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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Premier Will Urge Voters In Rothesay To Stay The Course

Premier David Alward is laying out what the Conservatives' campaign strategy will be to win the byelection in Rothesay. 

Alward says there will be no campaign promises made but he's denouncing the Liberals as a bunch of reckless tax and spenders who brought the province to the brink of bankruptcy while increasing the provincial debt by 50 per cent in four years.

Alward also accuses the Liberals of flip flopping on the issue of shale gas development pointing out it was the previous Graham Government that invited the industry in to the province.

Blaney did not attend the nomination meeting and when the Premier thanked her for her service, not everyone in the audience was clapping.

Conservatives Select Candidate For Rothesay Byelection

Almost 400 Conservatives jamming the Bill McGuire Centre in Renforth to choose Ted Flemming as their candidate for the June 25th provincial byelection in Rothesay.

Flemming, who's 57, is the grandson of former Premier Hugh John Flemming but tells CHSJ News this step wasn't inevitable, even considering his political lineage.
Flemming says he will run on the need for sound fiscal management warning we're headed for an abyss if something isn't done. He charges the Liberals are tax and spenders who created the fiscal mess. 

As for any voter backlash on the charge that former M-L-A Margaret Ann Blaney's appointment as C-E-O of Efficiency NB is nothing more than political patronage, Flemming concedes it will be an issue.

Woman Trapped In Highway Rollover

Two car crashes happening Friday evening and early this morning.

According to Public Safety Information Officer Joel Johnson, Simonds Fire Department responded to the first call around 6pm. On the scene they found a vehicle had rolled over on Route 820 and a woman was trapped. She was later transported to hospital with undetermined injuries.

The second call came in around 2:00 a.m.   This was a single vehicle accident on Route 820 near Upham.  There were no injuries.

The highway was closed to traffic for a short time while vehicles were removed.

Farmer's Market In The South End

Fresh, local, and sustainable--that's the idea behind the annual Queen Square Farmer's Market, which is celebrating its second year on June 17th. It's a popular event with 60 vendors already signed, up, and fun activities from hula hooping to yoga and live entertainment.

Jody Kliffer is organizing the market with his friend Brian Irving. He tells CHSJ News he's pleased with the variety of vendors this year as well as the level of interest the community has shown.

Kliffer says it's important to get people thinking about buying local, as well as enjoying a little-used green space in the South End.

For more information, you can check out their Facebook page here

EI Changes Will Impact Seasonal Workers

Changes to EI for season workers have an impact on everyone in the tourism industry-that from Fundy Trail manager Brian Clark. He tells tells CHSJ News there has been a lot of misinformation out there and it's making some workers nervous enough to start seeking out other jobs.

Clark says the changes could lead people doing seasonal work in more rural areas to take jobs in the city instead--and he wonders how the government expects those workers to be replaced.

Volunteer Fire Fighters Needed

With fewer fire fighters in the community due to budget cuts, volunteer fire fighters are an asset. But with no pay and long hours, some volunteer fire departments are struggling to find people who are interested in helping out.

St Martins Fire Chief Brian McKiel tells CHSJ News it's hard to recruit young people for such a labor-intensive  position because the hours are long and there isn't much in the way of compensation. He says some people even lose money if they get injured, although there is compensation available for volunteers in cases like that.

McKiel says they have a few new recruits in their teens and 20s who are completing their training, but most volunteer fire fighters are between 30 and 50 years old.