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Saturday, January 9, 2010

One Councillor Doesn't Expect Tolls to Be Lifted Off Harbour Bridge

[Councillor Chris Titus----File Photo]

One city councillor doesn't expect the tolls on the Harbour Bridge to be dissappearing anytime soon.

Chris Titus says whoever is suggesting removing the tolls should be ready to take responsiblity for maintaining the bridge.
In the last federal election, Saint John M-P Rodney Weston used removing the tolls at the Harbour Bridge as a campaign platform.

14 New Auxiliary Police Constables

The City Police Force is getting some help. 14 new auxiliary police constables will be sworn in at a ceremony today at the Trade and Convention Center. The training consisted of eight weeks going over the criminal code, use of force, weapons training, cpr and community policing.

Judge William McCarroll will swear in the new officers. Police Chief Bill Reid and Mayor Ivan Court will be on hand for the ceremony as well. Things get started at 9:15 in the Loyalist Room.

Snow Removal Efforts Continue

Municipal Operations in Saint John are putting in some over-time this weekend. Crews will be out tomorrow trying to get rid of the excess snow from last weekend's storm. They will be on both sides of Rothesay Avenue from Russell Street to the Highway 1 interchange. Also Main Street West, Church Avenue and Manawagonish Road.

One lane of Rothesay Avenue will be closed during the work so expect delays.

US Ambassador Suggests New Border Be Used As Model

[New Border Crossing in St.Stephen/Calais---Photo by Lisa Gullison]

The United States Ambassador to Canada says all border crossings should follow the St. Stephen/Calais example.
David Jacobson says the new state of the art building should be looked at as a model for other crossings.
He says other borders should look at the environmental standards used as well.
The crossing was building of natural wood products, and recycled materials, and produdes zero greenhouse gas emissions.