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Thursday, May 5, 2011

City Police Seek Man After Break And Enter

The Saint John Police Force want help in locating a young man regarding a break and enter.   A warrant of arrest being issued today by a Saint John judge for 24-year-old David Andrew Breau.    He is a caucasion, about 5 foot 9 weighing 150 pounds.
Anyone with information on Breau's whereabouts is urged to contact City police at 648-3333 or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Emergency Alert System Testing Today

It's a test.....only a test.

The City of Saint John testing it's emergency alert system today.
If you signed up for the alerts from the City through phone, email or text message...expect to get one today.
It's Emergency Preparedness Week.

Broadcaster Tells City Crowd Of Her Family's Struggle With Mental Illness

Broadcaster Valerie Pringle telling a crowd in Saint John about how her family is coping with her daughter Katherine's panic and anxiety disorder. After receiving treatment, Katherine is now engaged and working on her MBA.
Valerie Pringle tells CHSJ News most employers are not doing enough to deal with mental illness but, there are a few exceptions.
Canada Post has made mental health their cause of choice giving away almost 2 million dollars to grassroots organization.
She also points out the work of Bell Canada and RBC in shining a light on mental health and contributing money as well.
The Saint John chapter of the Canadian Mental Health Association hosting the annual "A Day In Her Shoes" shoe fashion show and fundraiser last night at Market Square.
For more info on Mental Illness and the support available click here.

Sports Groups Are Enthusiastic About Potential Field House

The proposal for a new 20 million dollar field house at Exhibiton Park has sports teams in the area buzzing with excitement.

Jean Keith with Fundy Soccer tells CHSJ News it would give teams a safe place to practice in the winter.
She says right now they are limited because they can only have about 200 kids playing in gymnasiums due to a lack of facilities.   The Exhibition Association is asking local teams to write their MPs to ask them to support the project. For more information, click here

Saint John Airport Working At Securing A Direct US Flight

The Saint John Airport is still keen to get a direct flight to the United States available to passengers. President Bernie LeBlanc tells CHSJ News he recently met with Porter Airlines and got a great response, but it can't happen at the moment.
He says they are not at the point of making any decisions because they do not have any aircraft available and every airline is trying to get their service.
In terms of a time frame, LeBlanc says Porter is getting new planes in December and April, so the airport will work to try and secure one of those for a US flight.

Former Saint John M-P Condemns Attack Ads

Former Liberal leader Micheal Ignatieff went to a gun fight armed with a knife........That from former Saint John and Fundy Royal M-P Paul Zed about the negative, American style attack ads the Conservatives used to frame Ignatieff even before the election was called.

Zed condemns the attack ads but concedes they did work because Ignatieff was not able to recover.

Zed says the Liberal party will have to rebuild from the ground up and get more women involved. He argues there's no shortage of leadership potential within the party.

As for people not knowing what the Liberals stand for these days, Zed tells CHSJ News for the past ten years the party has not been able to hone a message and will have to renew itself which should have taken place after winning a minority in 2004.

Zed maintains part of that renewal should include involving more women in the process.

Prowlers Being Sought on East Side

The Major Crime Unit on the lookout for a prowler or prowlers lurking around homes in the Forest Hills area during the early morning hours of yesterday.

Police say it might be a good idea if you did a check of your property and to report anything out of the ordinary to them at 648-3333 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-tips.

Rise In Gas Prices Continues Unabated

Another week and another rise in gas prices.......Self serve regular now costs more than diesel after the weekly setting.

Self serve is selling in the city for $1.33.3 a litre. That's an increase of almost 2 and a half cents.

Diesel going for $1.32.6 which is up by just over a cent a litre.

Propane also rising by 2 and a half cents a litre and is listed at $1.11.5 with heating oil at $1.17.3 which is up almost a cent.

More Passengers Using Saint John Airport

The Saint John Airport recording a 2.2 per cent growth in passengers in 2010 with 60 per cent of traffic business related.

Airport President and C-E-O Bernie LeBlanc tells CHSJ News the Sunwing flights that leave 3 days a week to Mexico and Cuba are still widely popular.

LeBlanc says the airport normally loses money in the winter because it costs so much to keep the property plowed and salted.
The airport became a campaign issue when Liberal candidate Stephen Chase warned unless federal funding comes soon, there may not be an airport in Saint John a few years from now.

Exhibition Association Unveils Proposed Field House

Just picture it!!!!!!!!

That's what the Exhibition Association is asking the city to do when it comes to building a 20 million dollar field house at Exhibition Park.

The project would also see the existing Exhibition building renovated.

General Manager Blair MacDonald tells CHSJ News, because the area is prone to flooding, a drainage plan was created.

MacDonald says the one third of the 20 million dollar project will be paid for by the Exhibition Association and the city, with the hope provincial and federal funding will make up the rest.

Local Service Districts Speak Out Against Regionalisation

About 50 people coming out for a public consultation session with the Minister of Local Government Bruce Fitch.

The meeting is part of the minister's tour around the province asking for input regarding possible changes to municipal funding arrangements, property taxes and regionalizing service delivery.

Those who chose to speak to the minister were mostly from local service districts, saying they are happy with the service they get and did not want to foot the bill for other communities through regionalization.

Fitch tells CHSJ News people are passionate about their community but the reality is the current model of local government needs to change.

An action plan will be ready for the provincial government by the fall.

Police Association Weighs In On Regionalisation

The New Brunswick Police Association is throwing it's support behind the regionalization of police services in the province so everybody pays their fair share.

Association President Dean Secord tells CHSJ News people in the rural communities will most likely accept regionalization when they realize they are paying proportionally much less than the municipalities.

He says taxpayers in 17 municipalities pay 100 percent of their policing costs while 84 communities and 268 local services districts are subsidized from between 16 and 31 million dollars from the province.