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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Plane Crash In South-Central N.S. Kills Pilot

The pilot of an ultralight plane has been killed in a fiery crash in south-central Nova Scotia. 

The Mounties say the lightweight aircraft burst into flame after it hit the ground near Old Barss Corner Road by New Germany around 10 o'clock this morning. The 65 year-old man from Barss Corner was flying alone when the plane went down.

RCMP, firefighters and emergency health crews are on the scene. Police say the Transportation Safety Board has been advised but they won't be sending anyone to the crash site.

Crews Respond To East Side Blaze

Fire crews going a mile into the forest to fight a pick-up truck blaze. 

They got a call around 10:30 this morning from a resident saying something shook their house. Because the fire was so far in the woods at the end of Baxter road, they weren't able to get the fire engine inso they brought in ATVs with a portable pump to put out the fire. 

Division Chief Eric Garland says the explosion heard could have possibly been from the vehicle's gas tank. There was nobody with the truck when firefighters arrived, and they haven't yet determined if the blaze is suspicious.

Break And Enter In The North End

A home in the North End being broken into while the owner was away. 

It happened in the Fort Howe area and some items from the residence were stolen. City Police believe it was a random act, and they're still looking for whoever is responsible. 

Sergeant Caswell reminding people to make sure their home is secureand if you see anything strange going on near your neighbour's house, don't hesitate to report it.

Police Bring Back Bike Helmet Ticket Program

Not wearing a bike helmet in the valley can get you a fine, but police are letting first-time offenders pay it off with their time instead of their money.

Rothesay Regional Police have brought back their Bike Helmet Ticket Programif you've been ticketed, you have the option of taking a one-hour information class on the safety and benefits of wearing a helmet instead of paying the $54.50 fine. The fee is waived once you finish the session. 

Cyclists who don't wear a helmet will be fined, as well as parents who let their child bike without wearing one. The program ends on October 19 and the class is the following week at Rothesay High School.