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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wind Wreaks Havoc on Power Lines Across the Province



There are nearly seven thousand NB power customers without electricity at this hour as a result of strong winds knocking down polls and power lines. Spokesperson Heather MacLean says there are currently 122 separate incidents but crews continue to work at restoring power.

She says restoration times will vary throughout the province as conditions change. 

Safe Haven Legislation Passes Second Reading



Opposition members are skeptical that a new bill introduced in the legislature today will be passed. The provincial Conservatives have introduced proposed legislation that would allow desperate mothers to leave unwanted newborns at the hospital up to 72 hours after giving birth without fear of prosecution.  Rothesay MLA, Margaret An Blaney tells CHSJ News government has supported the bill in principal but it doesn't look like it will get past second reading because of the complexity of the issue.

Any babies left at an emergency room would be turned over to the care of the province and likely be put on the foster or adoption list. Blaney says if this bill doesn't go forward, she hopes government can work together to come up with a replacement.

Pay Equity Movement Afoot



Members of the New Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women will be lobbying municipal governments to introduce pay equity for municipal employees. Chair, Elsie Hambrook tells CHSJ news they will be meeting with councils in the coming months to deliver a presentation on pay equity.

Pay equity involves not only equal pay for both men and women for the same work--but--also bumping traditional women's jobs to the same pay level as jobs traditionally held by men. So far Quispamsis and Memramcook are the only two municipalities in the province who have completely implemented a pay equity policy for their staff.

Quispamsis Q-Plex Name Up For Sale



Like most arena's across North America......Quispamsis is offering up naming rights for the Q-Plex to a corporation. Mayor Murray Driscoll tells CHSJ News, the price is one million dollars.

The current price tag of the Q-Plex is $2.8 million dollars over budget and Driscoll says if a sponsor can be found, this certainly can keep the original design in tact. Also up for naming rights at the new arena is the pool area, dog park, playground, walking track and conference center.     

Truck Strikes Bridge Near Hampton



The Department of Transportation is performing an inspection on the Kennebecasis River bridge near Hampton today. This after a tractor trailer hit a clearance beam on the structure yesterday on Route 121. Andrew Holland with DOT tells CHSJ news the beam served its purpose.

RCMP tell us the driver is not pleased because he says his tractor is well below the posted height 4.1 meter limit which is shown on the sign of the structure.  Holland with DOT says drivers should pay close attention to the signs and he's not sure why the trucker was confused about the clearance.  The driver wasn't hurt but one of the beams of the bridge is bent.

Reaction to Municipal Plan Proposal



Alot of people walked away from last night's meeting, frustrated they didn't get the answer they were looking for. Lori Gale lives on Wedgewood Drive which is situated right behind a portion of the un-developed land on Millenium Drive. She tells CHSJ News, this proposal is no different than what they were shown in 2007 and calls for more public consultation have gone un-answered.

Residents do have until the 26th of next month to voice their approval or dis-pleasure with the proposal by letter or e-mail to the Town Hall. Gale says she isn't against development on Millenium Drive just not major commerical....something more along the line of lower density commercial. 


Public Presentation in Rothesay



A public presentation by Town staff in Rothesay last night was well attended. Over 50 home-owners showed up to hear what the draft proposal for the Municipal Plan looks like. Many residents expressed concern over future development along Millenium Drive and near the Riverside Golf Course and what impact it would have on those homes already in the areas. Gay Drescher is the Director of Development Services and tells CHSJ News, there are no proposals for either area on the table.

Drescher says any development will be encouraged in the most appropriate manner and it doesn't have to be commercial, it can be residential. The next step in the process is to go over the findings, gather public input, a public hearing and then a vote by council.

Gas Prices Continue to Climb



It's up and close to what most predicted. The Energy and Utilities Board has released it's weekly price schedule which shows the maximum for a litre of self-serve is 93.7 which is up just over four cents from a week ago. Rick Demoan owns the Shell Service station on Campbell Drive in Rothesay and tells CHSJ News, he never put alot of faith into gas prices spiking for a Long Weekend.

Propane is up over a penny at 82 cents and furnace oil is up almost three cents at 70.9.