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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Reaction To Burning Of Qurans On The Weekend in Florida

A Florida pastor's plans to burn Qurans at his church on the ninth anniversary of Sept 11 isn't getting much reaction here at home.

Obaida Sbayi is the General Secretary with the Provincial Muslim Association here in Saint John and tells CHSJ News, this is the world we live in but is shocked with how it has been blown out of proportion by the media and somewhat of a victory for the extremists.

Sbayi adds it is a blow to the values all Muslim people grow up with to get accustomed to in North America.

Conservatives Told To Shut Down Twitter Account

The Conservative Twitter account which presents itself as "NBLiberalParty" has been removed by Twitter for violating their terms of service.
It was last month when Liberal candidate Kelly Lamrock called on the Conservatives to remove the account because they were misleading and irresponsible.
The Conservatives responded by saying it's a great site for people to go on to get the truth.

Update On Work On One Mile Interchange

Lane reductions on Highway One near the Crown Street off-ramp both east and westbound will remain in place until the end of the month.

This as crews continue with construction work on the One Mile House Interchange.
Some of the plans to pour concrete recently had to be post-poned while the city was under a huge blanket of humidity.

Work on the Harbour Bridge is expected to finish up by the end of next month.
The $65 million dollar One Mile Project project is expected to be finished by 2012.

N-D-P Sends Warning To Liberals And Conservatives

New Democrats are sounding a warning for the Liberals and Conservatives -- the party says it won't support any minority government that doesn't commit to maintaining current levels of services in education and health care.
The party has been preaching fiscal restraint while on the campaign trail - but - not at the expense of what it says are front line public services like education and health care.
A poll last week showed the Liberals and Conservatives in a close race while N-D-P support had slipped slightly.

Exploring The Option Of A New Fire Station

Discussion at this point is very preliminary but there is growing interest into the idea of building a new fire station in Quispamsis.

Mayor Murray Driscoll tells CHSJ News, there has been no discussion as to where the station might be located.

Driscoll points out that any final decision to build a new station would have to be made by the fire board.

Equal Voice Thrilled With Final Numbers

With 71 women on the ballot for this months Provincial Election, no one is more thrilled than the group equal voice.

Spokes-person Lisa Merrithew tells CHSJ News, the challenge was issued and the parties responded.

Merrithew says a lot of credit has to go out to the Green Party with 23 of it's 51 candidates ladies and when you look at a riding like Rothesay, where all the candidates are women, it is very exciting.

Bullying Advocate Looking For Answers

The search for answers is coming up short for the co-founder of Bullying

Back in June, the Education Department held a one day summit to discuss the issue of bullying in schools.

Department officials have told Rob Frenette because of the election at the end of the month, communications is basically shut down so the findings of the summit won't be released until after the vote.

Among his concerns, Frenette believes the summit findings could be forgotten and lost by that time and waiting until after the election may do more harm than good.

NDP Leader Coming To Saint John

      (NDP Leader Roger Duguay)
                  (File Photo)

The leader of the NDP is paying a visit to Saint John tomorrow for the first time since the writ has dropped.

Roger Duguay will meet with Saint John Harbour Candidate Wayne Dryer at his Charlotte Street constituency office and then go door to door to meet with voters.
Things get started at six o'clock.

New Way Of Alerting People In The Event Of Emergencies

Municipalities in Greater Saint John and around the Province now have a new way of getting out information to their residents. It's called the Sentinel and makes it easy for officials to get in touch with you by phone, text or e-mail if there is an emergency situation.

Brian Shanks is spokesperson for the K.V. Emergency Measures Organization and says the bottom line of this service is to save lives.

Shanks says some of the work left to do with the program is meet again with municipal councils to lay out the kind of risks facing each community from the Police and Fire Departments along with EMO perspective.

The program is paid for through cost sharing on a per capita basis and by usage and it's on a volunteer basis to sign up.

Quispamsis Unveils Plan For Roadwork In Coming Years

Installing sanitary sewer lines between the Gondola Point Arterial out to the Palmer Brook Road next year just one of several infrastructure projects on the map for Quispamsis.

Town officials have put together it's plans after a request by the Department of Transportation as it puts together it's five year designated highways program.

Director of Engineering Gary Losier tells CHSJ News there is major work to be carried out on the Hampton Road in the coming years.

The full width of the Hampton Road will have to be torn up so the request to D-O-T is to defer any plan for asphalt work until the construction project is finished. The number of projects is six that would be carried through until 2015.

Consumers Being Warned Of Investment Scams Over The Phone

40 per cent of investor fraud happens over the phone so, consumers should be wary of those calling and asking you to part with your money.

The New Brunswick Securities Commission wants consumers to avoid the traps some investors fall into.

Rick Hancox tells CHSJ News you should know what it is you are buying. He suggests people do their homework and check out companies seeking investment on thier website.

For more information,

or call 1-866-933-2222.