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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Britt's Fast Feet

14 minutes, 3 seconds and 48 milliseconds. That's Barry Britt's time at his 5000 metre heat, and his own personal best.

Hailing from Hampton and competing for Idaho University, the 23-year-old's time is the third fastest ever by a New Brunswick runner on the track, and also ranks the Saint John Club member 3rd in all of Canada.

Gabriel LeBlanc, the Technical Director of Athletics New Brunswick says he has no doubt that Britt will challenge the provincial record in the 5000 metre this year, and be a contender for a spot on the provincial team heading to the Jeux De La Francophonie in Nice, France. He adds that he thinks Britt will be among the elite of Canadian distance running in the upcoming years.

Green Party Will Sit Out Kent By-Election

The Green Party will not run a candidate in the riding of Kent for the April 15th by-election.

A news release says party leader David Coon visited the eastern riding earlier in the week, and he says what he heard when he was there was that people aren't happy with parties "parachuting" candidates into their communities, so the Greens have decided they won't run someone from outside.

He says the party's potential local candidates weren't able to run on such short notice, and because the general election is just 18 months away, they've decided to "wait this one out."

The seat was vacated by former premier Shawn Graham earlier this month, who left politics after he was found to be in a conflict of interest over a $50-million loan guarantee his government gave to Acton, a construction firm with ties to his father.