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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Multi-vehicle accident on Mackay Highway

The Mackay Highway going westbound is backed up due to a multi-vehicle accident.

The crash occured around 8 o'clock at the Rothesay Avenue overpass.

No serious injuries but police are cautioning all drivers to slow down and drive carefully.

JDI gets award from Maine

A nice honour for a local company from south of the border.
J.D. Irving winning the award for the creation of and it's committment to the Irving Nature Park.

It's the second time J.D.I. is being recognized by the Gulf of Maine Council Awards.

In 2004, the company picked up the Visionary Award for its work in watersheds and coastal areas of the Bay of Fundy and the Gulf of Maine.

JDI Naturalist Kelly Honeyman accepting the most recent award in Portland Maine earlier this month.
The Province's Department of the Coastal Areas and the Marine Branch of the Province's Department of the Environment nominating the company.