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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Funeral For John E Jack Irving

(Trinity Anglican Church On Charlotte Street)
              (Photo By Jim Hennessy)

Plenty of emotions on display as friends and family have said goodbye to John E Jack Irving.

The full house on hand at Trinity Anglican Church remembered a man who was a true professional, a father, a brother and a friend.

Premier Graham may have said it best that Irving was a true gentleman who not only employed thousand around the Province but always remembered where he came from and gave back to his community time and time again.

Irving passed away on Wednesday at the age of 78 following a short illness.

Another French Day-Care For Saint John

With demand for the service growing, Saint John has it's second licensed french immersion day-care.

Hawthorne Child care is now accepting registration and owner Michelle Deschenes tells CHSJ News, the reaction to this point has been very enthusiastic.

Deschenes says she has spoken with Samuel De Champlain, which operates the other french speaking day-care, and they support her business.

For more information you can call 696-0978.

Campus Station Recruits Youth

Have you ever thought you might have a career in radio? If the answer is yes, Saint John Youth Radio is looking for you.

With help from a federal grant, the campus radio station is developing a current affairs program and is looking for boys and girls ages 16 to 20.

Spokes-person Holly Johnson tells CHSJ News, this is a very hands on program.

Johnson says they are hosting an open house at the campus station this afternoon at one on the second floor of the student union building.

If you have any questions you can call 608-9129.

Funeral Today For Jack Irving

Family, friends and well-wishers will gather this morning to say goodbye to John E. (Jack) Irving.

He passed away on Wednesday of this week after a short illness at the age of 78.

Tributes have been rolling in all week from the municipal, provincial and federal levels speaking of the great things Irving accomplished both on a professional and personal level.

Today's public funeral service gets started at eleven at the Trinity Anglican Church on Charlotte Street.

Fishing For Research

It's part research, part tournament this weekend at the Hammond River Angling Association.

Tom Benjamin is the Association's Executive Director and says their Kayak Fishing Tournament starts early tomorrow morning, but it's not your average competition. 

He says says it's not how many fish you catch, or who catches the biggest fish, but who catches the most different species.

Benjamin says they'll be keeping a tally of what kinds of fish are caught, to learn more about what's in the river system.

He says says everything is catch and release so be sure to bring your digital camera.

For more information go to