes of traffic should be re-opened by the end of the week.

 There were some delays as the original probe showed no rock where the lines are laid but there was so getting them moved out of the way took some time.