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Monday, August 31, 2009

Brain Research Seminar

Brain research will be the focus of a seminar for 700 District Six teachers tomorrow. They will meet at the Kings Valley Wesleyn Church to hear from Eric Jensen. He is an author and world-renowned speaker on the subject of brain research. His lecture will focus on development and how teaching strategies and techniques can be tweaked to benefit students.

Superintendent Zoe Watson tells CHSJ News, this seminar is just one of several through-out the year teachers will attend to help them and their students.

Emergency Department Re-Opening

After months of repair work, the Emergency Department of the Oromocto Hospital will re-open tomorrow morning. It had to be shut down back on May.20th when a water line broke and caused significant water damage to the Emergency and Diagnostic Imaging Departments totalling $360,000.

The Diagnostic Imaging Department will re-open soon.

Waste Water Money

Fredericton is teaming up with Ottawa and the Province to invest five million dollars to upgrade that city's main waste-water treatment plant. $1.6 million is on the table from the Federal and Provincial governments while Fredericton will contribute the rest.

The project involves major improvements to the existing treatment plant, which serves 90 per cent of the population and is processing twice the waste water it was designed to handle.

Several City Streets Remain Closed Due to Storm Flooding

The aftermath of Tropical Storm Danny is still being felt in East Saint John where several streets remain closed due to flooding. Police tell CHSJ News streets blocked off to traffic include McAllister Drive at Golden Grove Road, Golden Grove and Dresden, Simpson Drive, Rothesay Road at the end of Rothesay Avenue and Ashburn Lake Road at the entrance to Rothesay Road.

Also closed because of too much water on the road is: Holland Street, Todd Street, Broadway Avenue, Glenn Road and Brown Street. Several basements flooded in the Glen Falls area as heavy rain brought about 60 millimeters of rain to our city.

City Looks to Youth to Fill Job Vacancies

A motion at tonight's common council meeting may see more teens working for the city next summer. The proposal recommends the city hire more youth with financial difficulties who plan on pursuing post secondary education, in the slots of summer student positions. Councillor Bill Farren tells us he hopes to see an application system worked out the teachers to hire students.

If the motion is passed, applications for the positions should be ready by Early December.

Peel Plaza Project on Tonight's Council Agenda

Peel Plaza is being pushed ahead at tonight's common council. A proposal will be discussed recommending council approve the revised funding of the Peel Plaza Municipal Upgrades Project and authorize staff to proceed with a tendering process. The request totals almost 4 million dollars in capital funding, if passed the project will be one step closer to completion.

Harbour Passage Painting Up for Discussion Tonight

Harbour Passage may be getting a face lift sometime in the not to distant future. A proposal at tonight's common council meeting may mean Jamac Painting and Sandblasting will be hired to repaint and repair the steel structures along Harbour Passage. The original budget estimate was 89,000 dollars, but Jamac will be able to complete the job for 30,000.Council will start tonight at 6:30.