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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Seminar Being Held For Youth Groups

A new seminar teaching youth groups how to spot the signs of child sexual abuse being held at the end of the month. 

Constable Krystal Daley of the Rothesay Regional Police Department tells CHSJ News if a child is taking part in an activity through an organization, the people who are supervising that child are just as responsible for their safety as their parents. She says the more information they have, the better. 

They will be talking about topics like healthy relationships, boundaries and behaviours that while not criminal, could lead a person to believe a line is being crossed. The seminar is happening on January 30.

Another $100K For The New Saint John Y

More good news for the New Y in the North end.

Scotiabank announcing a gift of $50,000 to the capital campaign.

Saint John Energy's Ray Robinson revealing the company is also contributing $50,000 and an in kind donation of the use of their personnel and trucks at the construction site on Churchill Boulevard.

Robinson says this development will serve the needs of so many especially where it will be built and they are very happy to be part of it.

The Y will be revealing a new sign at the site of their future home on Churchill Boulevard next Friday.

Four Flu Deaths In The Province With 300 Cases

The chief medical officer of health revealing four people have died due to illness relating to the flu with the dominant strain this year being H1N1.

Dr. Eilish Cleary says there are over 300 confirmed cases of the flu with 51 people have been hospitalized.

15 were admitted to intensive care units but Cleary says most of those who were hospitalized have been discharged.

Four New Additions To Efficiency NB

A few new faces joining Efficiency N.B. A new chair and three members have been appointed to the group's board of directors.

The president and C-O-O of Groupe Savoie in Saint-Quentin, Alain Bossé being named the chair, while the owner of Quispamsis-based technology and management consulting firm Horizon3 Ventures, Richard Jones, being appointed vice-chair. Gisèle Levesque and André Benoit joining as board members. 

All of them were nominated based on their professional skills, backgrounds and knowledge in the field of energy efficiency.

Don Ketchum Seeking the Saint John Lancaster Nomination

A City realtor is giving politics a try.  

Don Ketchum is a Westsider who is fulfilling a lifelong dream of pursuing politics.

He is seeking the Saint John Lancaster Liberal nomination for September's provincial vote.

He says he has been polling people to find out what is important to people and find out if he is the person to help them resolve their issues.

A date has not been set for the Saint John Lancaster nomination meeting.  

The Number Of Fatal Collisions Down 30% In 2013

The number of fatal collisions dropping 30 per cent in 2013. That's the lowest number of in five years. 

 The New Brunswick RCMP saying there were 38 fatal crashes and 48 victims last year. Sargent James Bates tells CHSJ News, the strategy they're using seems to be working.

"Our focus will remain on ensuring that people are wearing their seatbelts, focus on not driving while impaired, reducing speed on our roads and intersections, to avoid dangerous situations," he says. 

Adding, the focus will also remain on decreasing distracted driving in vehicles. A lack of seatbelts, impaired driving and speeding were the leading causes of fatalities in 2013.

Police Association President Weighs In On RCMP Vs. Municipal Departments

As Saint John examines the cost of RCMP policing the city, several other municipalities appear to be moving away from the Mounties.

NB Police Association President Dean Secord tells CHSJ News as the RCMP have transitioned to three districts,  many communities have been told they'll be getting a so-called "drive through service," in which officers decide what calls they service--and some mayors aren't happy with that.

Saint George has already voted to see if they can be released from the RCMP contract and Black's Harbour voted to do the same last night. In Saint John, City Manager Pat Woods has been tasked with a report comparing the costs of the SJPD to the RCMP.

Black's Harbour Council Votes To End RCMP Contract

Black's Harbour voting to end its policing agreement with the RCMP.

Deputy Mayor Natalie Harris tells CHSJ News village council voted unanimously last night to seek permission from the Minister of Public Safety to release them from their RCMP contract.

St. George previously voted to stop using the RCMP and has been talking with the Black's Harbour council for about a year on getting a municipal force for their communities.

Combined the village and town pay about $500,000 a year to have the RCMP provide policing.

Tenants Sleeping When Thief Struck

This must have been an unsettling experience for some uptown apartment-dwellers. 

Sergeant Jay Henderson of the Saint John Police  explains the tenants of an apartment on Dorchester Street in the South End were sleeping when someone broke a window out of an unused side door in their apartment and let themselves in.

A wallet containing cash was stolen. The forensic unit of the SJPD are investigating.

Fire At The Mill Quickly Doused, & An Early Morning Rescue

No one was injured after a small blaze at the Irving Tissue Mill around 7pm last night.

The first units on the scene could see fire on the roof of the mill, and the ladder truck from the North End worked to put out the fire with the assistance of other units. It was quickly knocked down before the fire could spread to the inside of this building. 

As well, shortly after 5 this morning, crews responded to an accident near Mispec where the car of a man in his 70s had gone of the road, leaving him trapped in the vehicle.

Crews stabilized the vehicle and lifted it on one side to get the man out. He was them transported to the Regional Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Tanker Truck Fire Blocks Off Highway

Residents of a long-term care facility were evacuated and two Red Cross reception center were set up after oil tank truck fire on Highway 102 just outside Truro.

The truck loaded with diesel fuel caught fire shortly after 5 p.m. yesterday while travelling north through Millbrook, closing both lanes of the main route to Halifax and prompting evacuation of all homes and businesses within a half kilometre of the fire.

Emergency response teams were on-scene late into the evening and the blaze was extinguished after about four hours.