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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wear That Seatbelt Or Face A Fine Or Worse

Buckle Up or face the consequences....
City police will be conducting spot check programs next month.

In a release, the Saint John police force claims between 40 and 50 per cent of fatalities in car accidents result from crashes where drivers and passengers are not wearing seat belts properly.
The fine for not drivers and passengers not wearing their seat belts properly is $172.50

The City police remind everyone that wearing a secured seat belt can save their life.

Few Accidents In Last Night's Weather

It seems a lot of people decided to stay home and avoid the weather.
Both Saint John and Rothesay Regional Police reporting very few accidents last night and yesterday due to the storm.

City police did close the Highway at Spruce Lake for four hours due to white out conditions.  It re-opened about 4:30 this morning.

Saint John Gets Off Easy After Major Storm

We got off easy with 13 centimetres of snow for Saint John recorded at the airport.  St. Stephen was a little worse off than us with 16 centimetres of snow yesterday and Moncton residents are digging out from 27 centimetres.
Environment Canada meterologist Jean Marc Couturier tells CHSJ News says the snow continued for most of the night and is just tapering off in Sussex.
He says there is still blowing snow and drifting because of gusty winds to 70 kilometres an hour which may result in reduced visibility.

Couturier says the system is pulling away meaning conditions will starts to improve.